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 Chapter 268: It's A Tragedy!

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

The skies changed.

One by one, black energy grid line chains wrapped themselves onto that jade white arm. In an instant, the world seemed to have lost its breath as silence ensued.

The moment Lin Fan raised his right arm, the world came to a standstill. The void seemed to have been suppressed, as a repressive aura erupted from Lin Fan's body.

All the six Elders and the Yao Family's head stood there rooted. Their bodies seemed to have been caged up by the Heavens and Earths.


Lin Fan opened his mouth gently. His voice was calm and soft, but in the hearts of these rooted people, it boomed like thunder.

In midair, the breathing Roc was twisting and distorting. The void before it ripped apart layer by layer as well. Second by second, the hole got bigger and bigger. Even the regenerative powers of the Heavens could not catch up with the speed at which the void was being torn apart.


The illusion of the Roc gave out one last tragic cry before its body began to crumble apart. The illusion made up of energy grid lines began to break apart into pieces before turning into glittering crystals in the air.

"How could this be...?"

Elder Wang's face was in utter disbelief. How could his 'Roc's Breath' be destroyed that easily? This...this could not be...!

He screamed in rage. How could this man he had looked at as an ant be so strong?!? This was a big blow to him.

"Lad, I'll have you dead!!!"

"Roc's Descent!"

Against this unstoppable force, Elder Wang's eyes were flushed red. His left arm ripped apart from his body as a mysterious force surged through from the skies above. In an instant, his left arm disappeared.

Looking at this, the masses were utterly shocked as well.

"Roc's Descent...That's the skill that's secret and private only to the Roc Sect! Using one's own body, one could summon the consciousness of the great Ancient Roc in the skies! The more one was willing to tribute, the stronger the consciousness of the Roc summoned was! To think that this man could force Elder Wang to sever his left arm as a tribute!" The Elder of Freedom Sect gasped.

As one of the strongest sects out there, the background of Roc Sect was clear to most people in the world.

Their martial skills and mental skills were all very different from the other sects, especially the Founder Ancestor, who was basically a freak born from a human and a Roc. Because of that, he was able to communicate with the consciousness of the Ancient Roc. Combined with his very own conviction, he came up with this skill. This was for the sake of allowing disciples of the sect to call down the powers of the great Ancient Roc in desperate times!

But Lin Fan was rendered speechless by this. What was up with this guy and his self-mutilation sh*t?

Just then, the void trembled. In front of Wang Minghai, a void was slowly being ripped open. A torrent of energy began to gush from within it. That void sent a fear so deep that everyone's hearts were palpitating.

Within the void, an Ancient Beast gradually appeared. Growling and howling, its appearance was especially domineering. In fact, it was so frightful the other Elders backed away from the vicinity slowly.

Some of the disciples watching were scared sh*tless, their faces entirely pale.

"Roc!" Elder Wang screamed in anger. Suddenly, a destructive energy surged forth from the Roc's Will and shook the entire void, causing the skies to change colors once more.

"Come one now, let's not be so extra now, eh?" Lin Fan was displeased. Wasn't this guy going overboard right now?



The skies changed colors and the voids ripped apart continuously. The Roc's will met with a palm strike that had slammed down from the Heavens above.

"Im...impossible...!" Elder Wang choked at the sight before him. He coughed so badly his eyeballs were nearly popping out.

Before the Roc's Will had even unleashed its full power, it was crushed into pieces by the palm from the skies without any room for resistance.

"NO...!" Wang Haiming's heart could not take it any longer.


Lin Fan's palm strike from the skies continued pushing down on Wang Haiming himself.

"So strong!" Lin Fan was astonished as well. He had not expected this light palm strike to be so strong! Not only did he destroy the illusion of the Roc, he destroyed the will of the Roc and with whatever remaining strength, he even held down Wang Haiming himself.

"Wow? This is surely some sick sh*t!" Lin Fan was rendered speechless. Just how strong could this Eternal Arm get?!

That palm strike was not even the extent of its powers!

"That fella should be alright, right?" Lin Fan looked below at Wang Haiming and couldn't help but wonder.

'Ding...congratulations on killing greater celestial lower level Wang Haiming.'

'Ding...experience points +100,000,000'

'Ding...congratulations on obtaining 'Roc's Descent'.'

'Ding...congratulations on obtaining 'Roc's Breath'.'

Lin Fan's jaw dropped wide open, 'What! He's dead? Just like that?'

He had not intended to kill that guy!

Holy fucking sh*t!

It wasn't that Lin Fan was afraid of killing anyone, but he just didn't expect the strength of this Eternal Arm to be so crazy. He thought that he was in control of the power, but to think that he still could not properly gauge the strength.

Furthermore, to think that he had killed a Greater Celestial just like that, even after holding back on the palm strike. This...this...! What a tragedy!

'Hais, forget it then. One can't fight against fate. This guy must have robbed too many people for treasures just like this time round. Therefore, a sinful man like him must have had karma coming to him anyways.' Lin Fan could only convince himself to feel better with this reasoning.

But, weren't the experience points way too incredible? But then again, coming to think of it, he was just a pericelestial lower level. To be able to kill a greater celestial lower level, that must have been a great jump to begin with.

And this Eternal Arm was like a legendary item without any level restrictions. What shocking power it possessed!

Lin Fan could not help but ponder. What if he were to continue leveling up. At this rate, wouldn't everyone around him die just like that?

As for the two martial skills that had popped out from Wang Haiming, this was beyond Lin Fan's expectations. To think that he was this lucky!

By now, all the other Elders were scared sh*tless. Their gazes all turned towards Elder Wang who was laying down below on the water surface. When they could not sense any signs of life from him, their blood froze.


To think that the mighty Elder Wang had died just like that...!

Even though Elder Wang's cultivation base might not have been that high, he had a considerably high position in the Roc Sect.

'Roc's Descent' was the toughest secret skill in the entire Roc Sect. It took an incredible amount of talent and difficulty to even just learn that skill.

For the sake of learning 'Roc's Descent', Wang Haiming had set aside leveling of his own cultivation base. By the time he comprehended and could utilize the skill, his position within the sect rose like a rocket.

Therefore, even though his cultivation base wasn't that high, Wang Haiming was definitely an extremely potent force in an actual fight, due to his ability to use the 'Roc's Descent'.

If he had sacrificed himself entirely, even a greater celestial full cultivation being would probably die in the hands of the 'Roc's Descent'.

"You've killed Elder Wang...!" The remaining Roc Sect's disciples pointed their fingers at Lin Fan and screamed.

They had not expected this man to have the guts to kill Elder Wang!

The other five Elders and the Yao Family's head were hesitating right now. Seemed like these young disciples of the Roc Sect would definitely lose their lives at this rate as well.

Should they try to save them or not?

But even if they wanted to, what could they do to save them? All of them had just witnessed the strength of this man before them. To think that even Elder Wang, who had sacrificed one hand, perished that easily, let alone them.


Translator's Thoughts

Lam Lam

HAHAHA. Wow, I think we're finally starting to reach a new point in the novel where Lin Fan is finally somewhat overpowered. I mean, yes we know he's been strong all these while and had the potential to be stronger, but this time round he does actually have the power to win fights THAT easily. Personally, I cant wait to see what sort of antics he would come up with still given his new strength. The author himself mentioned that this is probably the start of him reaching his midpoint for now hahaha.