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 Chapter 278: Huh? Straight For My Life?

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Traversing on the expressway of the heavens, Lin Fan was feeling pretty good. Everything aside, even though the Dead Demon Seas was fraught with danger, he did end up with quite bountiful returns.

The Eternal Arm alone was a heaven-defying existence. As for the Eternal Donger, Lin Fan could not get through his own mental barrier. So, he decided to just let it sit quietly in his storage.

Looking at the panel of the system, Lin Fan smirked joyfully.

Name: Lin Fan.

Cultivation Base: Pericelestial Full Cultivation.

Experience Points: (10,000,000/1,500,000,000)

Physical Body State: Greater Celestial Lower Level.

Physical Body Skill: Eternal Immortality. Level 1.

Physical Body Experience Points: (0/100,000,000)

Potential: Unlimited.

Bloodline: None.

Mental Skill: Will of the Sword, Faceless Sky Demon.

Skills: Yin Yang (Twisting Heaven and Earth), Buff (Dragon King's Hegemony), Stealth, True Origins Crushing Kick, Roc's Descent, Roc's Breath, Black Tiger Steals Heart, Nirvana Finger, Firmament, Deflowering, Firmament Sword...

Skillsets: Refining Weapons, Concocting Pills, Trainer.

Storage: Eternal Axe, Nine Five Legendary Brick, Seven Saints Treasure Map, Eternal Donger, Countless pills, Liang Yichu's corpse.


Lin Fan was very heartened with everything he had read from the panel. These were the fruits of all his hard work and efforts in overcoming multiple trials and tribulations. Was there truly anyone in this world who could be a match for him? Wherever he was, he would always end up being the leader of a new trend. That was the sort of man he was.

There were just two things that he had yet to figure out entirely, the Firmament's Blood and the Heaven and Earth Sutra which had fused together with him earlier on.

He could probably only depend on himself to find out the truth about these.

'Cuckcuckoo!' Chicky rubbed his tummy happily. To savor such a delicious meal with the service of a beautiful lady to boot, that was what life was supposed to be indeed.

"Chicky, Daddy's got something to discuss with you." Lin Fan eyes shone with a weird glimmer.

Turning around his beady eyes, he cast a suspicious look on Lin Fan, wondering what the latter was up to.

"Do you want to turn stronger? Do you want to strut the true powers of being a chicken? Do you want to be the godly chicken who will stand atop this very world?" Lin Fan tempted Chicky in a soft voice. With every single question, Chicky's eyes burnt with additional thirst.

Chicky could not help but start to imagine.

A noble and respected featherless chicken, flapping across the skies. From all over the world, innumerable hens would be flocking to surround him...

The more Chicky imagined, the better the scene became. In his little Chicky eyes, the greed grew even brighter. He then slowly tilted towards Lin Fan and nodded in all seriousness.

Oh well then, let the burden of maintaining the peace of the world fall on the shoulders of him, the great Chicky.

"I'm so proud of you Chicky, I knew you wouldn't let me down. Alright, since goodies should always be kept within one's family, I'll let you be the one to fuse with this indescribably strong Eternal Donger then! Lin Fan revealed his ultimate scheme. Everyone was there to witness the power of the Eternal Donger.

Initially filled with expectations, Chicky's face turned into one of shock after hearing Lin Fan's words. Spreading out his wings and crying out in fear, he leaped down from Lin Fan's shoulders. Shaking his bottom, he dashed far into the distance in a fluster.

"Oi, oi! Chicky! Hold up...!" Lin Fan was momentarily stunned before he started giving chase.

'CUCKCUCKCUCKCUCKCUKOOOOOOOO!!!' Chicky's cries were filled with terror.

And just like that, the man and the chicken ran in a game of hide and seek and gradually disappeared in the horizon.


Dead Demon City...

Yao Wuxie was suddenly the center of everyone's attention.

Those five brothers of his who had used him as a punching bag for their entire lives no longer dared to even speak before him. And if he were to stand in front of any of them, their faces would be so terrible that they could almost cry out.

