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 Chapter 203: Tuodi Shrine

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Within the house...

Gong Bingye's face was slightly blushed red as she followed Lin Fan's whims and wills, pulled along by her hand. Her heart beat erratically. Was THAT going to happen right now?

Even though Gong Bingye had yet to experience it for herself, she had heard about it. When the servant girls discussed it in secret, she would sometimes eavesdrop as well out of curiosity.

It would hurt. It would bleed. It might even...bring about a new life.

At the thought of this, Gong Bingye's jade, white skin flushed even redder. In fact, tears brimmed slightly around her eyelids.

"Alright, there are no outsiders here. No one will disturb us here." Lin Fan had dragged Gong Bingye within a house. Even though this was a shop as well, the shops had resting rooms themselves. At least if they were here, he wouldn't need to watch out for anyone eavesdropping as he interrogated her.

When Gong Bingye heard this, her petite self trembled slightly. There was a hint of nervousness, a hint of hesitation.

If she were to loosen her robes, would this man be attracted to her silky smooth skin?

Looking at Lin Fan's back view, she stretched out her long, gentle hands. She wanted to help him disrobe. After all, the man before her was extraordinary. For the sake of her own happiness, for the sake of the Gong Family's future, she had to take on some initiative.

"This token shard, where did you get it from?" Lin Fan took out the Supreme Being Token shard and asked without turning back.

Gong Bingye, who had already prepared herself mentally, retracted her hands immediately, stunned. Her shy expression gradually returned to normal.

So, this was all wishful thinking of her own.

Gong Bingye could only feel an embarrassment burning through her, so ashamed she could find a hole to bury herself within. But the grace in this was that the other party had not seen what she was doing.

"Sir, this token shard was left behind by the Gong Family's ancestors. As to where they had obtained it from, I have no idea." Gong Bingye focused her face and spoke as though nothing had just happened.

Lin Fan sighed helplessly. He had not borne much hope before approaching her as well. After all, if the Gong Family had known where to obtain it from, they would have long collected all the pieces by themselves.

"Forget it. I'll hold on to this token shard for now. But Yours Truly isn't someone who would just take things from anybody for free. If there's anything you need in the future, feel free to look for me at Glory Sect." Lin Fan did not change a single bit of his expression as he spoke, as though this was all righteous and just.

Listening to what he said, Gong Bingye let out a chuckle, startled at the same time. She had found out that this man's character was mischievous and cheeky. After all, he had robbed this token shard from the start. Yet, he was now saying he wouldn't take things from anybody for free that easily? Why did everything sound so weird and contradictory?

"What? You don't believe me?" Listening to that chuckle, Lin Fan felt that the other party was doubting him. Him? Of all people? He was the sixth Grand Master of Saint Devil Sect of Glory Sect's Nameless Peak! Everything he said was filled with honor without a single lie within!

"I believe in you, sir." Gong Bingye's voice was gentle as she gave off the aura of a demure, perfect woman. Her gaze at Lin Fan was gentle yet filled with emotions.

Every single blink of her eyes was enough to captivate any man's heart.

"Yes. Yours Truly isn't someone who would make false promises out of thin air. Even if you were to keep the token shard with you, you can't get anything out of it. If it's with me, it's also a form of guarantee for your safety. If there's anything untoward in the future, you can always head up to Glory Sect. Everything Yours Truly promises, Yours Truly fulfills. I would never lie to anyone."

"This little maiden here will always remember the words of this kind sir." Gong Bingye knew that there was no rushing this, so she could only take things slowly.

"Yes, then Yours Truly will make a move first. You don't have to send me off." Lin Fan flicked his robes, hands behind his back and walked out, chest puffed.

Looking at the back view of Lin Fan leaving, Gong Bingye let out a smile.

After getting a free roam of her body, he made up some excuse and tried to get away with it? There was no free lunch in this world, buddy. Furthermore, he had scammed the family heirloom of the Gong Family. There was no way he was getting away with this for free.

Gong Bingye's clever mind could easily tell the character of somebody just by looking at them and their actions. If Lin Fan were a vicious, cruel and evil man, no matter how confident she was, she would never dare to ruffle his feathers. But the way he was, things might just be able to go her way someday.

All the vagrant martial artists who were waiting outside were startled to see Lin Fan out so quickly.

How was he out so fast? Furthermore, by his delightful face, it was evident that he had a pretty good time inside! But, wasn't this speed way too fast?!?

But then again, the Gong Family's mistress was born with a perfect body and face. Any man would explode just by looking at her petite body alone. Surely, no man could last long enough with a lady like her.

Exiting the house, Gong Bingye already had an idea of her own. Before she left the house, she pinched her jade, white cheeks gently with her fingers, creating a flushed look.

She took off her hair band, allowing the long hair of hers to drop down like a waterfall as well. Ruffling them slightly, she left the house.

"The Gong Family mistress is out!" The crowd was excited.

When they looked at her appearance, it confirmed every single bit of suspicion within their hearts as they looked at the man who was leaving in envy and jealousy.

Yet another peerless beauty had been deflowered.

Gong Bingye looked in the distance emotionally, as she rested her head in her palms with her elbows supported by the counter. That captivating look was even more alluring.


It was regrettable that Lin Fan did not get any useful information out of it. But he wasn't worried about it. After all, there was a long way to go. He refused to believe that he couldn't get further information about the token shards after he had traveled the entire Dongling Continent.

Sha Dulong had prepared the carriages in wait for Lin Fan. Even though these carriages weren't majestic, they were very practical.

Lin Fan took out the cow's skin treasure map taken from Liu Yiyuan and showed it to Sha Dulong.

"Let's go. We'll head off towards this direction." Lin Fan waved his hands for them to follow on.

Three days later...

"Sir, we have arrived." Sha Dulong's unique voice rang out from outside the carriage.

In the past three days, Lin Fan had remained in his cultivation state. He had only just started on Nirvana Finger. There was a lot of work to be done on that skill. Even though the experience points for Nirvana Finger had increased, there was still a lot to go before it could even level up.

Seemed like for a skill this powerful, the leveling speed was much slower as well.

Lin Fan stepped out of the carriage. Seemed like the journey here was pretty smooth as well. He had not met with much trouble along the way, except for the occasional unsightly beasts.

The plot of land before him was the place marked in the cow's skin treasure map. They were in the middle of some thick tree covers where sunlight could barely shine through. Indeed, this place felt somewhat creepy.

"Sir, this is the Tuodi Shrine. It has been abandoned for a few hundred years." Sha Dulong had lived in this vicinity for a long period of time. Thus, he had some basic knowledge of the land around.

This shrine was weird indeed. There was only a dilapidated hut in the middle of the clearing, with nothing built behind or around it. It seemed like the entire shrine existed underground.

Lin Fan checked out the surroundings. At the entrance were some stupas. But one could not see what was within the pitch black inside.

"Sha Dulong, follow me in. The rest of you stand guard outside." Lin Fan ordered.

"Prepare the torches."