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 Chapter 291: Plentiful Rewards

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"Just what is going on in Jiuxiao Sect? Why is it tangled up with issues of the Ancient One as well? This doesn't make any sense." After leaving the Moon Palace Sect, Lin Fan landed somewhere and started pondering.

Liang Yichu was possessed by the Ancient One. Could it be that Grandmaster Han was possessed as well?

And just what in the world was this Ancient One thinking? If he merely wanted to gather his body parts, he could do so without destroying other sects, couldn't he? Wouldn't he save so much more trouble by just searching for it properly?

With Lin Fan's detective point of view, there must be some great secret behind all this.

But no matter how great the secret was, nothing could possibly escape from the eyes of this great investigator, Lin Fan. He would make sure to uncover the very core of all this.

The splitting of Xuanhuang World into two, the Ancient One's body parts...

Could there be any links between these two events? Seemed like there was more work to be done before he could find anything out about this.

"Forget it! It's time to arrange the rewards properly first."

The rewards this time around seemed to be plentiful. At the same time, he received a huge booster to his cultivation base. Now that he was at a lesser celestial cultivation state, he was much closer to reaching the greater celestial level.

Lin Fan was filled with curiosity regarding the energy grid line chains. However, it was a pity that his cultivation base was too low for him to be able to comprehend them.

Thinking back, he was somewhat envious that Li Yuanqi was able to be feared so badly by others by just obtaining twelve energy grid line chains.

Looking into his storage, Lin Fan caught sight of the blood red arm and a smile formed on his cheek.

'Heaven and Earth Smelt.'

The moment Lin Fan tossed the arm of the Demon Blood Emperor into the smelt, it began to melt.

There should definitely be another world behind those Blood Gates, which was entirely different from the Xuanhuang World. If he had the chance to get in there in the future, Lin Fan would definitely make a tour out of that place.

Brr... Brr...

The Heaven and Earth Smelt could smelt anything in this world. In the blink of an eye, the Demon Blood Emperor's arm was smelted completely.

'Ding...congratulations on obtaining Demon Blood Emperor Essence Blood, 5 drops.'

'Demon Blood Emperor Essence Blood: Essence Blood which possesses boundless energy.'

Looking at the drops of essence blood floating in the air, a smile curled on Lin Fan's face as he wondered how its effects would be.


Sitting down cross-legged, Lin Fan swallowed the 5 drops of essence blood and started channeling Blood Sea. This skill was quite special to Lin Fan right now.

That bloody Xue Shen had tried to take shortcuts in cultivating this skill by training it up using human lives. With that, he had descended down the dark path.

Since the essence blood of the Demon Blood Emperor possessed boundless power, Lin Fan wondered how much it could boost up Blood Sea.

Lin Fan's eventual goal for Blood Sea was to reach the state where he could be reborn with just a single drop of blood. But by the looks of it, that was a really long way to go.

The moment Lin Fan swallowed the essence blood, a bloody aura began spreading out rapidly. His Blood Sea started circulating within his body furiously, absorbing the powerful energy of the essence blood.

Time passed...

After a period of time, Lin Fan finally opened his eyes. They were gleaming as he grinned out.

'Powerful indeed.'

The Demon Blood Emperor was a superior master being of the other world indeed. If not for the fact that he possessed the Eternal Arm, he would definitely have been crushed by the other party.

Just five mere drops of his essence blood and Blood Sea was already at the sixth level.

Rebirth through appendages...

That bloody Xue Shen had spent dozens of years massacring innocents to merely achieve the 4th level of Blood Sea, shifting of his internal organs. But the 6th level was indeed so much more overpowered than that!

Even though for rebirth through appendages to work, one would need a large amount of lifeforce and True Energy, neither of these were issues for Lin Fan.

Even at this very moment, the Mythical Parasol Tree within his body was taking in True Energy from the surroundings. Furthermore, the lifeforce of the Mythical Parasol Tree was the strongest that Lin Fan had ever encountered. Even the Phoenix back in Fiery Hell could not compare with the boundless amount of lifeforce given off by this thing.

Not bad, not bad...

With this, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction. Even though he was now pretty powerful with the Eternal Arm, to Lin Fan, the Eternal Arm was still just the body part of another powerful being. If he wanted to grow even stronger, he definitely had to work on his own body.

Lin Fan could not help but ponder on how overpowered his Eternal Immortality would be after he had cultivated it up.

From his storage, Lin Fan took out the Blood Gate as well. Suddenly, the towering gate appeared right before him, piercing through the clouds. Looking at it up close once again affirmed what a frightening sight it was, with the aura of blood rumbling around it continuously.

