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 Chapter 168: Touched To Tears

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As their master, naturally his words were law to them. Thankfully, Lin Fan's brain was sharp enough for him to come up with an excuse quickly.

Looking at their awed faces, Lin Fan couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. He could turn any situation from dirt to gold in his hands, and he had never ever lost face because of any misunderstandings so far.

After Zhang Ergou prepared the food and everyone had their fill, Lin Fan had them all return to their houses to rest. At the same time, he thought of what a responsible master he was to burn the midnight oil so that his disciple could level him up.

Back in the house, silently...

Mie Qiongqi was extremely nervous. It wasn't because master looked scary. But the very idea of being alone with master always had him on his toes.

Lin Fan looked at Mie Qiongqi and smiled. The more he looked, the more he liked this guy. If he were to recruit disciples in the future, they had better be of similar standards as him as well.

"Alright, continue." Lin Fan waved to Mie Qiongqi.

If he did not utilize Mie Qiongqi's potential to the max, then what sort of a failure would he be as a master?



'Ding...Eternal Demon Body experience points +300,000.'

'Ding...Eternal Demon Body experience points +300,000.'

Experiencing the massive and rapid gains in experience, Lin Fan's heart bloomed like a flower. In Lin Fan's eyes, fighting strength was only one factor, and not the most important one. The most crucial point was being able to stay alive.

In layman's terms, even the strongest bodybuilder was afraid of a gun. Same went for martial artists. Even if one were the strongest ever, there would still be times where one would let his guard down.

As long as he could upgrade his body to one which was indestructible and impenetrable, that was the safest way to go about it.

Mie Qiongqi was getting somewhat tired. He had been raising his fists and striking nonstop for the entire day. Every time he tried to stop, he would be scolded by master for slowing down the pace.

Even though he was a lesser celestial upper-level being, he was a human nevertheless, and needed rest as well.

But looking at master's insatiable look on his face, no matter how tired Mie Qiongqi was, he dared not give it a rest. If he were to get on the wrong side of master, he would definitely be in for a rough one.

And just like that, time passed.

Lin Fan laid down on the ground to rest, back facing up.

"Come, continue landing blows on my back while I take a rest. Once I wake up, you can then go and have a break." Lin Fan ordered.

Mie Qiongqi looked at his master with pitiful eyes, as though begging master to let him off. Lin Fan took a look at Mie Qiongqi. Even though he had trained this guy well, he was not someone devoid of emotions after all.

Sitting up, Lin Fan took a deep breath and looked at Mie Qiongqi with a deep, concerned look. Patting his shoulders, he continued, 'Qiongqi, Qiongqi... You have to understand that it's all for your own good. When the heavens bless you with such superior powers, you have way more responsibilities than most humans. Yours Truly is trying to build up your character and perseverance. You have to understand that Saint Devil Sect cannot do without successors. While your seniority may be low today, Yours Truly has high hopes for you.'

"Master...!" Even though Mie Qiongqi had been trained well by Lin Fan with the seed of fear planted deep within his heart, he still had other emotions like any other human beings. He too yearned for affection, thoughtfulness, care, and concern from others.

Lin Fan's words seeped deep within his heart, and he was deeply touched by Lin Fan's thoughtfulness, as tears brimmed in his eyes.

"Qiongqi, so don't blame Yours Truly for being harsh on you. After all, it ain't easy to be a successor. You have to convert these feelings into motivation for you to push even further and higher for your own character building and cultivation base. Do you understand?" Lin Fan carried on.

"Yes!" Mie Qiongqi nodded repeatedly.

"That's good, that's good. As long as you do, Yours Truly is heartened." Lin Fan too was feeling tired. After all, now that he was feeding so many mouths in the sect, he needed to shower each of these children with care and concern from time to time. But at the end of the day, it was all worth it.

After all, it was only his own fault for being such a respectable man.

"Carry on then." Lin Fan waved his hands and laid down once more, falling into slumber. As to whether Mie Qiongqi had newfound motivation, Lin Fan need not worry anymore.

After all, no one could escape from his sweet nothings.

They just had no idea how many times he had repeated the same words to everyone else.


Looking at his master fall into slumber, Mie Qiongqi's initial restlessness and despair were all converted to newfound strength. Lin Fan's words had thoroughly cleared up the drought in Mie Qiongqi's heart, and he was now a new fountain of energy.

"Master, I will not let you down!" Mie Qiongqi's lifeless eyes were revitalized once more.


'Ding...Eternal Demon Body experience points +300,000.'

'Ding...Eternal Demon Body experience points +300,000.'


Zhang Ergou and the rest were finding it difficult to fall asleep. After all, the thumping sounds continued from over master's place, as if something was being rammed.

Deep. Solid. Continuous thumping.

"There's no way I can sleep like this." Zhang Ergou sat up and stared over at Master's house. Eventually, he deferred thoughts of wanting to kill his master for it and sat down cross-legged, entering cultivation state.

Even though Zhang Ergou had been on Nameless Peak for quite some time, his cultivation base had yet to increase. But with Lin Fan's help, his innate potential and wisdom had gone through a tremendous change.

He was definitely much stronger than before.

Entering cultivation, Zhang Ergou could feel a solid energy coursing through his blood veins all around his body.

Postcelestial cultivation was something he could enter anytime he was ready. But, he obeyed his master's words to not rush head on into it. He was to build up his foundation properly first before he broke through to postcelestial level.

To Zhang Ergou, it was every single bit of luck in his lifetime to be able to meet Lin Fan.

Zhang Ergou's innate talent was actually just like shit. No matter how much effort he put in to train or cultivate, he would definitely never be able to reach anywhere if he had not met someone like Lin Fan.

After meeting Lin Fan, now that his potential and wisdom had improved tremendously, it was like setting a strong foundation within himself. From here on, at the very least, he would not lose out to anyone else if he continued training hard.

That night, Cai Zhiqiao was the only one who was able to fall asleep on Nameless Peak. Zhang Ergou, Feng Bujue and Tianyu were all kept awake by the solid thumping noise.

They had no idea what master was up to training this new junior brother this late at night. Couldn't it wait till the day?

Next day...

Lin Fan opened his eyes gently. What a good night's rest it was, and he fell asleep all the way. The moment he opened his eyes, he could feel blows continue raining upon his back.

'Ding...Eternal Demon Body experience points +1.'

When Lin Fan heard this from the system, he panicked momentarily. What was up with this? Why was it only 1 experience point? But upon checking the panel, Lin Fan understood. Eternal Demon Body had leveled up, but he did not realize while he was deep in his slumber.

'Physical Body State: Pericelestial Upper Level.'

When he took a look at Mie Qiongqi, he could not help but let out a sigh.

Indeed, what a silly boy he was.

He was thoroughly out of energy, with his eyes sunken haggardly.

"Head back to rest. We'll continue tonight." Lin Fan waved his hands.