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 Chapter 126: An Elite Strikes

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Bright lights replaced the dark skies.

Lin Fan had been diligently cultivating. Regarding pill cultivation, he felt that he was pretty talented. As for crafting weapons, he too did not feel that he was weaker than anyone out there. Seemed like he was truly a genius in crafting both pills and weapons.

Regarding the recent events, Lin Fan did not put it to heart. After all, being gifted attracted the envy of many.

At this moment, Lin Fan pinched a Biggra in his left hand and a strand of herb in his right.


Tossing both of them into the furnace, it buzzed and produced clouds of smoke.

'Ding...pill cultivation failed'

Lin Fan shook his head helplessly. This was his 37th attempt, but none of them had succeeded.

Lin Fan had great hopes for Biggra, because he felt that it possessed immense potential.

It does not boost cultivation level nor does it harm one's body, but yet it's able to bring about boundless happiness and joy.

If he were to focus his research on it, he might be able to produce an even more miraculous pill.

Just then, Zhang Ergou rushed back from the outer sect grounds with an anxious look on his face, "Master! I heard the news that tomorrow, Elder Gu from Danding Peak is going to bring people over to demand an explanation for the matter of cultivating pills!"

Upon hearing the news, Zhang Ergou was scared out of his wits. He had not expected things to get this serious.

Initially, Zhang Ergou had thought nothing much of Li Shun and gang. After all, he was just a disciple with slightly more respect on Danding Peak. But now that an Elder was involved, this was no joking matter!

"Ok." Lin Fan nodded expressionlessly.

Looking at his Master's composed self, Zhang Ergou was even more worried, "Master, aren't we going to prepare for it beforehand?"

Glancing at Zhang Ergou, Lin Fan let out a smile of confidence, "It's no big matter. If a flood were to come, we'd block it. If troops were to come, we'd defend. Nameless Peak is not a place where just anybody can come about to trample on."

"Yes." Looking at his Master's unworried and calm self, Zhang Ergou left.

He wondered when would be the day when he could finally see his Master worried, if even for just a second.

Right after Zhang Ergou left, the calm Lin Fan shot up. He scratched his head in worry.

Godd*mn it. He knew that Danding Peak would not just let this go, but little did he expect that for the second wave, they'd be sending an elite over.

At first, Lin Fan had thought that they'd just send a few weaklings over for starters. But what was this about an Elder? Goodness, even Lin Fan was speechless.

How now brown cow?

Should he strike first by heading to Danding Peak and bring about some permanent disability to this Elder Gu's lower body?

No, sh*t, no. He did not even know who the sh*t this was. Even if he were to go, he'd be entering the enemy grounds solo. If he were to encounter some sort of a bigshot, then wouldn't he be dead?

At this point, Lin Fan felt a hint of sorrow. Sigh, it wasn't easy being a Master. At the very least, in front of his two darling disciples, he had to maintain the image of an unparalleled master.

No matter the strength of the enemy tomorrow, he had to remain composed in front of them.

Since the opponent tomorrow would be an Elder of Danding Peak, then his cultivation base must be pretty high. Even though he had already achieved max level as a postcelestial, he might not even pose a challenge.

In Lin Fan's thoughts, these Elder's cultivation bases had to be at least of a Lesser Celestial.

No, there had got to be a better strategy. If he were to be ruthlessly crushed tomorrow, how was he to maintain their reputation in the future?

How would those outer sect disciples respect him after that?

Lin Fan finally felt some danger. Deep in his thoughts, he contemplated his next course of action for tomorrow.

And just like that, an entire night passed.


Next day...

At the break of dawn, the outer sect disciples left their houses to carry on with their daily struggles in cultivating.

And just then, Li Shun and gang led by Elder Gu passed by the outer sect grounds towards Nameless Peak.

Upon seeing this crowd from Danding Peak, their expressions changed. These guys were just taught a lesson a couple of days back and they were back for yet another round of trashing?

Li Shun strutted his chest and looked at the surrounding outer sect disciples with contempt. Under Elder Gu's accompaniment, Nameless Peak will know of their impudence.

As for these outer sect disciples, would they dare to trash talk about Danding Peak again in front of Elder Gu?

"Why's this Li Shun here again? Was the trashing the other day not enough?"

"Hmph, someone like him should be thoroughly schooled by Brother Gou!"

"Hush! Lower your voice! Someone important seems to be here today! The guy beside Li Shun looks like Elder Gu!"

"What! It can't be!" The outer sect disciples glanced at the man beside Li Shun in disbelief.

But upon closer inspection, they were dumbfounded. Goodness Christ, it WAS Elder Gu!

"Elder Gu! These outer sect disciples were just trash talking us Danding Peak the other day! But in the presence of Elder Gu, none of them would dare to even let out a single fart!" Li Shun ass licked.

Elder Gu did not reply, but he took a look at the surrounding outer sect disciples. But just this look was enough to have them rooted to the ground in fear, as though bolts of lightning struck them repeatedly in the heart.

The outer sect disciples knew that Danding Peak's motives must be with regards to the Nameless Peak. If it were not for Elder Gu, they'd have halted these guys right there and then.

But now that Elder Gu was here, none of them had the guts to even move.

While Glory Sect may be considered harmonious, offending someone of high seniority was nevertheless a serious offense.

It was not impossible for someone to die from something like that.

As the Danding Peak group went further, the outer sect disciples followed closely behind. They felt unrest within their hearts. What if they could not get pills from Nameless Peak from this day on?

From the beginning of time, Danding Peak had always been the to go place for any disciples to cultivate pills. While it was nothing much for anyone else to cultivate pills for others...for them to poach every single outer sect disciple in such a short period like Nameless Peak was a different story...

Especially since Danding Peak no longer had anyone looking for them. This was definitely something intolerable for Danding Peak.


Nameless Peak...

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were fully suited up and ready, completely at ease.

"Junior Brother! In the battle today, we might very well lose our lives. I have many wishes unfulfilled. If I were to just meet my doom today, I implore you to help me complete my wishes!" Zhang Ergou wielded a big club adorned with wolf fangs protruding out from the edges. It was horrifying to look at.

"Senior Brother..." Feng Bujue looked at Zhang Ergou sadly, followed by a look at Master's house, and nodded his head heavily.

"Junior Brother, they're here." Zhang Ergou trembled slightly. He was still nervous. While he was certain no one would die, the resulting end would probably be nowhere near pretty either.

While Zhang Ergou did not know his great Master's cultivation base, he did know a little bit of the history. His great Master came from a sect related to Glory Sect in the past by their Grand Masters. As it was exterminated by the enemies, great Master was sent here by the sacrificial act of his own Grand Master. As such, his cultivation base may not be that high at all. In fact, it may not even match an Elder of Danding Peak.

Black clouds encircled the peak. Suddenly, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue felt a repressing aura in the air, so pressing that it was difficult to even breathe.

They had arrived.