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 Chapter 142: Handing Out Pills By Yours Truly

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Next day, at the break of dawn, a purple light filled the vicinity. On the peak of the 10th Grand Master of Glory Sect, a giant ark floated in the skies. Majestic in scale, it covered the skies and clouds. Its body was inscribed with various writings and symbols, exuding a bright glow.

Lin Fan was filled with curiosity towards the ark. Just what type of trick was it that allowed this gigantic ark to float as such? The idea of it was truly incredible.

"Elder Yu, I will leave the beast slaying expedition in your hands."

"Yes, Senior Elder."


Lin Fan observed Elder Yu, who was leading the expedition this time round. Indeed, this man gave off a fear-inducing aura, with a sense of danger to him.

Cultivation base: Lesser Celestial Upper levels.

This time round, 20 inner sect disciples were involved in the expedition.

One of them was someone Lin Fan had met before. That was Zong Hentian. Amongst the rest, there were some he'd never seen before at all.

But, Lin Fan could clearly tell the difference between inner sect disciples and most of the other disciples. They exuded an air of elegance and grace, setting themselves apart easily.

Even Lin Fan was rendered almost ordinary by standing amidst them.

And just as Lin Fan was checking out these disciples, so were they.

They did not know who this fellow was, nor had they seen him within the inner sect grounds. While Elder Yu was the one leading the expedition, amongst the disciples themselves, Senior Brother Zong was the leader.

At the same time, while the primary objective of the expedition was to slay the beast, there existed the secondary objective of matching up with other sects. Hence, the disciples chosen were those of highest fighting caliber within the sect.

"Elder Yu, other than slaying the beast, please take note that another objective of equal importance is to keep Junior Brother Lin safe from any harm." Senior Elder Wuya needed to make this point clear. While it was important to slay the beast, it was of paramount importance that nothing untoward happened to Lin Fan.

"Yes, Elder." Elder Yu was startled for a moment, but after glancing at Lin Fan, he began to understand a thing or two.

"Alright, set off!" Elder Yu commanded as all the inner sect disciples began floating in the skies onto the ark.

Looking at them flying up, Lin Fan was stunned momentarily. Yours Truly doesn't know how to fly!

But in front of all these people, how could he afford to lose face? Hence, with a strong leap, he darted like a bullet and jumped up onto the giant ark.

At this point, Senior Elder Wuya let out a bitter laugh. He did not know what was going to happen on the expedition, but he doubted that it would be life-threatening. After all, Master must have made preparations for this.

While the journey might be arduous, but yes, there shouldn't be anything life-threatening...

Lin Fan stood on the giant ark and looked left and right with interest. He touched the ark.

'Ding...congratulations on discovering Green Hell Battle Ark.'

'Green Hell Battle Ark: Crafted with Heaven and Earth's Light Gem along with the bones of a 3-headed flying dragon.'


Catching sight of this country bumpkin who was touching the ark left and right, the inner sect disciples laughed internally while mocking.

"Junior Brother, why have I not seen you before?" An inner sect disciple asked.

Even though there were quite a few inner sect disciples, those who were stronger were naturally more prominent and well known amongst the circle. But this guy? They had never even seen or heard of him. So naturally, they were curious about his background.

Looking at these disciples, Lin Fan laughed. Of course, he knew what their motives were. "My dear Junior Disciple, that's where you're wrong. Yours Truly is the Master of Nameless Peak's Saint Devil Sect. Based on seniority, I am your Junior Master."

Upon his reply, all the surrounding disciples who were seated cross-legged were all caught by surprise.

As inner sect disciples, naturally they knew more or less about happenings within the sect. The matter of Grand Master awarding Nameless Peak to someone was also made known to them, but they did not pay much attention to it. After all, it wasn't something that was directly related to them.

But little did they expect that the man who was now the Master of Nameless Peak was now seated right in front of them. This caught them totally unaware.

From then on, they let on a frown and stared ahead, refusing to speak to this man any further.

