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 Chapter 207: Torment One Another! Who's Afraid of Whom?

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

In an instant, the black smoke which surrounded Lin Fan entered his nose and took over his entire body.

"Energetic and robust body with top notch potential. Seems like the Heavens are kind to Your Majesty!" The spirit who had entered Lin Fan's body checked him out easily and exclaimed in delight.

A series of frenzied laughter rang through Lin Fan's mind.

"F*ck you! Get out of me! Out! Out! Out!" Lin Fan started to realize that he was gradually losing control of his body, and began to panic.

"To think that in this vast Heaven and Earth, within the human realm, a man with your potential could actually exist. Seems like it won't be an ambitious thought for Your Majesty to return to his peak form. Just be obedient and hand your body over to Your Majesty." The voice vibrated within Lin Fan's mind. This series of voices only served to anger Lin Fan further. This guy was too much!

Lin Fan could only feel a darkness within his consciousness, slowly tearing and ripping its way through his mind, and enveloping him within it.

Lin Fan wanted to resist badly, but it was no use. The spirit was simply way too strong. His consciousness against this thing's power was just like an egg striking a rock, smashing itself to pieces.


Lin Fan was almost in tears. All of those novels were just lying! Shouldn't the main character experience a powerful change or at least exert an extraordinarily strong aura at this juncture to turn the tides around? Why was it that he was powerless against this thing!

Lin Fan slowly realized a puff of black mist was spreading up his body from his right wrist. The further it went up, the less control he had over his body.

Lin Fan wanted to roar so badly, to fight so badly, but he was rendered helpless by this spirit. Was he really going to die here and leave his body in control of this spirit from this day forth?

No please! Yours Truly had yet to marry someone and breed some lovely kids. Yours Truly had yet to reach the peak of his life! The pretentious bullsh*t he had continuously been concocting within his mind had yet to be spread throughout the world! What about vengeance for Saint Devil Sect?!? He was not done with this life!

"Stop resisting. If you're a good boy, I may even consider leaving you that bit of consciousness. Placing this body in your hands would just be a waste. Only Your Majesty can truly bring out the potential of this magnificent body!" The spirit could feel Lin Fan trying to resist, but it knew that he was helpless against this possession.

"Big Brother, can't we come to an agreement? How about this? I'll take the body on 1, 3, 5's. You can have it on the 2, 4, 6's. The last remaining day, we'll decide using rock paper scissors. How about that?" Lin Fan was crying by now. This spirit was like a rabid dog, crazily mangling his body away. And the worst thing was that he could do nothing about it.

"Checheche. Your Majesty wants it all." The spirit replied greedily, and was extremely excited. It had not expected to obtain such a body with so much potential the moment it broke out. Perhaps with this, it wouldn't be too long before it reached back to his fullest potential. Then, it would be able to seek vengeance on those darn sacred monks who had sealed him. He would squash them beneath his feet and devour their bodies as retribution for the past one thousand years of sealing.

The black smoke had consumed his right half of the body by now. Lin Fan's mind continued spinning rapidly, trying to think up of a way out of this.

How now, brown cow. How!

How could he die right here?!?

"F*ck, stop being so impudent!" Lin Fan roared angrily. This was it. This guy was simply way, way too much. Even if he were to die, he'd take this bastard down with him!

"What can you do if Your Majesty wishes to be so?" The spirit jeered and increased the speed of its possession. By the time the black mist had thoroughly enveloped Lin Fan, Lin Fan would no longer be Lin Fan, but just a zombie.

"Good. GOOD! Since you wanna play like this, let's do it. Let's see who can deal with the other first." Lin Fan let out an incensed look. He could only take this gamble right now. Even if he were to perish entirely, he couldn't let this spirit get this good a bargain!

Anything he couldn't get his hands on, nobody should get it either.

"Heaven and Earth Smelt, come out!" Lin Fan cried out. The Heaven and Earth Smelt illuminated brightly as it flew out from Lin Fan's body and floated above his head.

Heaven and Earth changed, as though everything was about to be absorbed by it.

One by one, dragons made out of smoke clouds coiled themselves around the smelt.

"What's this!" The spirit who was trying to possess Lin Fan exclaimed out loud as well, as it felt this astounding aura being produced by the smelt.

This feeling was extremely terrible for the spirit.

"Hmph! Yours Truly has many toys at his disposal! Even if Yours Truly were to lose his life today, he'd kill you along with it! Trying to snatch Yours Truly's body? Hmph! Let's see who's afraid of whom. Let's harm each other then!'

"Using my body as a material, Heaven and Earth Smelt!"

Lin Fan howled fanatically, his eyes revealing a look of frenzy. He had no other choice. Even if he were to die, this bastard must definitely go down along with him!


A smoke dragon burst the doors of the smelt open, revealing the fiery flames within. A long rainbow came out, dragging Lin Fan into the smelt along with it.

"Where is this! What have you done!" The spirit itself was starting to panic as well, looking at the confusing and messy surroundings of the smelt.

Lin Fan laughed coldly. 'Smelt...!'

Just then, the smoke dragons began breathing fire as they swam and flew around the insides of the smelt. Streams after streams of cultivating fire surrounded Lin Fan.

A tragic cry rang from within the smelt.

Even though Lin Fan's Eternal Demon Body was at a pretty decent level, it still wasn't enough to endure the power of the smelt.

"Stop! Stop it right now!" The spirit now began to retrace its steps and retreat frantically. The black mist was now culminated into a concentrated ball of darkness, as though it was trying to fight against this deathly burn by the cultivating fire.

"Stop? Stop your mother! Didn't you say that you want the body of Yours Truly?!? Didn't you like to snatch Yours Truly away from myself? Alrighty then, big boy! Come! We'll see who's afraid of whom!" Lin Fan laughed hysterically. The power of the smelt was driving him to the brink of insanity. Not only was the spirit suffering, Lin Fan was suffering every equal bit.

"You'll die!" The spirit hollered.

"Hmph! If Yours Truly is even ballsy enough to harm himself, would death scare me! CULTIVATE MORE!" Lin Fan continued laughing wildly.

The cries continued to ring out from within the smelt. This was the first time Lin Fan had entered the Heaven and Earth Smelt and was enduring every bit of its power.

'Ding...Eternal Demon Body. Experience Points+ 1,000,000.'

'Ding...Eternal Demon Body. Experience Points+ 1,000,000.'


Not only were the experience points of Eternal Demon Body skyrocketing, so was the pain that Lin Fan was enduring. Within the smelt, one did not only undergo physical turmoil, even his mental self was being ripped apart.

After all, the Heaven and Earth Smelt smelted everything.

"Stop...stop! Alright, alright! We'll do as you said! You'll have the body on 1, 3, 5's. I'll take 2, 4' 6's!" The spirit was starting to fear for its own safety. The way the smelt was tormenting it, it might seriously dissipate into thin air as this goes on.

"HAHAHA! YOU DREAM ON!" Lin Fan continued laughing manically. F*ck you and your 2, 4, 6's! Yours Truly would fight you to the end, even if Yours Truly were to die!

"This is Your Majesty's biggest concession for you." The spirit said grimly.

It had not expected this man he had thought to be an ant to come up with tactics like these.

Lin Fan laughed coldly and did not say anything anymore.




'Ding...Eternal Demon Body. Experience Points+ 1,000,000.'

'Ding...Eternal Demon Body. Experience Points+ 1,000,000.'