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 Chapter 267: Roc's Breath

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Embracing the warmth of the sun and breathing in the fresh air, Lin Fan's heart felt very much at ease.

'Eh? There are people here?'

Lin Fan noticed that people were gathered slightly ahead. Looking carefully, he found members of the six sects with the Yao Family's head.

Just as Lin Fan was sizing them up, they too were sizing up the former.

Looking at the deep hole that Lin Fan had just pummelled through, one of the disciples couldn't help but take in a deep cold breath. The hole was so deep that one could not even make out its depths.

No one knew how far or deep down the Dead Demon Seas forbidden ground was, but the depth was probably in the range of tens of thousands of feet.

But looking at what happened right before them, these disciples could not help but feel daunted.

Did this man actually come all the way up from the depths of it all?!?

Unbelievable... This was unbelievable!

Lin Fan floated gently in the air, hands behind his back, with an extremely calm look on his face. Perched on his shoulders, Chicky had discovered the presence of these people as well. Keeping his wings, those beady chicken eyes turned sharper than ever, giving off an air of dominance as well.

All of the six sect Elders and the Yao Family head were deep in thoughts. Just who was this man? How did he burst himself out of the Dead Demon Seas forbidden grounds just like that?

Could it be that this man had obtained an unparalleled treasure down below?

The moment their thoughts crossed the treasure, all seven of them exchanged glances as a murderous intent filled their eyes. Not only had they received nothing out of this, they suffered a great loss of disciples as well. How could they let this outsider make off with such a bargain?

Instantaneously, all seven of them leaped into the air to block Lin Fan's way forward.

"Hand over the treasure." Elder Qing Huo's red eyebrows were twitching as he demanded. Even though they could not tell what Lin Fan's cultivation base was, they knew that the requirements for heading down were for one to be below the greater celestial level. As such, the strongest Lin Fan could be at was definitely just a lesser celestial.

And based on the time that had passed, no matter what Lin Fan had obtained, he must definitely not have time to refine it or anything yet. Therefore, the treasure must still be kept within his storage.

"Little brother here, this is the territory of the six sects and the Yao Family. Please return whatever you've obtained from the Dead Demon Seas." An elder clad in blue robes remarked.

Even though his robes looked normal, there was an emblem of a Roc etched on it. The Roc looked lifelike, opening its wide mouth as though it was about to suck in everything in this world with its breath.

This was a man from Roc Sect, one of the strongest sects in the entire Dongling Continent. Rumours had it that the Founder Ancestor of the sect was a weird mix breed of a human and a Roc. Born with an astounding cultivation base, he spent his life concealed up in the skies, seeking the path to eternity.


Lin Fan grinned. It seemed like these old fogeys were here to rob in broad daylight!

But this fact did not please Lin Fan too much. After all, Yours Truly should be the only one robbing others in this world. No one should be able to rob Yours Truly!

"Why're we wasting our breath on him? We'll kill him and then we'll see about the loot." The fiery tempered Elder Qing Huo of the Fiery Flame Sect said with a bright shine in his eyes. He could guarantee that this lad had gotten some sort of divine treasure down below. Even though the Dead Demon Seas was acting up way weirder than normal, for this man to appear last, he must have benefitted greatly from it. Furthermore, he looked so gleeful as though he had wrestled the treasure out of the other sect disciples.

The other Elders nodded their heads, evidently in agreement with Elder Qing Huo's words.

Lin Fan looked at these people. All of them were greater celestials.

Their combined powers should not be that easy to deal with.

Even though his cultivation base had yet to increase, he had gained an Eternal Arm. This was no joke. If these guys wanted to kill him and snatch the loot, that would have to depend on whether they had the skills to do so.

"Huh? Sorry, what did you say? Couldn't catch your bullsh*t there." With a face of disdain, Lin Fan cupped his ears. He then looked at them and curled his pinky at them, inviting them over and expressing his displeasure at the same time.

If he didn't show off some attitude, these guys might truly think that Yours Truly was a pushover!

Fiery Flame Sect, Roc Sect, Tongtian Sect, Xianling Sect, Xuanxian Sect and Freedom Sect...These sects were used to being up there at the top of the world, and had never once given a sh*t about small nobodies like vagrant martial artists.

Yao Tian, the head of the Yao Family, was the same. For the sake of the treasure, all they could do was snatch it over.


Perched on Lin Fan's shoulders, Chicky raised his head high and crowed out as well. Chicky was no fool. Looking at Lin Fan's actions, he knew that Lin Fan also did not give a sh*t about these guys. Therefore, he needed to make use of this opportunity to show off the best display of powers a chicken could.

Propping one wing on his shoulder, he stood firmly and curved. This was a posture that warned these aggressors to come with all they had; the man and chicken duo would take it all with ease.

Lin Fan's words thoroughly enraged these six elders. To think that a mere vagrant martial artist would dare to put out such bold words. They had not intended to kill for no reason. If this man had just handed over the treasure willingly, they would have been okay with letting him live.

"Hand over the treasure!" The Xuanxian Sect's Elder hollered.

"Oh, that? Say so earlier then. Alright, alright, you can have it." Reaching into his storage, Lin Fan took out a few Biggras and tossed them over.

"I think these are all godly pills though. I've already popped tens of them myself. You guys can have these remaining few." Lin Fan chuckled.

The six elders frowned upon receiving the pills. They were wary of these pills of unknown origins.

"Bloody b*stard, are you trying to make a fool out of us? Hand over the real treasure!" Elder Wang of the Roc Sect shouted angrily.

Just a few mere pills and he wanted to smoke them over? This guy was asking for death!

"Since that's the case, you shall lay down your life here then!" Elder Wang snorted in rage.

"Roc's Breath!"

The skies changed color as Elder Wang's energy grid lines shuddered. Throwing out his palm, an illusion of a Roc appeared. Opening its wide mouth, all the seawater in the surroundings rumbled violently.

This was one of the Roc Sect's strongest skills. At the peak of its mastery, this skill could summon a Roc which could devour the Heavens and Earth. However, even though Elder Wang's cultivation base was pretty high, he was still pretty far off from mastering this skill.

A frightening force gushed towards Lin Fan. That illusory Roc had a profoundly large frame as well. Coming from the palms of a greater celestial master, there were strains of energy grid lines as well. This wasn't something someone like Lin Fan, who was weaker than a greater celestial, could deal with.

All the other Elders watched in shock. They had not expected Wang Haiming to send out a deadly attack on his first strike. This move, 'Roc's Breath', possessed the will of the Roc. Coupled with his very own energy gridline powers, even the Elders themselves would have to spend quite a bit of effort to deal with such an attack.

"Haha. That's your strongest move?" Looking at the encompassing Roc that could cover the skies above him, Lin Fan smirked.

Elder Wang's expression changed. He had expected to smite this man before him to dust. But the calm and focused look on this man's face had him double guessing.

No, that was not right, he must be overthinking...

Lesser celestials were like ants to the likes of him. There was no way they could do anything against him.

Lin Fan shook his hand and gently raised his right hand.

In that instant, everyone's heart froze.


Translator's Thoughts

Lam Lam

Hi guys! The Roc is an ancient legendary creature found in mythologies. The actual term used in the raws was 'Kunpeng', which you guys can search up with a similar meaning. The other creature of similarity would be the Garuda. If you separate out the words for Kun and Peng separately, Kun refers to a Leviathan or Whale while Peng refers to a Gigantic Bird. So it's a mixture of 2 mythical creatures. But after consulting with other translators, we have agreed that Roc is a decent representation of it as well(:

In other news, the Lin Fan we all know and love is back! TOSSING THEM BIGGRAS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!