To these disciples, especially the talented ones, how could they endure just calling anyone a Junior Master? Especially this guy, who in their eyes was someone who got the peak through pure luck, and hence, their difference in seniority.

"Eh? Junior Disciple, why aren't you speaking anymore?" Lin Fan continued pestering the disciple.

Just then, the Green Hell Battle Ark jerked gently and lifted off upwards. Lin Fan couldn't be bothered with the disciple any longer and just leaned on the side of the ark, admiring the view below.

As the ark got higher, the people below grew even smaller. And finally, for the first time ever, Lin Fan caught sight of the sect as an entirety.


The gigantic peaks gradually grew smaller and turned into small little shadows. As the pressure grew stronger with the ark going higher, a green light encompassed the ark.

"It's only a day's journey to the Floating Snow Peaks. The lesser celestial beast this time round is the Snow Lion. It is the descendant of the ancient beast, Heaven Revolting Snow Lion. Therefore, it is extremely powerful, and no one should face it head on." Just then, Elder Yu elaborated as he came out of the ark's control room.

"Elder Yu, the Snow Lion's power level increases when it is in a frosty surrounding. Based on our cultivation levels, I'm afraid we still aren't its match." Zong Hentian commented.

Lin Fan, who was listening from the sides, nodded his head in agreement. After all, beasts were way more ferocious than humans. Even at the same cultivation base, a human was no match for a beast.

If things were to go south, Lin Fan had already thought it through. He would use 'Stealth' and run away without hesitation.

"Yes, that was the case initially. However, based on reports, the Snow Lion has just given birth recently. As such, it's power level has decreased tremendously, and is not at full strength. Thus, our objective this time round is to steal the Snow Lion's cubs." Elder Yu said calmly. But he too knew that this was easier said than done.

Even though the Snow Lion was covered with treasures, the cubs were all the more precious. But the other sects would not let this chance go up so easily either.

Seemed like it would be another tough battle ahead.

"The Snow Lion is not daunting. But I implore all Junior Disciples to be wary of the other sects. Especially the Fengtian Sect." Zong Hentian growled with vicious hatred in his eyes.

He would never forget the looks of that one disciple, the one who had destroyed Senior Brother Tian Yu's cultivation foundation.

Furthermore, Senior Brother Tian Yu's life and death were unknown as of this moment, as he had disappeared into thin air.

"Senior Brother, are you referring to Lin Ao? One of the 3 great geniuses of Fengtian Sect?" An inner sect disciple asked.

"That's right. If any of you were to bump into this guy, please take extreme care." Zong Hentian warned. Even if he were the one to meet him again, he had no confidence in escaping unscathed.

But now that this wasn't the forbidden grounds, this guy shouldn't do anything untoward towards members of other sects.

Sensing the tense atmosphere, Lin Fan let out a laugh, "My Dear Junior Disciples, the path of martial arts is just like fighting with the heavens for our lives. Now that we're about to approach a deadly battle, your Junior Master has rushed day and night to prepare some pills. Let me hand them out. If you meet any sticky situation, please toss the pills at the other party. Perhaps it might help you out!"

Lin Fan took out the pills he cultivated and handed them out one by one.

"Eh? What's this pill? I've never seen it before...?"

"Toss it at the other party? What can tossing it at them do?"


The inner sect disciples were extremely suspicious, not understanding what this pill could do.

"Hurry up and thank Junior Master Lin!" Elder Yu who was at the sidelines ordered.

Right before departing, Senior Elder Wuya had made extra mention to take care of this guy, and he did so with a solemn expression. Elder Yu garnered that this guy must hold a certain degree of respect and position within the sect.

And of course, how could he not tell that the inner sect disciples did not take Lin Fan seriously. Hence, he needed to voice out to help out with the situation.

Since Elder Yu had already spoken, none of the disciples dared to refute. Hence, they greeted him as ordered. Some of them did not really take the pills seriously, but some of them kept them safely.

If there were indeed a sticky situation, they wouldn't mind giving the pill a go.