'Blood Gate: A gateway between worlds. Born from the Blood World, it possesses boundless mysteries.'

If Li Yuanqi could use tributes as a mean of summoning the Demon Blood Emperor to suppress his enemies, Lin Fan wondered if he could do the same to summon him. Except that he would then whack the shit out of this guy to take his experience points and stuff.

Lin Fan wondered if that would work.

But he discovered that other than being a gateway to the other world, this Blood Gate had no bloody capabilities of its own. It couldn't even be used with any effects against any enemies on its own. As such, he lost his interest in this thing.

He thought about throwing the Blood Gate into the Heaven and Earth Smelt, but was worried that this useless thing would be smelted into a bunch of even more useless rocks. Then that would be a pity, wouldn't it?

After all, he was still going to summon the Demon Blood Emperor from the Blood Gate one day for a serious trashing. How could he let that guy off so easily?

If he could convert the entire Demon Blood Emperor into essence blood, wouldn't his Blood Sea grow indefinitely?


Lin Fan suddenly recalled Liang Yichu's corpse within his storage.

His brain started tinkering quickly. What would happen if he tossed Liang Yichu's body into the Heaven and Earth Smelt?

Lin Fan had never considered throwing a person within the smelt before, because his brain wasn't that crafty and evil.

But now that Liang Yichu was dead, what was the use of keeping his body by his side? It was not like he could take it out in front of Xinfeng, right?

'F*ck it, forget it.' Eventually, Lin Fan sighed.

No matter what, Liang Yichu was Xinfeng's master. It'd be best to leave it to him after all, so that they could provide a proper burial for him. There were many greater celestial full cultivation beings out there. He needed not to purposely seek out this body for purposes like this.

A pity that Li Yuanqi's body was crushed into dust under the palm without even a single scrap left. If he had this thought earlier, he would have kept Li Yuanqi's body alive.

After arranging everything, Lin Fan rushed along his way once more. There was still quite a distance to Jiuxiao Sect from here, as it was at the furthest west of the continent.

Jiuxiao Sect, deepest depths of the jail...

A series of clanging sounds of metal chains and a series of cries could be heard.

In the deepest corners of this jail, a few Senior Elders of the sect were chained up, looking extremely terrible. Their cultivation bases had been completely sealed up by these chains that glowed brightly. A sinister light was glowing where the chains were interlinked, as True Energy was also being sucked away bit by bit from these Senior Elders.

In another corner, Xinfeng was chained up spread eagled on all four limbs. His body was pierced by two black metal bones.

"Senior Elders, Senior Brother Xinfeng, Grandmaster had brought those men out. Li Yuanqi has also brought men with him to take down the Moon Palace Sect!" A disciple tasked to keep watch over the jail ran over and reported anxiously.

This disciple wanted to rescue his senior elders and senior brother, but these chains weren't something he could deal with. A single touch of the chains would be death for him.

"Tragedy of the Jiuxiao Sect!" A Senior Elder lamented painstakingly.

The Grandmaster had turned into another person overnight, someone they did not recognize at all. To think that he would commit such atrocious acts!

"Elder...what should we...do...?" Xinfeng's hair was all over the place, and his voice was feeble as well.

"Just what in the world is covering our Grandmaster's eyes from all these truths? These chains are sapping away at our cultivation bases bit by bit. Before long, we would be nothing but dried up corpses and cease to exist within this world." One of the Senior Elders was heartbroken.

He had not expected the glorious Jiuxiao Sect to reach this state one day.

Xinfeng lowered his head and did not reply. He was clear of the fact that he'd die soon as well.

Another Elder raised his head and looked at Xinfeng, "In these dire times of the sect, we as Senior Elders must not let our deaths be in vain. Even if we were to die, we must reclaim Jiuxiao Sect! Xinfeng, heed my call."

"Yes, disciple Xinfeng is present."

"My fellow brothers, now that our bodies are being corroded by this thing, there's no way for us to fight back. But we mustn't lose to these nonsenses. Let's transfer all our life's cultivation into Xinfeng, and let him be our final fighting chance!"

"Yes. That seems to be the only way out." The other Senior Elders nodded their heads in agreement.

"Now, brothers. The interlink of these chains is where the True Energy is flowing uncontrollably. Allow me to be the main focus of it's sucking to buy you guys some time!"

The moment Xinfeng heard this, he exclaimed out, "Elder, no! You guys will die...!"

"Now that Jiuxiao Sect is on the brink of destruction, we mustn't let the Grandmaster carry on with his follies. Brothers, prepare...!"


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