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 Chapter 194: The Wisdom Of Reversing Yin And Yang

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As both of them looked at each other in the eye, sparks flew like fireworks.

Gong Bingye was born in a big family. Multiple years ago, her father had plotted to kill these fourteen Sand Bandits, but failed and lost his life here. Ever since then, she had held the helm of the Gong Family alone, a difficult task in the Mo City.

But Gong Bingye was not a weak woman. She was a woman who had her own ideas. She would not put others through troubles just for her own family.

Otherwise, with her peerless beauty, she would have long been able to find some so-called strong masters to help her along, and she would not have to bear the sole responsibility of holding up the family together.

The moment Lin Fan appeared with his extravagance, Gong Bingye already had a train of thought in her mind.

After all, their expedition this time round to capture these beasts was to improve the Gong Family's business in the Mo City.

At this point, Lin Fan was filled with some hesitation in his heart. Furthermore, Gong Bingye had thrust her chest upright fiercely, implying that 'Your Mother, her, isn't afraid of you touching her.'

'If Your Mother says that there isn't anything, then there isn't anything.'

Even though Lin Fan fully understood the logic of it all, the situation currently told a different story.

But after a moment's thought, Lin Fan was enlightened in his heart.

In this world, men and women were equal. Furthermore, with his prowess, he could easily reverse Yin and Yang. In his heart, there was no longer room for differences such as men and women. Even though Lin Fan did not entirely agree with such logic he himself was using to convince himself, his inner heart managed to push away these doubts.

Looking at the situation, the black soldiers were filled with worries as well.

Other than Sha Daotian who was still wailing terribly on the floor, the other thirteen bandits were also huddled in discussions.

"Do you guys think he'll touch 'em?" The short, shifty looking Sha Miexiong asked in anticipation.

"I doubt it." Sha Dulong was good at judging people as well. Even though this mysterious man was weird in many ways and strong beyond words, he seemed to be a man of principles. He looked like someone who believed in the chastity between men and women, judging from the way he had split them up.

"I think that bitch has the same idea."


Upon hearing the bandits' conversation, the black soldier guard turned around and glared at them. If not for the fact that these bandits had a higher cultivation base than him, he would have loved to rip out the tongues of these bastards.

He knew what the mistress was thinking as well, and sighed. If it were not for the Gong Family, the mistress would probably be having a life better than most people out there by now.

Countless handsome and talented men in the Mo City were deeply infatuated by his mistress. If not for the sake of upholding the Gong Family, she would perhaps have found a good companion by now.

But knowing his mistress's character, he knows that she definitely would not let the Gong Family die off just like that. At least, until the family had a decent successor, she would not even stop to consider her own affairs.

But looking at the situation, he was clear about it. The mistress had taken a liking to this man before her. But perhaps this was all one-sided feelings on her part. After all, a master who was so powerful was not someone the mistress could control.

"You won't hand it over?" Lin Fan stared at Gong Bingye and asked again. He did not know why, but every time he looked at Gong Bingye, his gaze would uncontrollably shift towards those remarkable lumps of hers.

"If you don't believe, you can touch for yourself." Gong Bingye's expression remained calm without any hint of worry.

Lin Fan took a deep breath and turned his head around to look at the masses. Gong Bingye let out a delightful smile upon looking at Lin Fan's actions. Indeed, her skills were higher than his.

But at that very moment, the skies grew silent.

The black soldiers stood stunned.

The fourteen Sand Bandits stood still, no longer in discussion. Sha Dulong felt like there was an invisible hand smacking his face left, right, left, right, left, right.

Gong Bingye, who was smirking delightfully initially, was now stunned with her mouth agape. She had not expected the other party to...to....!

Within Gong Bingye's clothes, a hand swerved its way around masterfully, wriggling like a serpent. It was cool yet warm at the same time, feeling her peaks up and down, up and down.

"Eh...?" Just then, Lin Fan felt his hands come across a peculiar protruded spot. Thus, he gave it a gentle pinch.

"Ah...!" Gong Bingye's face flushed red with fury like a tomato, especially when she let out a soft moan uncontrollably as Lin Fan pinched that spot.

To Gong Bingye, that was an unbridled hand, moving unrestrained beneath her clothing, roaming and caressing freely. At every touch of that warm hand against her ice-cool skin, it was like an electric current, shocking her completely.

"You...!" Gong Bingye was furious, and wanted to voice out to complain.

"No rush, no worries. I'll be done in a jiffy." Lin Fan frowned. Like a blind man looking for his way around, Lin Fan roamed all around. Finally, a smile appeared across his face.

Found it.

Without any hesitation and a tight grip, Lin Fan pulled out whatever was hidden beneath those clothes.

Gong Bingye's face changed. She felt a string on her neck falling gently. That was...

"Eh? What's this?" Lin Fan found himself holding on to a weird thing.

It looked like an undergarment. It was pink, and there was a light fragrance exuding from it.

"You can have this. I'll take this." Lin Fan tossed the undergarment back to Gong Bingye without looking, and in his hands remained a storage sack. His face revealed a gleeful smile.

"See? Told'ya, come clean with it! How could there be nothing? Speechless now, aren't you?" Lin Fan said as he revealed a delighted laugh while stuffing the storage sack into his own sack.

But when he turned around towards Gong Bingye, he suddenly realized that this young lady's face was as red as a tomato. It couldn't get any redder!

Lin Fan finally realized. No wonder. Even though he had been enlightened, these people before him were common folks who were still lost on the path of life. Of course, they wouldn't understand the logic he understood.

He focused his gaze and looked at Gong Bingye, whose face was flushed red out of anger, or whatever he did not know, and said seriously, "Remember, on the path of martial arts, Yin and Yang are reversible. Therefore, the idea of men and women is only an idea for the common masses. Since Yin and Yang could be exchanged, there is no longer a difference between men and women. Alright, Yours Truly is only here to rob, not to kill. You guys can leave."

Lin Fan flicked his robes, hands behind his back. His face was calm, as though everything that had happened was extremely normal and casual.

Gong Bingye looked at Lin Fan furiously. She was so angry that she could barely breathe. How could there be such a shameless man in the world?

"You...you!" Staring at Lin Fan, she got so worked up that the next thing she saw was darkness as she fainted over.

Lin Fan shook his head with a face of disappointment. Seemed like deep truths of the world and logics such as these could not be understood this easily by the common man. He then looked at the black soldier guard and said, "Sigh, take her away."

The black soldier guard glared at Lin Fan, then at his mistress, and could only leave helplessly. Even though he was filled with hatred, he knew that there was no way he could match up with this man before him.

The fourteen Sand Bandits looked at Lin Fan, shocked within their hearts as well. Indeed, one could never judge a man from his appearance. To think that there existed a mysterious man who was even more shameless than they were!

He could even speak nonsense out of thin air!

Translator's Thoughts

Lam Lam

For those of you wondering the what the undergarment looks like, it's just a thin cloth made of silk that covers the belly and chest area for women in the ancient times. I took a quick google for you guys but somehow I have no idea why but modern people are selling erotic versions of it?!?!?!?? OKAY. SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL. YOU GUYS HEARD NOTHING FROM ME, NOPE NOPE.