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 Chapter 227: A Most Brutal Whacking

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"Stop!" In an instant, Elder Huang turned into a rainbow and stood before Teng Long, blocking the path towards him. He could feel the killing intent emanating from Lin Fan.

Teng Long's potential was good, and Tongtian Sect needed someone like him. Elder Huang could not let him just die right here.

Lin Fan floated in the air calmly, staring down at the masses with cold eyes. The aura he was giving off was extremely repressive, causing immense pressure on those below.

Even though Elder Huang did not know what Lin Fan's background was, he knew for sure that this man was far from ordinary.

Lin Fan curled his finger. The skewered Zou Sheng slid down from the air and landed onto the fighting ring.


A long sword materialized from Lin Fan's Sword Will flew down from the Heavens, stabbing through Zou Sheng's body and pinning him onto the fighting ring.

Zou Sheng's lifeforce disappeared instantly.

Everyone stared dumbstruck at the scene in extreme disbelief.

"Hmph." Lin Fan flicked his robes and looked down frostily. "This man deserves it."

Everyone from Tongtian Sect and Xianling Sect looked at the man floating in the skies with hesitation. This man's aura was strong, yet none of them could make out anything about him nor his cultivation base.

But they knew one thing for sure: Anyone who could materialize Sword Will into a physical object was definitely far from weak.


The Qin Emperor who had been standing all this while was furious. With the swing of his fist, he smashed the Jade Dragon chair he was sitting on into dust.

"How dare you kill the son of Your Majesty? No matter how big this world is, there is no room for your brazen behavior! Elder Huang! Elder Yin, please give me a hand in taking down this man!" The Qin Emperor did not dare to act brashly. As this man dared to come alone to the royal palace and kill his son before his very eyes, he must be having what it took.

Throughout the rise of the Qinshen dynasty in the past 1000 years, no one had dared to show such impudence. If he did not take down this man, how could the Qinshen dynasty still have any footing in the future?

Elder Huang and Elder Yin glanced at one another. The two sects enjoyed a close relationship with the Qinshen dynasty. Therefore, they naturally couldn't just sit still and do nothing about this.

Teng Long could only grit his teeth angrily while looking at this man in the sky. His elder brother had died just like that. Damn it!

"I'm afraid you have gone overboard with your actions, sir. Please leave yourself behind to answer for this." Elder Huang looked at Lin Fan coldly.

"The Qinshen dynasty has been friends with my sect for the past 1000 years. Now that you have come to cause trouble, I'm afraid I can't just let this pass, sir. If things are going to be like this, then you can't blame me for taking action." Elder Yin's face was harsh. Even though it was not right for the crown prince to massacre the innocents, this wasn't a big deal anyways.

"This is a dog eat dog world where it's survival of the fittest. If they're dead, so be it. It's not as though they could be revived."


Lin Fan, who was floating in the skies, laughed coldly, "'Good one. Survival of the fittest eh? Well said. Since that's the case, shut your bullsh*t. Yours Truly will take all of you down one by one then."

Lin Fan went all out.

With 'Firmament Sword' and 'Will of the Sword' behind his back, Lin Fan held the Nine Five Legendary Brick in his left hand and the Eternal Axe in his right. Behind him floated the 'Faceless Sky Devil', with three heads and six arms, along with a malevolent face, looking down like a raging torrent.

Lin Fan's aura exploded throughout the entire place.

For every battle, Lin Fan was sure to bring out all he had. Even if the opponent were a weakling, Lin Fan would not hold back. After all, if he did not bring out his true strength, then what was the use of training to be so strong?

If the tides were in his favor, he would ride them. And if the tides were against him, he would stay calm.

But by the looks of today, whether or not they were in his favor, he was going to ride them out.

"What's this?" Looking at Lin Fan's stance, Elder Huang felt flustered for a moment. This was the first time he had come across someone who could wield so many different auras and stances. Furthermore, each and every one of these skills was frightening in their own rights.

"Qin Emperor, together please." Elder Yin was intimidated as well by this man's aura. By the looks of it, this man has mastered various Heaven Upper Graded skills.

And in their eyes, this was nothing short of impossible. For a normal person to master even one Heaven Upper Graded skill would take him at least tens of years.

"Very well." Qin Emperor roared furiously as well, darting at Lin Fan with all he had murderously. Lin Fan could only laugh coldly in the face of all this. 'That's right, come here. I'll let you understand the meaning of true horror.'

