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 Chapter 236: An Elaborate Ploy

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Qinshen dynasty's palace...

"Teng Long, is there anything troubling you?" For the sake of comprehending the energy grid lines to break through to a greater celestial cultivation base, the Qin Emperor had gone into seclusion for the past 10 years. The moment he came out of it, someone was trying to murder his son. This very fact riled him to no end.

Teng Long was the son of the Qin Emperor and his most beloved woman in this lifetime. To think that the woman would pass away just a few years later. Pained by her passing, the Qin Emperor converted his sorrow into motivation to grow stronger and thus entered a seclusion by himself.

But an empire could not do without its ruler. The Qin Emperor then used a secret skill to control a person, forcibly boosting his cultivation base and changing his appearance so that he could impersonate the Qin Emperor himself.

But now that his beloved son had been revived from the dead, the Qin Emperor was overflowing with joy. Even though he did not know the cause of it, he attributed it to the Heavens blessing his son.

"Father, I'm alright. However, I'm feeling guilty about hiding something from you." The Teng Long today is no longer the Teng Long he was. Ever since the jade white skeleton entered him, he was no longer Teng Long and would never be.

The Qin Emperor fondled his beloved son's head lovingly. "It's alright. No matter what you've been hiding, Father will never be angry at you.'

"Father, this is a broken piece of map that I had bought from a roadside stall while I was playing around the city. The location indicated on it is the forbidden ground, Dead Demon Seas." Teng Long took out the map which was made up of an unknown material, but by the looks of it, one could tell that it was pretty old.

The moment the Qin Emperor heard the 3 words 'Dead Demon Seas', he was taken back for a moment. Holding up the map, he looked at it carefully.

On this damaged map, there was a clear mark over the Dead Demon Seas.

And on an upper corner of the maps, a few words could be seen.

'Seven Saints Treasure Map.'

Looking at the map, the Qin Emperor's face softened.

"Teng Long, is there anyone else who knows of this?"

"No, father. Ever since I got my hands on the map, I've been keeping it by my side. I had intended to explore it for myself once I got stronger, but I've thought it through now. No matter if a treasure exists within it or not, I should hand the map over to father."

"That's my good son." The Qin Emperor nodded his head and left soon after, allowing his son to continue resting.

Looking at the Qin Emperor leave, Teng Long's calm face let out a cryptic smile.

"Darned bastard. Wait till I see you once more. I will make sure that's your death day." Teng Long gripped his fists tightly as the flames danced once more in his eyes.


Within an unknown forest...

A man and a bird were walking together happily.

"One for you, one for me. Chicky, Chicky, grow faster."


Lin Fan was taking out pills from the storage rings he had confiscated and split them one by one with Chicky.

Chicky was dancing happily on his shoulders as well, propping up his wings proudly. Raising his sharp beak up high, he was taking in the pills one by one as well.

Lin Fan was pretty satisfied with the robbery this time round. This could be considered successful since he gained quite a number of good pills in the process.

Most of the credit went to Xue Shen of course. He was the one who provided the best resources and Lin Fan was having a great time downing all the pills he got from Xue Shen.

But Lin Fan did not consume all of them, especially some of the suspicious-sounding ones. Like this pill whose name was 'Three Infant Pills', even though the quality was pretty decent, it was way too cruel.

This pill was made by removing the infant from the mother's womb the moment it took shape within. After that, the the foetus was soaked with various medicinal herbs and ingredients before finally cultivating it out.

Even if Lin Fan was craving experience points, there was no way he'd consume a pill like this. This would truly be betraying his humanity.

Lin Fan took out the 'Seven Saints Treasure Map' and took a look at it.

Next stop: Dead Demon Seas.

Lin Fan had thought that the 'Seven Saints Treasure Map' was a precious item, but he now knew that one had to pay a terrible price for it.

Lin Fan's mind was filled with questions. Even though the 'Seven Saints Treasure Map' was nothing pure, he still could not make out the true identity of the seven saints. Were there really seven of them?

From the moment Lin Fan received the pill, he knew that this was all an elaborate ploy set up by someone.

That Heaven Revolting Life Changing pill was indeed a godly pill. No matter how pathetic one's potential was, as long as they consumed it, they would raise their potential to the max. But within the pill itself was a godly consciousness hidden. This consciousness was incomplete, just a portion of its entirety. And whoever was unfortunate enough to consume it...even if their potential were to be maxed out, they would be devoured by this godly consciousness.

If the system had not indicated this out, Lin Fan would not have guessed it.

But coming to think of it...bloody hell! All these things about having to find a treasure or whatsoever were just a ruse. Which sort of divine being would be so kind as to give off his lifetime's worth of achievements so willingly? And then drawing a map out and leaving it for the good of the future generations, who would do that?

Only one who was unaccountably solicitous and was hiding evil intentions.

After all of this, Lin Fan was even suspicious of his own system. Just what was the system all about?

But, Lin Fan could not be too bothered to guard against the system. After all, everything he was today was due to the system. Even if the system wanted to do anything untoward towards himself, what could he do about it?

So, it'd be better to forget thinking anything negative about the system.

Therefore, the powerful being who had created this 'Seven Saints Treasure Map' had intended for someone in the future generations to come and retrieve it. After following it step by step and sinking deeper into the abyss, he would then become a vessel for the powerful divine being.

Thinking of this, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle. If he had not experienced this for himself, he might not have believed in this novel like plotline.

'Cuckcuckoo!' After swallowing a pill, Chicky was crying out for more.

"Noisy! Does it look like I'll gobble up your share?" Lin Fan tossed a pill over as Chicky caught it into his mouth satisfactorily.

Lin Fan tossed the pill into his mouth as well.

'Ding...congratulations on consuming Heaven Lower graded pill. Godly Training Pill. Experience points +500,000.'


Converting pills to experience points one by one, Lin Fan was extremely joyous.

As the clouds darkened, the skies cracked roughly; a sign of rain. Lin Fan hastened his footsteps. It was best to seek shelter first.

After traversing for tens of miles, he came across a cave. After entering the cave, Lin Fan explored it for a little. There were traces of burnt ashes from firewood on the floor. Evidently, someone else had seek shelter here as well.

After cleaning up a little, Lin Fan took out a mat from within his storage and laid it out on the floor.

Boom! The skies roared as it began pouring outside.

Since Lin Fan could not fall asleep, he decided to take out the items from his previous robberies. Oh well, since they were just lying around in his storage sack, he might as well put them to some use.

It had been a long time since Lin Fan had crafted any equipment. The thought of it had him itching slightly for it.

The legendary Nine Five Legendary Brick in his possession was a product of his persistence in the past. He wondered if he had retained the same luck as that day.