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 Chapter 137: Heaven and Earth Smelt

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When the stunning beauties of Jialan Peak left, Ergou came to Lin Fan's side, rubbing his hands nervously.

"Master, what do you think of me?" Zhang Ergou asked while giving off a wretched smile.

"Not bad. What's up?" Lin Fan glanced at him.

"This...this...my...lifetime's happiness..." Zhang Ergou was embarrassed to say it out. If he were to be direct, wouldn't it be really embarrassing?

Lin Fan looked at Zhang Ergou helplessly. He understood what this guy was up to. This toad of his was trying to lust after the swans' meat.

Lin Fan sighed helplessly, "Ergou, you are my most regarded disciple. Furthermore, you will be our sect's 7th Grand Master. I have great expectations for you. Please do not let me down."

Initially, Zhang Ergou had only wanted his master to help him by introducing them. If he was lucky, he might even be able to get settled down. But little did he expect his master to say such a thing to him.

"Yes! Don't worry, master! Ergou will definitely not let you down!" Zhang Ergou's face turned serious immediately.

He was revigorated by the words of his Master. To think that he was the most regarded disciple, the 7th Grand Master of Saint Devil Sect! These words made Zhang Ergou realize the heavy responsibility that was on his shoulders.

With such high hopes from his master, no matter what, he could not let him down!

Yes. Go on." Lin Fan waved his hands and headed back towards his house.

Zhang Ergou looked at this master's back view and nodded his head heavily. Those notions of love he had earlier were tossed to the back of his head. Compared to his master's acknowledgment, what was love?

With his master's trust, there was no way he could let him down.

On a certain day...

Lin Fan was within a house specially crafted by the Earth Demons for cultivating pills. He was at work on another high caliber pill requested by Jian Wudi of the outer sect ten geniuses.



Within his mind, the furnace opened, and a fragrant aroma exuded. The pill, shining with 3 different colors, fell within his palms.

'Ding...Congratulations on crafting Earth Upper Graded 'Three Coloured Godly Pill.''

'Ding...Congratulations on leveling up profession 'Pill Cultivation.''

'Ding...Congratulations on profession 'Pill Cultivation' reaching level 20. Initiating evolution procedure.'

'Ding...Congratulations, profession 'Pill Cultivation' upgraded to 'Heaven and Earth Smelt. (0/20)''

'Heaven and Earth Smelt: Nothing within Heaven and Earth cannot be smelted.'

Lin Fan leaped with joy. Finally! His pill cultivating skill had evolved! And now that it was Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan was curious.

Nothing within Heaven and Earth could not be smelted. So, what was so extraordinary about this?

And by the looks of it, this was not the final stage yet. Apparently, it could evolve one more time.

Entering the depths of his mind, he spelt out Heaven and Earth Smelt.

In an instant, Lin Fan's inner world shook. Within his mind, a large furnace, as tall as the heavens, appeared right before him. Compared to the furnace in the past, this was a much bigger, much grander. The flames burned furiously, as though they would burst out at any moment.

And from it came a rusty scent. It felt like one had returned to an ancient era with it.


Lin Fan was ready to give it a test. He had to see what this Heaven and Earth Smelt could do.

In the past, he only needed to place related herbs and stuff within the furnace. He wondered how Heaven and Earth Smelt would work.

He threw a Suyuan pill within the furnace without anything else. The flames continued burning.

In an instant, a gentle light flashed by and the pill shot out from within the furnace.

'Ding...congratulations on crafting Light Middle Graded Suyuan Pill.'

'Ding...Congratulations. Experience Points +0'


Lin Fan was extremely shocked. The Suyuan Pill he had tossed in was actually just a Light Lower Graded pill. But after smelting within it, to think that the grade had improved. This was shocking!

Furthermore, after evolving to Heaven and Earth Smelt, cultivating normal pills no longer gave experience points. Seemed like it would be more difficult to level the skill up from now on.

But the experiment did not end here. If it was just this, then Heaven and Earth Smelt was not befitting of its name.

Lin Fan tossed the Earth Middle Graded Suyuan Pill within the furnace. Next, he retrieved a sword he had obtained through robbing Ni Mantian in the Cangling Continent, the Intermediate Legendary Sword, Violet Frost Sword.

Lin Fan had never tried the sword on his own. Now that he had arrived at Dongling Continent, he no longer had any use for it. 'Then, let's see if anything can be produced by fusing it with a Suyuan Pill.'


Suddenly, the flames within the furnace burnt even brighter. In fact, Lin Fan even saw the Violet Frost Sword melting into a ball of liquid and combining with the Suyuan Pill.

Lin Fan was full of anticipation. He wondered what sort of pill this would bring about.

If a Godly pill could come out of this, he would really be speechless.

Lin Fan knew that this experiment was the first of its kind in the history of pill cultivation. If the pill could truly fuse with the weapon as one, then this would be a new era of cultivating pills.

Just then, the furnace popped open, and a pitch black pill appeared within Lin Fan's palms.

'Ding....congratulations on creating Earth Lower graded Sword Will's Energy Pill.'

'Sword Will's Energy Pill: Created by Suyuan Pill absorbing the Will of the Sword.'

This was indeed a new product! And it looked like it was edible!

Will of the Sword...Will of the Sword!

Lin Fan slapped his thigh in realization!

Ni Mantian was one of the senior disciples of the Sword's Court, with extremely powerful sword techniques. And this sword had been with her for many years. Therefore, it was naturally infused with her own Will of the Sword.

And now that it had fused with this pill in the furnace, naturally the Will of the Sword was present within it as well.

Nothing in this world could not be smelted, even one's willpower and energy!

Violet Frost Sword was an inanimate object. Therefore, no matter how much one tried, one couldn't turn it into a pill. But once a weapon had been used by a user, naturally it left traces of the user's own willpower and cultivation energy.

Lin Fan truly understood the fact at this point.

Seemed like this Heaven and Earth Smelt was pretty decent. But this wasn't enough, he needed a more thorough experiment.

Tossing the Sword Will's Energy Pill within the furnace, he took out another upper graded longsword. This sword had once been used by Lin Fan. Therefore, it naturally had his own willpower.

Lin Fan stared at it fixedly.

Suddenly, he frowned. Failed?!

'Ding...congratulations on failing. This pill is unable to withstand 3 continuous smelts.'


3 continuous smelts?

Seemed like this Light Lower Graded Suyuan pill could only withstand 2 continuous smelts. He wondered if a higher caliber pill would be able to withstand a larger number of smelts.

But by the end of multiple experiments, Lin Fan was totally destroyed.

The number of smeltings allowed was not increased by just the caliber of the pills. Just like Suyuan pill, the most it could go to was 2 times. The 3rd time would definitely be a failure.

Lin Fan wondered if it was because this was the set rule, or that he had yet to discover the requirement to smelt 3 times. Seemed like there was more work to be done.

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