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 Chapter 260: Chicky Isn't a Coward, You Refused to Let Chicky Up

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Lin Fan was almost on the brink of tears. Goddammit! This was definitely not a place for humans!

Wielding the Eternal Axe, he swung it hard towards the blockage of hands. However, they were so dense and thick that they seemed to be boundless. The entire underground labyrinth seemed to be filled with these black hands right now.

"You mother a*s piece of sh!t... You forced me to do this." Lin Fan was a little flustered now. But in the face of danger, he must never falter. Instead, he had to show off his dominance.

'Firmament Sword.'

After the events of Green Ridge County, Lin Fan had leveled his Firmament Sword to obtain the 2nd sword.

And in memory of that event, Lin Fan had named this sword 'Benevolence Sword'.

With the three-headed and six-armed demon riding on his back, and the Firmament Sword and Benevolence Sword acting with an immense Sword Will, he chopped off the incoming black hands easily.

Lin Fan finally felt more relaxed and less restricted.

"Chicky, come on out!"


The moment Chicky came out, he wanted to crow out loudly a few times to announce his proud arrival. However, he raised his wings in shock as a black hand swooped by, barely missing him.

"Chicky, stop crying out! Time to do some work!" There was now a void of empty space around Lin Fan. The three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon was defending his back while he was clearing the path ahead with the Eternal Axe.

'Cuck cuck!!'

Chicky looked at his surroundings and opened up his featherless wings, crying out loudly. Scratching against the floor with his claws, he built up a momentum before running and leaping into the air.


In an instant, a blinding red light shot out from Chicky, lighting up the entire underground labyrinth instantly. Those all-encompassing black hands distorted continuously and eventually dissipated entirely under the red light.

Lin Fan raised his hand to block his eyes slightly. This red light was indeed pretty blinding.

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief when the black hands disappeared after the red light cleared.

"You're good, Chicky." Lin Fan could not help but feel impressed with Chicky. If he had not unleashed his skill, Lin Fan might not be confident of clearing this place entirely.

'Cuckookookoo!' Chicky tossed his chicken head back and walked arrogantly in front of Lin Fan. With a single leap, he hopped back onto Lin Fan's shoulders and rubbed against Lin Fan's cheeks with his tiny chicken head.

"Alright, I'll remember your great efforts of today." Lin Fan's initially anxious heart loosened along with his mood.

And just then, Chicky hopped up onto Lin Fan's head and cried out loudly once more, tilting back his head. It was as though he was saying that his status had jumped yet another level once more.

Lin Fan rolled back his eyes. Goodness! This Chicky really knew how to be cocky, didn't he?

Boom! Boom!

Just as Lin Fan and Chicky were basking in their glorious cockiness, a series of loud noises rang in their ears. The man and chicken duo looked at the situation in front of them, then at one another and blinked profusely.

One by one, the chains holding on to the bloodstained temple broke off. The rune markings on each joint of the chains dimmed down as well.

"Chicky, just what the hell did you do?" Lin Fan asked stonily.

'Cuckookoo?' Chicky opened his eyes widely while shaking that small head of his. He had no idea at all either.

Lin Fan gulped his saliva gently before shouting out loudly.

"Chicky! Let's get the hell out of here!" Grabbing Chicky with one hand, Lin Fan sprinted to the exit. Based on his experience thus far, he knew what was happening.

The BOSS was coming.

Normally, Lin Fan would definitely be excited at the appearance of a BOSS monster. But to Lin Fan, a BOSS he had no idea of was the scariest thing ever.

'Bloody Chicky! It was fine if he had just destroyed the black hands. Why did he have to go and break the chains to wake the fella up! Wasn't this f*cking up ourselves?'


Without the chains hoisting it up, the temple began crashing down. At the same time, the bloodstains on the temple seemed to have received a new life as they emitted an intimidating aura.

Lin Fan kept his focus on the exit. Just. A. Few. More. Steps.

And just as Lin Fan stepped on it, a gigantic hand slapped inward from outside the exit.

Looking at the black flames of the gigantic hand, Lin Fan's heart tightened. It was the flaming giant.


'Ding...'Eternal Demon Body' experience points +100,000.'

Even though he didn't take any damage, the force from the slap sent Lin Fan flying backward.

By the time Lin Fan stood up, the flaming giant had blocked up the hole, leaving a shimmering black screen on it. Rippling gently, the black screen turned into a solid wall and sealed the only exit out of this place.

Lin Fan looked around his surroundings. There was no other way out.

"Chicky, we're f*cked." Lin Fan almost cried out. He then looked around frantically. He needed to definitely find a way out of this place before the big BOSS came out!

But when he couldn't find another exit, Lin Fan wiped the sweat off his forehead as he let out a look of despair.

"Come to think about it, someone like me is a precious gem of a young man. If I were to die here today, it would be a great loss to the sect, to Dongling Continent, to the world."

Lin Fan was at his saddest right now. However, he knew that even if he must die, he couldn't leave without anyone knowing about him.

Using his finger as a pencil, he carved into the ground.

'Dongling Continent Year 6385, Glory Sect's Nameless Peak's Saint Devil Sect's 6th Grand Master, Lin Fan. To prevent calamity from befalling the masses of the world, he chose to perish here together with the devil to ensure the peace of the world.'


Looking at the carving on the floor, Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

'Cuck! Cuck!' Chicky knocked Lin Fan as though he was asking, 'What about me?'

Lin Fan took a glance at Chicky and left an extra sentence.

'Pet Chicky lies here too.'

Lin Fan then carved a drawing of Chicky onto the ground as well.

"Happy now?" Lin Fan could only resort to something like this to soothe the uneasiness in his heart. Even though he did not know what lied within the temple, he had to make plans for the worst outcome possible.

Even though Chicky did not understand the words that were written, he raised his wings in joy when he looked at the drawing.

Lin Fan squinted and looked at the temple. The instant it made contact with the ground below, an unstoppable force erupted forth in all directions.


All the tiles on the temple came crashing down onto the floor as the blood seemed to have gained a life of its own. Gleaming in a ghostly red light, the blood seeped within the temple.

Lin Fan frowned, while Chicky shuddered and kept his wings close to himself, hiding behind Lin Fan.

Arrogant against the weak, cowardly against the strong...This was Chicky's life motto.

The aura being emitted from the temple made one feel really uneasy. From it, Lin Fan understood as well that this was not going to be an easy opponent to deal with.

"Chicky, you hide first." Lin Fan said while patting Chicky.

Chicky struggled out a few crows, as though telling Lin Fan that he could do it.

"Don't drag me down, just hide somewhere." Lin Fan pushed Chicky away with his leg. Looking at Lin Fan, Chicky eventually turned and walked away with his lonesome back.

He turned back to look at Lin Fan one last time, it was as though he was saying, "It's not that I'm a coward, you were the one who refused to let me go..."

And with that, Chicky ran off somewhere far to hide, popping out his tiny head to check on the situation from time to time.


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Wow. I wonder what sort of development the story would undergo once more this time round. These few chapters seems like it's starting to get serious once more eh.