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 Chapter 132: Cold Senior Sister

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Noticing that this cute little junior disciple might be offended, Lin Fan coughed gently, "Yours Truly is the master of Nameless Peak's Saint Devil Sect, Lin Fan. Upon passing by Jialan Peak, I caught the scent of a fragrant herb aroma. Hence, I came uninvited in its search."

As he said his name, Lin Fan took extra care to raise his head and look at the masses with a friendly and welcoming smile.

Indeed, the moment Lin Fan stated his background, there was a change on the faces of the various disciples. Those initially wary looks turned into gentle smiles, like flowers blooming in Spring.

"Greetings, Junior Master Lin!" The gentle voices vibrated within Lin Fan's eardrums, bringing him endless happiness and joy.

Lin Fan's reputation in Glory Sect was no secret. It was just that most of the disciples who knew how he looked like were from the outer sect. The rest had merely heard of him, but they did not know his features.

Now that Lin Fan had declared his identity, these Jialan Peak disciples immediately knew who he was.

One by one, they started whispering, and their beautiful gazes landed on Lin Fan.

"He is the great pill cultivating master of Nameless Peak?"

"THE Junior Master Lin who fought righteously against Danding Peak for the welfare of the outer sect disciples?"

"THE Junior Master Lin who said that Glory Sect is a big family and we are all part of it?"


Listening to their rife discussions, Lin Fan was long immersed within happiness.

But as usual, he kept his composure. That gentle smile of his carved its way into the hearts of these female disciples.

Zhou Yaoyao frowned and asked in a cautious tone, "You really are Junior Master Lin?"

Looking at the masses, Lin Fan continued smiling, "Today is the first time Yours Truly meets with you junior disciples. Here, let me present this humble gift of Suyuan Pills as a form of my sincerity."

Immediately, Lin Fan retrieved 5 Suyuan Pills and placed them in the hands of Zhou Yaoyao. Zhou Yaoyao was momentarily shocked and stood rooted. Regaining her senses, she looked at the back view of Lin Fan handing out pills, and that cold expression of hers revealed a gentle smile.

Free pills from the skies, it'd be a waste not to take them.

Lin Fan no longer needed any words. Using the pills as an icebreaker, no one else would suspect him of anything any longer.

After all, while Suyuan Pills were not anything extraordinary, for someone to produce such a large amount of it...only a master of pill cultivation could do that

"Thank you, Junior Master Lin!"

"Thank you, Junior Master Lin!"


These gentle sounds of gratitude were just music to Lin Fan's ears. As a senior, one would naturally receive respect from their juniors. But as a generous senior, one was all the more adored.

And that was what Lin Fan wanted, to be a senior everyone adored and respected.

Looking at these female disciples clamoring around him for pills, Lin Fan tried his best to show off a compassionate and benevolent expression.

Different aromas exuded from the various female disciples, and the combined scent was heavenly. Lin Fan was like a butterfly within a sea of flowers.

"Junior Master, it was a mistake on my part for not knowing who you were. Please accept my apologies." Zhou Yaoyao stepped forward.

Zhou Yaoyao felt guilty for thinking of Junior Master as one of those typical stinking men.

While she had not seen him before, his reputation exceeded his presence. In fact, he was the idol of many disciples within the sect.

"No issues. It was my fault for not clarifying immediately." Lin Fan smiled gently without a hint of displeasure. After all, his main motive here was to show off his best side and attract a wave of fans. Seemed like things were turning out pretty well.

"Junior Master, what herbs do you need? Your Junior Disciple, I, will retrieve it for you immediately" Zhou Yaoyao declared with enthusiasm.

"No hurries, the herb is something only Yours Truly knows about. I'm afraid you guys may not have knowledge of it." Lin Fan laughed while waving his hands. This was an excuse he just made up on the spot.

Since when were there herbs on Jialan Peak? Of course, they wouldn't know about it!

Just then, an angry roar came from the distance.


A tall and slender lady, clad in white, headed over. Her expression was frosty like the peak of an ice mountain. Her black hair danced in the air, with some of it naughtily lying on those exquisite shoulders of hers. The frosty aura she gave off contained hints of a devilish beauty, and the eyes below her long lashes were exceptionally shiny black, just like the night sky. Her demeanor was one of coldness mixed with haughtiness.

"Se...Senior Sister!"" Upon seeing who it was, Zhou Yaoyao and the rest of the disciples had the looks on their faces changed entirely.

Lin Fan turned around and inspected this newcomer thoroughly. He then let out a sigh uncontrollably. Beauty, Indeed, this was a beauty.

Her skin was smooth like jade, and her alluring beauty was captivating. She was a real piece of work, but just a tad frosty.

"Jialan Peak forbids the entry of outsiders. Please leave." Mu Bingyan walked over briskly, like a fairy descending upon Earth.

But her voice was chilling to the bones, without a single hint of emotion.

"Senior Sister Mu, this is Junior Master Lin from Nameless Peak. He is just here to search for a strand of medicinal herb." Zhou Yaoyao knew her Senior Sister's temper. Therefore, she naturally hoped for nothing much to happen.

Lin Fan smiled. To think that this Senior Sister of Jialan Peak was already at the peak cultivation stage of pericelestial. Just that one little step for her and she would break through into that semi Godlike state of a Lesser Celestial.

While smiling, Lin Fan walked up briskly as well. "Indeed, Junior Disciple Mu is a talent of Jialan Peak. For the sect to have a Junior Disciple of this caliber, your Junior Master is thoroughly heartened."

Mu Bingyan paid no regards to what Lin Fan said. Without any reaction, she promptly turned around and left, leaving Lin Fan standing alone awkwardly in the middle of nowhere.

"Leave the peak upon collecting your herb." A cold voice came from the distance as Mu Bingyan disappeared.

Lin Fan frowned. This junior disciple, damn, wasn't she just a little arrogant? But...Your father likes that. Not bad...not too bad.

Looking at the silent atmosphere, Lin Fan turned around and chuckled upon realizing the awkwardness of the situation. Looking at the crowd, "Ha, seems like Junior Disciple Mu is pretty cold after all. But no matter, Yours Truly likes a disciple with attitude."

Zhou Yaoyao and the disciples felt embarrassed.

"Junior Master, I'm sorry. Senior Sister Mu's temper is like that." Zhou Yaoyao explained.

"Don't worry, your Junior Master has a magnanimous heart. If I were to take offense at something like this, then wouldn't I be too petty?" Lin Fan laughed casually.

"Junior Master has a great heart indeed." Zhou Yaoyao greeted respectfully. "Senior Sister Mu was born a princess of the empire. Hence, she treats people rather coldly. But, she isn't a nasty person, and she takes good care of us."

Lin Fan nodded. So, she was a princess. Then it's fine for her to be that bit haughtier and colder.

At this point, Lin Fan had already set Mu Bingyan as his target number one.

If he could strike down such a haughty and beautiful girl, then as a Junior Master, what a marvelous achievement that would be!

If he could let the other party obsess over himself thoroughly, that would be a brilliant success in life!

Alright, enough with the dreams.

Casting the dreams aside, Lin Fan focused. This attack strategy needed to be big. He needed to go at it one step at a time and not rush things through.

After all, how could he enjoy the wonderful feeling of lubrication if he did not apply the lube to the heart first?