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 Chapter 118: Indignant Lin Fan

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The skies darkened gradually, and Lin Fan had long since cultivated the pills entirely. Amongst them was one he had not consumed, as it seemed they would be helpful for his 2 disciples.

"Boosting Heaven Pill"

Long-term consumption of this pill could help to make up for shortcoming in talent in a martial arts practitioner. It would definitely be magical.

"Boosting Heaven Pill" consisted of 3 different ingredients. And while it was just an Earth lower graded pill, the effects were definitely a boon for any martial arts practitioner.

Especially for Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue, it would bring about an astonishing change. Since the two of them had a low cultivation base, naturally they would have a lot of shortcomings. With this "Boosting Heaven Pill" to overcome their shortcomings, their cultivation base would definitely improve.

In this period of time, under suitable conditions, Lin Fan would caress their heads to help improve their skill quality. This professional way of imparting skills was definitely magical as well. Lin Fan knew that he had not dug deep enough to drag out the true essence of imparting skill sets to these two. If he had, that would be tremendous.

"Master, please enjoy your meal." Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue entered from outside, propping plates of sumptuous food respectively.

"Hmm," Lin Fan nodded. Usually if he did not leave the house during any meal of the day, the two of them would prepare the food and bring it in.

Other than the house being a little dingy, every other living condition was pretty decent up on this peak.

"Master, this laurel fish was caught up stream by Junior Brother and me! Have a taste, it's delicious!" Zhang Ergou had gotten used to life living up on this peak and as a disciple of Master Lin.

With a routine of cultivating, arse licking, bragging followed by walking around the vicinity of the peak idly, life was pretty decent for Zhang Ergou as well.

Especially since Master Lin treated them pretty decently. While he would give off a slight air of arrogance at times, this was the arrogance that Zhang Ergou respected.

"Here are 2 pills. Consume them after you guys get back. It's useful" Lin Fan tossed over 2 servings of "Boosting Heaven Pill".

Zhang Ergou caught the pill in excitement. He had thought that it was Biggra. But upon discovering the foreign looking pill, he couldn't help but be disappointed.

He had not consumed Biggra for a few days, and was starting to miss it.

Feng Bujue was more knowledgeable than Zhang Ergou. Upon receiving the pill, he could faintly sense energy emitting from it, and realized that this pill was far from ordinary.

"Thank you, Master." Feng Bujue thanked Lin Fan.

"Just help me tidy up the house" Lin Fan replied.

"Yes." Feng Bujue nodded.

At this moment, Zhang Ergou stared at Lin Fan pitifully, unable to decide on his tone, "Master...could I exchange this pill for a Biggra? Look at me! I've lost weight over the past few days. Hopefully...Biggra can boost my system!"

Zhang Ergou was stuck reminiscing about Biggra. While this pill may be extraordinary, if Zhang Ergou had a choice, he'd definitely choose Biggra. After all, that was a pill a man should truly consume.

Domineering, forceful...and full of pleasure.

"This is a godly pill which would give you guys immense benefits. Are you sure you want to exchange it?" Lin Fan was shocked. Upon looking at the earnest begging face of Zhang Ergou, Lin Fan couldn't help but think, "F*ck! Lose weight my f*cking ass. Your house is already full of holes like a f*cking moon crater. I can't even find a proper place to step foot in it. And you still want to continue violating the poor ground?"

Seemed like Biggra really does cause people to turn into crack heads.

"Yes, yes! Exchange...exchange!" Zhang Ergou nodded his head furiously without hesitation, as though being able to exchange for a Biggra was the best deal in the world.

Feng Bujue stared at Zhang Ergou and then at the pill within his palm. He had a stray thought that perhaps even if he exchanged too, it might not necessarily be a loss.

Lin Fan was speechless. Catching sight of Feng Bujue's hesitation, he did not know what to say. What if the two big disciples of the sect were to be addicted to the pleasures of Biggra from now on?

Lin Fan coughed lightly, "Yours Truly has something I need to tell you about. If you're still insistent on changing afterward, Yours Truly will grant your wish"

"Yes!" Zhang Ergou nodded with excitement.

Lin Fan gently closed his eyes, and gazed at the two of them with a deep expression, revealing a look of a well-learnt man.

"The youth do not know the preciousness of essence, and the elder weeps regretfully to the skies."

"When you figure out the meaning of these words, then confirm with me if you still want to make the exchange." Lin Fan had meant every word that he said. If these two weren't his disciples, he wouldn't even give a damn.

Lusting for a partner but unable to get one. And now they had turned into crack heads for Biggra. What an unpleasant future to look forward to.

"Yes, master. I truly understand now. I want to make the exchange." Right as Lin Fan completed his sentence, Zhang Ergou replied without hesitation.

Lin Fan stared at Zhang Ergou and gave up. This was it. If he were to regret it one day, he better not come crying to Yours Truly.

"Fine, get the hell out." Lin Fan chased the two of them out like shooing dogs after tossing them the pills.

This was a goddamn disappointment. These two held zero airs of being disciples of the greatest Yours Truly. If this were to spread out, it'd be disastrous.

"Master, you are indeed the man I respect the most in my entire life" Zhang Ergou was in a state of ecstasy, and ass licked profusely.

"And pass these pills to them tomorrow. Yours Truly is too tired tonight. You guys use them tomorrow as well."


Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue left immediately.

"Senior Brother, what did Master Lin mean by that statement? I'm not clear about it" Feng Bujue recalled Master Lin's words. Although he felt that it must have contained deep wisdom, there were a few words which he could not understand, and thus could not comprehend the meaning.

"How the hell would I know? Our Master is the most powerful person in the world. Just look at the pills he's cultivated today. How powerful! What he said was probably something he realized in his life, and thus felt the need to share it with us. Master must definitely be a man with a deep background. Otherwise, he would not have said such gems of wisdom" Zhang Ergou was filled with pride and stared into the deep night skies. He was proud that he had such a strong man as his backing.

"Oh." Feng Bujue felt that what his Senior Brother said makes sense.

Back in the house, Lin Fan had no idea what to say about his 2 disciples anymore.

Staring at the Biggra in his hands, he wondered what sort of effects this pill truly had to be able to captivate the hearts of Yours Truly's disciples so.

No. Tonight, Yours Truly must definitely give it a try.

'I don't believe that with my firm willpower, I will lose control over it.'

'F*ck it! YOLO. You were made by Yours Truly, don't think that you can control Yours Truly!'

'F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck!' Lin Fan threw a Biggra into his mouth.

Collapsing down into his cross-legged position, Lin Fan took a deep breath. Biggra melted instantly in his mouth into a warm sensation.

"CMON!" Lin Fan sat still and firmly, shouting within his heart.


Not long after, sounds came from within the house.

"F*ck...me. It really IS poisonous..."

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