Lin Fan exploded. He was determined to take down every single person before his very eyes.

Activating Stealth, Lin Fan's body appeared intermittently.

All three of them were stunned at this, stopping in their tracks momentarily.

What in the world was this? How did he do all these?


The skies changed as the Eternal Axe swung down at Elder Huang. A single slice contained such tremendous force that the entire void was ripped apart. Elder Huang's face turned pale as a sheet. Shifting his body, he barely dodged the blow by a hair's length.

Lin Fan laughed coldly at his futile attempt and activated his Sword Will. The 3 headed and 6-armed demon wielded a sword and swung down across the void, striking towards Elder Huang once more.

"Elder Yin, Qin Emperor! What are you waiting for?" Elder Huang could barely do anything. The opponent was way too strong. He was having his hands full just dodging and blocking attacks, having no time to retaliate.

Terrifying! This man was way too terrifying!

Elder Huang had never ever met someone with such a fighting style.

And in fact, fighting Lin Fan didn't seem like a 1 on 1. Elder Huang felt like he was fighting against three men alone.

Those Sword Wills floating behind his back were constantly disappearing and reappearing from the void. Furthermore, the Faceless Sky Demon was like a living creature of its own, wielding six long swords with all of its arms, slicing through the thin air everywhere.

But the thing which was keeping Elder Huang on his toes was the item this man was wielding in his left hand. He had not used it even once, as though he was biding time for the right moment.

All of these gave Elder Huang immense pressure.

The stunned Elder Yin and Qin Emperor broke out of their stupor and rushed towards Lin Fan.


Lin Fan's attack was like a torrential rush, flooding towards Elder Huang fiercely. Elder Huang's face was extremely terrible as he struggled to hang on with both hands.

Lin Fan laughed coldly, "How many hands do you have?"

"Huh?" Elder Huang was puzzled, apparently lost by Lin Fan's words. But he would find out the meaning of them in the next instant. Lin Fan's swift leg broke through time and space, seemingly cutting through the void of life, launching itself at Elder Huang's crotch.

"AH...!" Elder Huang cried out tragically, dropping the weapon in his hands. He could only manage to grab at his crotch now, enduring an unprecedented brutality on his nuggets.

But before Elder Huang could even recover from the mere shock of it all, a red flash appeared as the Nine Five Legendary Brick was swung fiercely onto Elder Huang's skull.

Elder Huang's consciousness sunk into pitch black darkness.

Twisting his wrist, Lin Fan sent a Sword Will, piercing through Elder Huang's body, pinning him to the ground. Lin Fan did not have the intention of taking his dog life though.

'Ding...congratulations on defeating Lesser Celestial Lower Level Huang Bangyang.'

'Ding...Experience Points +2,000,000.'


Elder Yin, who was rushing forward, came to a momentary halt, with a look of fear and hesitation in her eyes.

"Please hold up, sir!"

But Lin Fan did not care for her pleas. With the swing of his axe, the void was ripped apart once more. Sword Will appeared and materialized behind him with the Faceless Sky Demon swinging its 6 swords, dancing in the air.

Just then, the Qin Emperor struck with a palm strike.

But, Lin Fan could not even be bothered to turn around. He couldn't care less if this guy continued raining blows on him.

Elder Yin was pale as a sheet. The smile on this man was evil and horrifying.

'Balls Kicking.'

A kick to destroy one's humanity, a kick without any single room for morals of the world.

Based on Lin Fan's experimentation, this skill worked on both males and females. The crotch area was filled with nerves. Arming his leg with True Energy to boot, the power was beyond imagination.

"AH...!" A crisp, high pitched voice rang through the skies. But before Elder Yin could even finish her cry, Lin Fan slapped the brick onto her head, having the latter descend into darkness as well.


Disciples from both sects were appalled at this scene. Looking at how easily their Elders were defeated by this man, they were all rooted on the spot.

Strong...deadly strong!

This man was way too strong! There wasn't even any room for retaliation!

'Ding...congratulations on defeating lesser celestial lower level Yin Hong.'

'Ding...experience points +2,000,000.'


Lin Fan turned his gaze towards the Qin Emperor, who was still trying to inflict a bit of damage on Lin Fan.

"You done?"

Lin Fan's physical body state was that of a lesser celestial as well. It wasn't something these guys could take down that easily.

The Qin Emperor's face changed.