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 Chapter 255: If You Can't Settle It, Call My Name

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Qian Yu stood where she was. The situation before her and the look on Yao Tengfei's face were extremely chilling. Especially so when those eyes of his seemed to be able to see through everything.

"Come over." Yao Tengfei's face was extremely displeased when he realized this slut had stopped moving towards him.

"Qian Yu...hurry over to the fifth young master...!" The old brothel keeper trembled at one side with fear in her heart as well. When deities fought, it was always the mere mortals who suffered. Someone like the fifth young master was not somebody women like them could afford to offend.

And by the looks of it, neither could the sixth young master stand up against him. That single slap had her heart still quivering.

"Fifth Brother...don't...go overboard...!" Taking in a deep breath, Yao Wuxie raised his head and stared straight at Yao Tengfei.

Yao Tengfei, who had been laughing the whole time coldly, was stumped as he heard this, and stared at Yao Wuxie in disbelief. To think that this trash would dare to rebut against him?

Did the sun rise from the west today?!?

Da Ha and the others stood in equal disbelief. They could not believe that their young master could be so tough!

Yao Wuxie stepped forth, blocking the path between Qian Yu and Yao Tengfei, and staring at his fifth Brother straight in the eyes.

"You can humiliate me and hit me, I'll endure it all. But if you mess around with my friends, I can't forgive that. Yao Tengfei, let me tell you this straight in the face right now. If you dare to insult my friends as such again, even if I were to die, I'd duke it out with you all the way!" Raising his courage, Yao Wuxie's thoughts burst out of his mouth altogether.

By now, Da Ha and the others were entirely dumbfounded. To think that their young master could have it in him!

Their blood was boiling at the same time. Just a single command from their young master and they were ready to lay down their lives for him, no questions asked.

"Wow...wow! My sixth Brother's all grown up now, eh? Alright then, tough guy. Let me just see how tough you really are." Yao Tengfei's face burnt with anger as he curled his five fingers. With that, a pitch black ghostly claw flew towards Yao Wuxie's chest.

"My life ends here..." Looking at the claw flying towards him, Yao Wuxie's heart screamed momentarily. He knew that he had to pay terribly for putting up this brave act, but he was already mentally prepared for it.

No matter what happened today, he must put on the strongest front ever.

Yao Wuxie raised his head high, eyes shut tightly. He did not dare to witness what was about to happen. But after a while, Yao Wuxie realized that nothing much was happening to him. Opening his eyes, he looked at what happened in disbelief.

What the?!? To think that his friend was this...strong?!?

Lin Fan had stood forth and with a gentle raise of his hand, he disintegrated Yao Tengfei's skill immediately.

Pericelestial Full Cultivation.

Not bad, not bad. But against someone like Lin Fan, this was far from enough.

"Bloody hell! Seems like you dogs don't know what's good for you!" Yao Tengfei was entirely enraged. To think that this trash would dare to fight against someone from the Yao Family in Dead Demon City!

Suddenly, Lin Fan frowned.

He could feel a sharp gaze like an aura of someone's will being locked on to him. And this will could only be felt by Lin Fan and no one else.

But after a while, Lin Fan grinned. Seems like there's a reason why Yao Wuxie could survive for this long in the Yao Family.

Looking at Yao Wuxie, Lin Fan understood. He wasn't hated by every single person in the Yao Family after all. With the assurance of this person's backing right now, it was more than enough for Lin Fan to strike.

"Demon hand...!" Yao Tengfei's True Energy rumbled, as he stretched out his hand in the shape of a beast's claw towards Lin Fan. Within the fingertips of the claws, there was the rumbling of lightning. Apparently, this was an extremely high leveled skill.

Lin Fan shot over a look of disdain. He did not want to waste any more time with this person. Raising his head, Lin Fan flicked his finger.


Yao Tengfei's angered face changed into one of disbelief. That built body of his slammed through the pillars and flew out of the brothel like a kite snapped from the skies.

Everyone looked at Lin Fan stupefied. They had not expected him to send Yao Tengfei flying in a single move. This...this...!

And what had them even more flabbergasted was the fact that this man had beaten up one of the Yao Family's young master! This was big news!

"Did you see that, Brother Wuxie? Haha That's all your fifth Brother amounted to." Lin Fan laughed.

"Yes, yes..." Looking at what happened before him, Yao Wuxie nodded his head numbly.


Suddenly, the entire ground shook and vibrated violently. Lin Fan's calm face was shocked as well, as he rushed out of the brothel.

Everyone in the Dead Demon City was stopped dead in their tracks as they stared fixedly in the distance.

Far in the distance, a beam of black light shot up into the skies piercing through the cloud covers. The force was so strong that everyone could feel themselves being pulled slightly in the direction, as a powerful aura surrounded the entire Dead Demon City.

"Just what is that...?" Lin Fan looked in the same direction in bewilderment. This was an extraordinary situation alright.

"That's the...Dead Demon Seas..." Yao Wuxie looked in the distance and replied as well.

Lin Fan was filled with questions. That was the Dead Demon Seas? Then what was that black beam of light? That wasn't a power that mere mortals could possess...

He was starting to hesitate. Seemed like something was up with the Dead Demon Seas. Should he still proceed?

Suddenly, a few powerful auras burst out from within Dead Demon City as well. A few streaks of light shot up into the skies and flew in the direction of the beam of light.

Lin Fan was deep in his thoughts. Seemed like the Dead Demon Seas was far more complicated than he thought it would be.


Next day...

The city was rife with discussion over what happened in the Dead Demon Seas yesterday. According to some people, the beam of light was a sign of the birth of some godly, peerless treasure.

"Hey Brother Wuxie, I've got something on, so I'll not stay on any longer." Lin Fan decided that his main intention here was to head to the Dead Demon Seas. Now that something big was going on there, he must definitely head there. Otherwise, he might just regret for the rest of his life.

"Ah, so quickly?" Yao Wuxie was shocked.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded. He had yet to figure out how to activate that Special Body Type of Yao Wuxie. Perhaps this man could only depend on himself after all.

But, Lin Fan was sure that this man would definitely be way more powerful once his Special Body Type was activated.

A nearly extinct and rare body type in the Xuanhuang World? What sort of thing was that anyways?

How many people were there in the entire Xuanhuang World? So many that Lin Fan couldn't even count them all. And to think that only Yao Wuxie would possess this body? In that case, it must be something absolutely outrageous.

"Thank you for your kind hospitality for the past few days. I, Lin Fan, do not like to owe others favors as well. Let me impart to you a skill. If you were to practice it daily, it should be enough to protect you." Without saying anything more, Lin Fan imparted 'Titanium Grade Demon Body' to Yao Wuxie.

Lin Fan was sure that in the days to come, Yao Wuxie would definitely be the victim of more abuse. But with this, it should help him a little.

"Will we ever meet again?" Just as Lin Fan was about to leave, Yao Wuxie asked softly.

Turning around, Lin Fan smiled, "Definitely."

Kidding me? How the hell would Lin Fan let this person go? If Yao Wuxie were to activate the Doomed Poison Body, wouldn't he be an invincible powerhouse as well?

"Yes. Take care, brother. If there's anything you can't settle, just call out my name. It'll be very useful within the Dead Demon City." Yao Wuxie waved goodbye.

Lin Fan sighed and muttered under his breath to himself, "Call your name? Then I'd just be walloped to death..."

Translator's Thoughts

Lam Lam

Seems like there's a nice development coming along with the story. And also, I hope everyone understood that weird gaze that Lin Fan felt. This should mean that someone has been watching over Yao Wuxie all these while in the shadows. And this person should be pretty formidable as well. Cheers!