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 "Lin Fan! I swear that I'm not a Buddha if I don't have you killed...!"

Just as Lin Fan left, he heard those final roars coming forth from the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. As to what happened at that place, he knew nothing about that.

To think that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would actually turn up and even allow Lin Fan that opportunity to frame him properly!

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord striking out to massacre the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland was something that was witnessed by everyone else there; there was nothing to deny that. As to how everything would turn out, Lin Fan did not have to guess at all. But, no matter what, that had nothing to do with him anyway.

Right now, Lin Fan's face was filled with the most spectacular smile as he flew through the void. This feeling was really way too pleasurable! The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was just like a fool. Yours Truly only had to show some tricks and there he was, suffering and unable to do anything about it. It was time to see what else he could come up with in the future.

This time around, he had managed to kill yet another two Master Gods. Initially, there were sixty nine Master Gods; so, that left sixty seven of them now. He definitely had to work harder to get more Master Gods slain. By then, his strength would skyrocket up furiously. What else could actually pose as a problem for him then? And even if anything could, all he had to do about that was to kill a couple more Master Gods then.

Lin Fan checked out his surroundings. This was still a part of the territory occupied by those Master Gods right now. Looking far back into the distance, he caught sight of an intense battle breaking out.

Even though he was such a far distance away, he could even sense out the aura that was emanating from there.

That was the aura of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord and some other Master Gods.

Even though the strength of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was formidable, in the face of this many Master Gods, even he was going to be forced back.

But right at that moment, Lin Fan was suddenly reminded of something.

"Aiyoh, holy f*ck! How can I be so f*cking stupid? The Boundless Future Buddha Lord is fighting against those Master Gods right now! How can I just leave so dumbly?! I must absolutely get into hiding somewhere far in the depths and wait for a chance to launch a sneak attack!"

Suddenly, Lin Fan snapped to his senses. How could he just give up such a wonderful opportunity as such? Wouldn't that be one hell of a pity?

Lin Fan turned his head back; they were still fighting over in the distance. If he were to head back right now, he would still be able to make it in time.

"Even though doing this is extremely risky, Yours Truly is an incredible man who loves to dance on the edge of a sword. While there IS a chance I may cut my legs, the possible rewards for doing so are pretty generous." After contemplating for a moment, Lin Fan decided that he was definitely going back. If he didn't, he would definitely feel immense regret over that decision for life.

Diving into the void, Lin Fan headed back straight in that direction he came from.

However, he knew that he would have to play it safe - he would have to enter his Stealth mode and retract his aura, keeping himself hidden in the void.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was being surrounded and ganged against by a group of Master Gods. The strength of those Master Gods was formidable. While one on one, some of them might not be a match for the Boundless Future Buddha Lord himself, now that they were grouped up, their strength was unimaginable. Even if he was THE Boundless Future Buddha Lord, he might not be able to take all of them down. Not only that, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord did not dare to get ruthless with his moves. After all, he had a cooperative relationship with the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland. If he were to fall out with all of these Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland, everything he had wanted to accomplish would no longer be completed that easily.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was screaming at all of these Master Gods, "What are you guys doing? You have all been deceived by that Indigenous Being! He was the one who had caused everything!"

However, no matter how hard the Boundless Future Buddha Lord tried to explain himself, those Master Gods would have none of it. That was because they had witnessed the Boundless Future Buddha Lord killing their people with their very eyes. Did the Boundless Future Buddha Lord really think that they were blind?

With that single palm strike of his, several thousands of their people had died. Even though those people were nothing more than mere ants in the eyes of the Master Gods, they were still THEIR people at the end of the day, not people that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord could go and massacre.

The five Master Gods present burst forth with a tremendous amount of power, causing the Boundless Future Buddha Lord to defend with a heart filled with fury. His hatred was unceasing toward Lin Fan. Everything was all caused by that darned lad. If not for him, how could something as such have ever happened?

The Great Buddha's Light of Purification...That was an unparalleled mystic skill that could purify all living beings in the world, and also a mystic skill that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord wished to get his hands upon the most. But regrettably, he did not manage to do so.

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord, you slaughtering our people is something that we had witnessed for ourselves. Do you wish to deny that?" The Master Gods demanded fiercely.

Lin Fan remained hidden in the void, his heart filled with glee. That was right! This was the type of effect he had wished for. They should hurry and kill this Boundless Future Buddha Lord so that he could wait out and just reap in the rewards. Yours Truly would just have to sit here in the void obediently and watch the show go on. As long as there was a clear victory in sight, that would be the time for Yours Truly to come out.

This battle between the Boundless Future Buddha Lord and the Master Gods did not seem THAT intense though. Weren't these Master Gods way too cowardly? They should just hurry up and use their ultimate moves! As long as they were to do that, it would be the perfect opportunity for him to start showcasing his talents!

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord sighed out, "Amitabha! We have all been deceived by that Indigenous Being. All of those people were controlled by an unparalleled Immortal Art used by that Indigenous Being, and were no longer the people you guys used to know a long time ago. Otherwise, why else would your Boundless Future Buddha Lord make a move to have them killed?"

Lin Fan looked at this somewhat peaceful situation and felt his heart clench up a little. This wasn't right now! Those Master Gods must not be deceived by that bald monk!

'That IS the fella that had your people killed! You guys HAVE to continue fighting with him so that Yours Truly can actually have a chance of striking out!' Lin Fan thought.

Lin Fan's experience points right now had already received a massive jump after killing many of those Master Gods. If he were to continue working hard like this, his strength would most likely turn even more formidable. By then, that would really be one hell of an awesome state of things.

And indeed, right at that moment, a voice had Lin Fan feeling the pleasure of flying up into the skies.

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord, don't try to lie to us any longer. We were here to witness it for ourselves. How can that not be true? Go to hell!"

The Master Gods had deployed their ultimate moves now as a boundless God Power surged up into the void. This was something that was absolutely eye popping. With that, the powers of all five of those Master Gods were combined together as they struck out at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.


The entire void ruptured out with void currents that were berserk to the point of being practically horrifying.

When Lin Fan caught sight of that scene, his heart leaped with joy - this was the sort of effect that he had wanted! This level of strength was just way too intense! Only, he did not know how things were as a whole.

Looking over, he could tell that the five Master Gods were just duking it out with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Both sides had sustained injuries as the Boundless Future Buddha Lord clutched out at his chest. He then raised his head, revealing a line of blood that was dripping down from the sides of his lips.

As for the five Master Gods, their faces were drained of color as well, looking miserable as one could be.

Instantly, the atmosphere of the entire place felt extremely repressed.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord looked at the five Master Gods, and vice versa.

"This entire affair is truly just a mere misunderstanding. Yet, to think that you guys would choose not to believe in Your Buddha Lord. Now that all of us are severely injured, if that Indigenous Being were to find out about it, he'd most probably just laugh till his entire jaw dropped." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord remarked.

The five Master Gods snorted out coldly, "There's no way that you can deceive us. We were here to witness it for ourselves. How can that not be true?"

At this moment, Lin Fan was merely observing the happenings of the situation. However, his brows started furrowing up. This... didn't make sense! Given the level of strength that was exuded earlier, there shouldn't be any reason why it should cause such a great impact, right?

No, he had better just wait it out more...just in case there was some problem in all of it.