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 Chapter 212: Sinful And Mysterious Forest

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While the robbery was pretty fruitful for Lin Fan, it was quite a tragedy for the Daozhong Sect disciples.

"Senior Brother...those are all my life savings!" A disciple cried out, tugging tightly onto his storage sack. That tragic face of his was heartbreaking, as though someone was snatching away every single thing he loved in this life.

Lei Yifeng squatted there with a tormented look as well. As an inner sect disciple of Daozhong Sect, encountering something like this while bringing his junior disciples out for an expedition made him feel pretty miserable as well.

Looking at the pitiful looks of his Junior Brothers, Lei Yifeng consoled them gently, "Junior Brothers, let's just give in to their requests. It's fine. When we get back, your Senior Brother, me, will try to help you guys compensate for your losses."

As a Senior Brother, he had an obligation to protect these guys from the dangers of the expedition. But due to his lack of strength, they were held at bay and robbed. As a Senior Brother, he felt a sense of responsibility towards this issue.

As such, Lei Yifeng gritted his teeth and bore with everything. Once they returned to the sect, he would take out all his belongings from his own pockets to try to minimize the losses of his Junior Brothers.

Upon hearing Lei Yifeng's words, all the Junior Brothers who were crying their hearts out had a streak of glee on their faces. Without any further hesitation, they took out all their storage sacks and handed them over obediently.

Senior brother said that he would compensate them for it when they got back. That was a gift from the heavens!

After all, would Senior Brother give them anything worthless as compensation?

Looking at these disciples who had a change of heart and handed their belongings over nicely, the fourteen Sand Bandits felt relieved as well.

"As a man, why are you carrying so much of this stuff!" Sha Dulong exclaimed as he came across Liu Linfeng.

Bloody hell! As a man, what the hell was he doing carrying rouge, makeup, and all that girly sh*t! This was thoroughly shameful!

Looking at the items taken from Liu Linfeng, the disciples of Daozhong Sect had to hold in their laughter to resist from bursting out loud, as they all looked at Liu Linfeng with a weird look in their eyes.

All of them knew that Liu Linfeng had grown up under the care of Xuanjian Sect. And they too knew that in Xuanjian Sect, every single person within, even a mere cook, was female.

And for Liu Linfeng who had resided in this place for his entire life, naturally, his habits were those of women as well. To change him was probably an impossible task.

"I can give you my storage ring. Could you leave this stuff behind?" Liu Linfeng raised his head while squatting on the ground, looking at Sha Dulong.

Losing the storage ring was nothing much to Liu Linfeng. To him, the rouge was the most important thing. After all, he had gathered a wide variety of flowers and plants before he could create this rouge.

Just that fragrant scent itself was worth everything in the world to him.

Furthermore, the Grand Master and other elders in the sect treated him really nicely, especially his own master. Even though she was strict to him, they were never stingy on him. He had always gotten all the best things. Thus, he was never lacking in any treasures during his life in Xuanjian Sect. So, he could make do with the loss of treasures.

Sha Dulong looked at Liu Linfeng. This man had just tried to kill him moments earlier. But looking at the state he was in now, Sha Dulong no longer felt as pissed as he was.

"All this girly sh*t, you can have it back. A man using the stuff that only women use... Disgraceful!' Sha Dulong looked at him in disdain and confiscated the other belongings without saying anything further.

This was the best feeling ever for these fourteen Sand Bandits. They had not expected that this day would come by.

After they were done with everything, Lin Fan gathered all the belongings together. He intended to slowly go through them once they were at a quiet spot later on.

"You guys can leave now." Now that he was done with the robbery, there was nothing more to gain from keeping these people here any longer.

Lei Yifeng stood up and beckoned towards his Junior Brothers to leave quickly. Even though this man had just robbed them, he had no killing intent towards them. To this, Lei Yifeng was very relieved.

If this man were bent on killing them, these Junior Brothers he had brought with him would definitely stand no chance against someone like him.

"You, stay." As Liu Linfeng prepared to leave along with Lei Yifeng and the others, Lin Fan called out.

Liu Linfeng was puzzled. "Why can I not leave? I've given everything as you've told me to."

"Senior, this person here is a disciple of Xuanjian Sect. Please do not make things difficult for him, Senior." Lei Yifeng stood in to plead.

"Unless ALL of you do not wish to leave..." Lin Fan's expression grew stern. He did not wish to drag this on for too long.

Lei Yifeng pondered for a moment before casting an apologetic look to Liu Linfeng, indicating that this was the most he could have done.

He could not possibly sacrifice the lives of his Junior Brothers here just for Liu Linfeng...


After Lei Yifeng and the others had left, Liu Linfeng felt a little nervous. He had noticed that the man's gaze towards him did not bear goodwill.

Growing up in the midst of women, Liu Linfeng was naturally gentler in his demeanor. But once he was out, he had to put on a strong front, or he'd be taken as a pushover. Hence, Liu Linfeng would normally give off a feeling of superiority, as though he was the best in this world.

Lin Fan stepped forward, sizing up this man from top to toe. From time to time, he would let out an evil laugh as well.

Not bad, not bad.

Liu Linfeng was the first person Lin Fan had met who could wield both Yin and Yang Sword Wills.

As a man who was able to produce an aura of both Yin and Yang, that was interesting. By the looks of it, this guy could perhaps be one of the geniuses recorded in legends.

Towards talented people, Lin Fan had always maintained the same approach. Those he could recruit, he would recruit. Those he couldn't, he'd train them up well.

"Follow me." Lin Fan grinned and beckoned towards Liu Linfeng.

Liu Linfeng swallowed his saliva in a gulp. A look of worry flashed past his eyes. Just what was this man up to?

No. He must definitely not follow this man in.

Liu Linfeng's senses were all ringing warning bells as a small little voice in his heart cautioned him, "Don't go...don't go!"

With a startled look, Liu Linfeng flicked his finger and unsheathed his sword. He planned on riding his sword into the clouds to escape from this place.

But before he could take off, his heel was held in place tightly by the other party's hands and pulled down back onto the ground.

"What's your hurry? I'm not after your life. Follow Yours Truly into that clearing in the woods." Lin Fan grinned sinisterly with a look of anticipation.

"No please...!" Liu Linfeng tried desperately to grab onto the sand and the ground beneath him as he was dragged away. Horror spread across that tender face of his.

But Lin Fan's grip on his heel was firm as he dragged this man with him towards the clearing.

"You guys wait here for me. Yours Truly will be back in a bit." Lin Fan said to Sha Dulong and the other bandits.

"Yes!" Sha Dulong and the rest of them were equally dumbstruck at this scene.

Gradually, Liu Linfeng's yelps grew softer and they both disappeared into the woods, silent.

"Big Brother! Do you think that, sir, he will....?" Sha Miexiong asked, gulping down his saliva as well. That look of fear in his eyes was full of disbelief as well.

Sha Dulong looked at his brothers in equal bewilderment.


Just then, a cold breeze blew past.

Sha Dulong and the other bandits felt their anuses clenching up.

Even though that man did seem pretty feminine, but Lin Fan should not have fetishes like that...right?

For a long time, all of their gazes turned towards that sinful and mysterious forest, wondering what was going on within it.