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 Chapter 141: Zhang Ergou And Feng Bujue's Collaboration

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The outer sect disciples of Danding Peak glanced at each other questioningly. Li Shun hated Junior Master Lin as such, yet, he was so magnanimous as to forgive him with his big-heartedness. But why were the two of them entering the house now?


The disciples threw it out of their thoughts immediately. How could they harbor such a dirty thought? If Junior Master Lin knew about it, he'd tear through their skins!

But just as they were panicking, a shocking shriek shot through the skies.

Something happened?

Everyone lost the color in their faces. But just as they were about to head forth to check out what had happened, Lin Fan exited the house.

"'Hais... A pity you weren't..." Lin Fan sighed regretfully.

Seemed like it was all wishful thinking on his part. How could so many earth-shattering events happen in such a short period of time in this world?

'But it must be hard on Junior Disciple Li. To endure such a heavy blow twice in his life. I'm afraid both his physical and mental self must be entirely shattered by now.'

The disciples stared at Junior Master Lin. Recalling the tragic shriek, their faces turned pale, and they retreated a few steps back for fear of being the next pitiful victim.

Lin Fan shook his head gently, then headed forth ahead.

Senior Brother Li had once again received a blow.

At this point, Li Shun felt like the skies had come crashing down. It was all darkness ahead of him. Life...had lost all of its hope. Even though he could claim to already know the pain beforehand, it only served to intensify it.

"Junior Master! Your Junior Disciple me...will never dare to...again..." The grieving Li Shun relented. He would never dare to be impudent in this lifetime again. At first, Junior Master Lin was all well and good upon entering the house with him. But somehow, he gave a ridiculous speech, which Li Shun could not understand at all. And immediately after that...

His leg came flying by like a streak of lightning. At that moment, Li Shun knew he was done for. And indeed, tragedy struck once more.


Lin Fan retrieved a number of medicinal herbs from Danding Peak. Even those of average quality, he swept up quite a bit. Looking at those hurtful looks of the disciples, Lin Fan could only laugh. 'Hehe, I was offered up here by your Senior Elder. Even if you're hurt, there's nothing you can do.'

At last, Lin Fan headed back with satisfaction.

Tomorrow was the day he'd head out with the group from the sect. He needed to prepare a few special pills just in case anything unexpected happened.

For the expedition, Lin Fan had already set a goal for himself. It'd be good if he could break through to halfway through postcelestial.

And even better if he could push even further.


Night came by, but Nameless Peak was bright with lights lit up in each one of the houses. Even though there was hardly anyone present, the lights hardly made one feel lonely up there.

Lin Fan was hard at work, researching and experimenting on pills that he needed for the expedition.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue brought food and served it within Tian Yu's house.

Tian Yu had been cultivating day and night for the sake of returning to his pinnacle. But now that the disciples of Junior Master Lin came by, he naturally stopped his cultivation and hosted them warmly.

"Senior Brother Tian Yu, let the three of us drink merrily tonight!" Zhang Ergou laughed heartily as he placed the food down and filled their cups with wine. "I got this today from an outer sect disciple who was well versed in winemaking! This is good wine!"

"Alright then, let's drink merrily till dawn!" Now that Tian Yu was chummy with the both of them, he was sincere in every single word he said.

Cup after cup, they downed it while conversing buoyantly. Soon, their faces were flushed red with hints of being drunk.

"Take a look, Nameless Peak is getting better and better by the day! Seems like our months of efforts have not gone to waste!" Zhang Ergou commented tipsily.

"That's right!" Feng Bujue nodded.

While Tian Yu did not feel anything much, he agreed that it was not a small feat for Nameless Peak to come to this point.

"Senior Brother, actually, there are times where I harbored thoughts of returning to the outer sect." Feng Bujue said silently without changing his expression.

"Head back?" Just then, Zhang Ergou, who was all smiles at first, bore a cold expression, with a slight hint of hostility in his voice.

But Feng Bujue did not realize this, and he continued.

Even though Tian Yu was intoxicated as well, he could sense the change in tension. He wanted to change the topic, but he was too late.

"Yes...back to the outer sect. Wouldn't it be nice there...crowded and lively...?" Feng Bujue smiled gently.