Heh heh...

Yao Wuxie could finally start to feel some happiness in his life. Brother Lin was Brother Lin indeed. Just a simple meal with Brother Lin and his whole life changed in an instant. What a good buddy this Brother Lin was!


Yao Family...

"Old Master, do you think we can trust the words of the powerful man?" Yao Tian's face was filled with glee, but he was hesitant at the same time.

To think that the key factor for the Yao Family to be strong and invincible would be Yao Wuxie.

But no matter how looked, up, down, left, or right, he could not tell how this trash of a son of his could be any different from now.

Old Master Yao sat silently, but his heart was even more excited. When one reached his state of cultivation, the things that one saw and understood would be way ahead of the mere plebeians.

"No matter trustworthy or not, just based on his relationship with that child, Wuxie, do you think that powerful man would harm him? And in any case, does it look like he could even benefit anything out of the Yao Family with his status? You're right to be doubtful at times about things, but there are times when that doubt is undue." Old Master Yao commented wisely. "Go, get them here... the three lackeys of Wuxie as well. Go."

"Yes, Old Master." Yao Tian nodded his head. It was time to carry out the powerful man's will.


Right now, Yao Wuxie was just casually strolling the streets as usual. Coming upon a beautiful female martial artist, his eyes gleamed and he started with his provocative flirtation once more.

When she turned around and saw his robes which were embossed with the Yao Family's emblem from head to toe, she just took a deep breath, tolerated it and walked out of his way.


Yao Wuxie was elated. These carefree days were the most suited for someone like him.

"Young master, you've got to head back quickly! The Old Master and Family Head are saying that they're gonna leave for an expedition! Furthermore, it's gonna take them a few years!" Da Ha ran over frantically.

"Huh?" Yao Wuxie was stumped. Waking up from his shock, he hurried home as well.

The moment he got home, Yao Wuxie found out that his father and grandpa had already left the family. He asked around anxiously for some actual estimates as to how long they would be gone for. The answers were not favorable: nothing less than three years.

F"*ck...! Yao Wuxie could feel an impending tragedy about to befall upon himself.

Even though his status within the family had risen tremendously because of Brother Lin, it was also because his father and grandpa were present! Now that they were gone, who was going to speak up for him within the family anymore!

Catching the gloating eyes of his five brothers, Yao Wuxie's heart thumped furiously. Feeling amiss, he dashed back into his own house.

Sh*t. Sh*t! SH*T! How did the good fortune he just received deplete so rapidly?!? Damn it. He was so going to get walloped again in the days to come! But okay, at least he wasn't the same Yao Wuxie he was before. Right now, he possessed the skill that Brother Lin had imparted to him. Also, he doubted that the others would dare to go overboard with him.

For the rest of the day, Yao Wuxie stayed within his house contemplating on his future course of action.

The biggest headache for him right now was his allowance to squander around. Wasn't that going to be deducted greatly from here on forth?

Now that his father and grandpa were gone, the interim leader should be his eldest brother, Yao Shengtian. Sh*t man! How was he to get money from this guy?

The sun set, and the night crept in...

Yao Wuxie was in his house drinking wine and admiring the moon, embracing the wonderful comforts of his life right now.

Suddenly, the door of his yard burst open.

"Young...young master! Run! Run! The Eldest young master wants your...life!" Da Ha burst into the house with a long sword in his hand. His face was smeared with fresh blood, and an open wound on his left arm was oozing blood as well.


Shocked, Yao Wuxie dropped the wine cup he was holding onto the floor.

"Ha..." Yao Wuxie looked at Da Ha, somewhat dumbfounded. What the hell was happening? Hadn't father and grandpa left the family literally today? Before even walloping Yao Wuxie, Yao Shengtian was heading for his life straight up?!? Wasn't that way too vicious of him?!?

"Yao Wuxie, you piece of trash! Your doomsday is here...!" A cold voice boomed from outside.


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