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 Chapter 162: Unkillable Indestructible

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

But it was all too late. However hard Lin Fan tried to resist, his body betrayed him. That familiar smell, those well-trained moves...it was as though he had done it a thousand times before.

Lin Fan threw open his arms and took in a deep breath, as the whip on his hand landed on the ground. Opening his eyes, the look was one of someone who had seen through this world and everything within it. It was a look of enlightenment.

'Hidden Arts - Air Flower Style Whipping'

Lin Fan's lips pursed as he whispered these words; his eyes gleaming.

Dragons and snakes seemed to dance together as heaven and earth exchanged places, and the air was filled with streaks of whips.

Mie Qiongqi was held floating in midair by an invisible force, his arms and legs spread-eagled. In an instant, his clothes flew off and he was stark naked.

The whips danced even faster and soon, one could no longer make out the shape of the whip, only the sounds of it cracking in the air.

Looking at the events unfolding, there was nothing left of Mie Qiongqi's initially haughty and arrogant expression. All that replaced it was a look of fear.

"No...nononononononono, please! No please! I'm wrong...I know it, please! PLEASE!"


Initially, Lin Fan closed his eyes gently as he dared not face the scene head-on. But at the end of the day, the hidden arts required one's own understanding, no matter the situation ahead. For the sake of the future, for the sake of the arts, for the sake of the salvation of this world, Lin Fan relented.

If he were not the one to step into hell, who would?

The only sounds left in the room was the cracking of the whip and Mie Qiongqi's tragic cries. The perfect harmony of these sounds was just like the lovely music of the Heavens.

As Lin Fan's whip etched streak after streak of unspeakable scars, Lin Fan truly understood. The true essence of training someone was not to shame, but to bring the person into a future so bright.

Only when one had gone through many tribulations and trials could one truly see the light and meaning of life.

Lin Fan truly understood it. But after a moment, he sighed helplessly. He could no longer think of any excuses for it.

This hidden art of training was truly just...sadism.


After a short while, the demonstration of the hidden arts was over. Looking at the bloodied and bruised body of Mie Qiongqi, Lin Fan's eyes held some guilt.

From head to toe, Mie Qiongqi was covered in whip prints. Every single one of those scars was a humiliation.

To any man who had so much pride, this was akin to taking his life.

"I'm wrong! I'm sorry! I truly am! From this day forth, I'll obey anything you say!" The stark naked Mie Qiongqi scrambled and crawled over to Lin Fan while pleading.

With tears and mucus streaking down his face, it was a sight too much to bear for Lin Fan.

"Hold up!" Lin Fan stopped him with authority.

You gotta be kidding me. Was this guy for real, running over here stark naked!

Mie Qiongqi was truly fearful of Lin Fan. The moment Lin Fan ordered him to stop, he halted still at the very spot.

"Put on your clothes properly first."

"Yes!" After going through such a trauma, the initially haughty Mie Qiongqi was now obedient as a dog. Lin Fan was extremely heartened at this change. At least, his efforts had not gone to waste.

Pulling over a stool, Lin Fan sat down and looked at Mie Qiongqi.

"Now, tell me everything you want to say honestly from the start."

"Yes!' Mie Qiongqi nodded his head without any hesitation nor pretense. Towards this man, Mie Qiongqi was extremely fearful. Looking at him made Mie Qiongqi feel as though he could hide nothing, and was being read like an open book.

"I was a genius of Glory Sect. There was a treasure that was extremely precious to me. I killed my Junior Brother to obtain it. The treasure could raise by powers significantly, and I could reach a state of reincarnating everlasting life." Mie Qiongqi said.

Lin Fan was nodding along the story. But as Mie Qiongqi got to the portion of the treasure's powers, he was somewhat doubtful. How could something be so bl*ody strong?!?

Reincarnating everlasting life? Didn't that mean that even if one were to die, they could reincarnate and restart all over again?!? Could something like that exist?

Lin Fan started getting pissed off. Could it be that Mie Qiongqi was not trained well enough and was trying to pull a fast one on him?

Suddenly, within the closed room, the tension changed repressively. Mie Qiongqi could sense that Lin Fan was starting to get angry and he continued immediately, "Every single word is the truth! I swear! I found the treasure in a portion of some ruins! And it was even inscribed in the records of the ruined sect that it belonged to a powerful ancient being!"

"What's the skill called?" Lin Fan asked.

"Unkillable Indestructible!"

"Elaborate more. I shall determine if it's true." Lin Fan said without changing his expression. But in his heart, he was brimming with excitement. Such a powerful skill. If he were to master it, he'd definitely fly by leaps and bounds!

'Unkillable Indestructible'. Just the name itself was plenty overpowered. Coupled with the system's effects, he could even level it up indefinitely!

"I...don't know." Mie Qiongqi muttered after contemplating for a long time. Looking at Lin Fan's eyes carefully, he added, "Honest, I truly don't know."

Lin Fan squinted at this guy and laughed. He was close to exploding within his heart. Was this guy acting in front of him?!? After all the love and care he showered upon this fella? Unforgivable!

Lin Fan gripped the whip. Perhaps the lesson from before was too easy. It was time for a harsh one.

Looking at Lin Fan stand up and the whip in his hands, Mie Qiongqi started trembling.

"I seriously don't know! Back then, it was just like a wave of knowledge had entered my consciousness. But every time I tried to read into it, it was all fuzzy, and I couldn't make sense of what it was!" Mie Qiongqi explained hurriedly. If he had said it slightly later, who knew what his fate might have been.

Lin Fan looked at the trembling face of Mie Qiongqi, and his frown went away. What was going on? The way Mie Qiongqi looked didn't seem like he was lying about it. Could it be that there was some hidden secret behind 'Unkillable Indestructible'? That was why this guy was unable to replicate its effects?

"Sometimes, I dream of entering a strange place. It is a weird environment filled with all sorts of strange living organisms and creatures. At the same time, there are a lot of martial artists. All of them were powerful beings who could easily destroy Earth anytime if they had wanted. I could sense that from them. But suddenly, everyone would die. The skies would turn blood red as everyone's corpses would drop onto the floor one by one..."

At this point, Mie Qiongqi looked demented. He was busy trying to gesticulate something with his fingers, as though he was describing something horrific.

"Alright, shut it." Lin Fan was exasperated at this point. He was so close yet so far to this skill...what a helpless situation this was. And just as Lin Fan was prepared to follow up with the questions, voices came from the outside.

"Elder, Junior Master Lin is inside punishing Mie Qiongqi!" A disciple said outside.

"Okay. Let's head in to take a look. Mie Qiongqi is extremely dangerous and violent. We must not let Junior Brother Lin come to any harm."

Lin Fan glared at Mie Qiongqi, warning the latter to behave appropriately. Tossing away the whip, he put on his most benevolent and educational look.

It was as though everything had such a perfect outlook.

"So, do you acknowledge your mistakes?"