"Shut up!" Zhang Ergou shot at him with authority as the Big Disciple of Nameless Peak. "Junior Brother, are you wasted to the point of foolishness? How could you say such a thing! If Master were to hear it, wouldn't he be heartbroken!"

"Junior Brother Zhang, calm down. Junior Brother Feng must just be drunk, that's all. I'm sure he meant no harm, no harm!" Tian Yu tried his best to resolve this conflict.

These two were on good terms. How could they let such a thing cause a tear in their relationship?

"Senior Brother, that's where you're wrong. I'm just saying. But Nameless Peak and Glory Sect are one family, aren't we? Isn't it the same wherever we go?" Feng Bujue stopped Tian Yu and said it while facing Zhang Ergou.


At this point, Zhang Ergou's cup flew to the ground and shattered, with wine spilling everywhere. He said furiously, "Right, Nameless Peak and Glory Sect is the same family! But even then, you can't say something like that! Have you forgotten how Master helped us up? Back when you were humiliated, Master was the one who picked you back up and salvaged the situation! He brought you back Nameless Peak as a home! Now that you're fine and good, you harbor thoughts of leaving this place. Do you feel that this place could no longer be fit to be your home?!"

Zhang Ergou grew agitated as he spoke, and nearly came to fists.

"What's wrong with the both of you! How can you fight just over this? Junior Brother Zhang, you're in the wrong too. After all, Junior Brother Feng was just saying! And Junior Brother Feng! Why are you talking about this for no reason! Aren't you just making your Senior Brother Zhang upset?' Tian Yu pulled the both of them apart. These two were close like brothers who were glued to each other usually. How could they be breaking apart now?

"That's right, Senior Brother! Wasn't I just saying? I'm not an ingrate. How could I leave just like that?'

'Hmph, Senior Brother Tian Yu, YOU be the judge! Master has the gratitude of our lives! Even if we were to return to Glory Sect now, we'd be a disciple amongst the tens of thousands of disciples in the sect without anyone noticing us. But here, Master takes each and every one of us as family with no distinction! Now that he's thinking of leaving this place when he's well to do, isn't that worse than an ungrateful beast?' Zhang Ergou was outraged, his eyes filled with bloody lines.

"Senior Brother, I was just saying! How can I bear to leave! I owe Master Lin the gratitude of my life! Furthermore, Nameless Peak and Glory Sect are both a family! Whichever I choose, it's the same. So why not stay at a place where I feel truly happy and at ease? Back here, I have the accompaniment of Senior Brother Zhang and Senior Brother Tian Yu! How could I bear leaving this place? Furthermore, our sect is expanding and growing right now, how can I break Master's heart by leaving?" Feng Bujue replied heatedly.

"Hmph," Zhang Ergou snorted coldly, "I no longer have the mood to drink. I'll take my leave, Senior Brother Tian Yu."

Looking at his Senior Brother leave in a huff, Feng Bujue hurried along, "Listen to me, Senior Brother..." Before leaving the house, Feng Bujue looked back, "I'll take my leave first too, Senior Brother Tian Yu."

"Yes, hurry along and make up with your Senior Brother. Do not quarrel." Tian Yu replied distractedly. Their heated argument had caused him to be lost in thought.

Tian Yu sat alone in his house and looked at the dishes in front of him. He drank alone. Perhaps, they were right. Even if he were to return to the sect, he'd be one of the tens of thousands of disciples. And now that Junior Master Lin had the kindness to give him a brand new life, if he left just like that after regaining his cultivation foundation, then what sort of a person would he be...

Zhang Ergou's house...

Both of them were no longer quarreling. Looking each other in the eye, they whispered, "How was I, Senior Brother?"

"Hmm, not too shabby! You've improved tremendously this time round." Zhang Ergou sniggered. The quarrel during dinner was all a farce as well, all for the sake of retaining Senior Brother Tian Yu.

"Hehe, this was the main gist the attack strategy Master had penned down personally. Senior Brother, let's hurry and take a look at what's the next step! I've got to practice on my own as well, just in case I let slip!" Feng Bujue felt that his performance just now was outstanding. Especially the facial expressions, he definitely got them on point! The only flaw would be that his voice was not convincing enough to pierce through one's heart.

But now that he could perform like this, he had come a long way.

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