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 "One can never dream about obtaining the cub without facing the tiger. No matter how dangerous this is, I will have to give it a shot. Who knows, I may even get some surprising rewards out of it!" That was the way that Lin Fan thought about things. But, the way that those disciples were talking about things did come across as rather frightening.

And by the looks of that frost, based on psychology studies, that woman must definitely be mental. Lin Fan definitely had to be more careful when it came to meeting such a twisted person.

Without hesitating, Lin Fan dove into the void immediately.

In this World of Frost, there were many living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland that were setting up base here. And, it seemed as though those frosty winds could recognize them as they gusted around them and blew by.

These armies here were huge and majestic. Lin Fan did not step in to strike at them at all, as he did not want to arouse their attention.

This time around, he was only here to scout out things. If things were not that dangerous, he would strike out immediately. But, if they were, he would have to hold it steady and play it safe.

Stealth mode!

While he was moving in Stealth mode, there was no difference whether or not he was in Stealth mode. However, he still felt more at ease when he was moving in Stealth mode. Otherwise, it would always feel as though something was missing.

Soon, Lin Fan arrived at the place where the Frost Intent was the strongest. This was the base of the Emperor Dao Sect.

Right now, that entire base of the Emperor Dao Sect had been occupied. Lin Fan realized that there were many ice sculptures outside the Emperor Dao Sect, all in various weird stances. It was as though they had been frozen up instantaneously and retained the final poses before they died.

"What a bloody sicko!"

Lin Fan could not help but lament over this sight. With the dense cluster of ice sculptures, the entire place had just been turned into an exhibition of ice sculptures entirely. To think that there could be someone with methods as such to be able to freeze everyone up like this! And by the looks of it, no huge fight had happened at this place at all!

This was clearly enough to tell that those people of the Emperor Dao Sect did not have a single chance of fighting back at all!

Right at that moment, an icy cold voice sounded out in the void.

"Yet another fine material for an ice sculpture has appeared..."

The moment Lin Fan heard that voice, he jumped as though he had just seen a ghost. To think that he would bloody be discovered even at this moment! Did she have to be so f*cking strong?

With that, Lin Fan didn't even have to think at all before bolting right into the void, sprinting for his life.

There was no need to even see the other party to know that she was absolutely going to be incredibly strong! He might truly not be a match for her after all!


At times, one should really run if they knew that they couldn't beat the other party in a fight. This was especially the case for an opponent as such. If he were to not run, what could he do? Wait to get abused?

In the blink of an eye, he bolted off, crossing a thousand miles in a single run. But right at that moment, Lin Fan realized that there was already a single voice waiting for him up ahead.

The figure of a woman!


A single glance over and Lin Fan could tell that the aura of the other party was even stronger than the Boundless Future Buddha Lord! Not only that, this aura was extremely cold! Now that they were so near, this was literally bone chilling!

Lin Fan coughed out gently, "Who are you? I'm only passing by here."

The Frost Master God turned around. But when Lin Fan caught sight of that face, he was stunned. "Water Master God...!"


In a flash, that figure disappeared. Next thing Lin Fan knew, she was standing right before his face. In that very moment, Lin Fan suddenly felt a cold, frosty feeling spreading from his chest as he bolted backward right away in astonishment.

He was absolutely alarmed right now. 'Such speed!'

The Frost Master God looked at Lin Fan. "You've met my sister before..."

The moment Lin Fan heard that, he froze for a moment. The Water Master God was the sister of this sicko right here?

Then, he could absolutely not let her know about the way he had abused the Water Master God to death so miserably! There was no wonder now why this Frost Master God looked so similar to that Water Master God!

However, what Lin Fan could not understand was how the difference in strength between the Water Master God and the Frost Master God could be this huge! This was practically a world of a difference!

Just as Lin Fan was hesitating, the aura of the Frost Master God turned even sharper. All the snowflakes floating out in the void suddenly turned into snow crystals, dipping the temperature even lower, such that even the void seemed as though it was freezing up.

"You've met my sister before?"

The ice cold voice traveled out once more, even colder than it was before.

Lin Fan's heart froze up before he let out a frightened expression. "I don't dare to say anything. I'm afraid I may be killed after I say it."

The eyes of the Frost Master God turned icy. "If you don't say it, I'll kill you."

Lin Fan looked over at the Frost Master God before speaking up, "The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was the one who had her killed."

Right now, the Frost Master God was silent. Lin Fan did not know what exactly was going on. But no matter what, she should give a reply at least, right?

In a split second, the aura of the Frost Master God was locked onto Lin Fan. "You're lying..."

Lin Fan started to cuss out at her mother in his heart right away. However, the words that he said out were just like water splashed over. No matter what, he was going to lay the blame onto the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Otherwise, he swore that his surname wouldn't be Lin anymore.

"I'm not...!" Lin Fan looked at the Frost Master God straight in her eye, without any bit of fear in his heart.

"Hmph! Courting death...!" The Frost Master God's body flashed out as she appeared before Lin Fan instantly, bursting forth with a frosty aura. Lin Fan discovered to his horror that his entire body was showing signs of freezing up!



His entire body was being covered by the frost such that he was unable to escape at all.

Lin Fan could finally feel what all those people were talking about earlier on. The powers within his body were genuinely starting to congeal right now such that he couldn't channel them at all!

The Frost Master God looked at Lin Fan. "The consequences of telling a lie is death!"

Lin Fan tried his hardest best to fight against the frost. However, there was nothing he could do about it. He then roared out, "Why do you refuse to believe me!"

"The Boundless Future Buddha Lord does not have the guts..."

Holy f*ck!

Just that single reply was something that rendered Lin Fan entirely speechless. To think that he couldn't find any words to refute that statement at all!

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was craftier than anyone else, and had an extremely formidable might. But, to think that in the eyes of the Frost Master God, the bald monk didn't have the guts to do that! Just what sort of might and prowess should one possess to have that sort of confidence level?

At this moment, Lin Fan did not have much time to waste considering other stuff. His body was gradually being frozen up, and if he did not come up with any plan soon, he would definitely turn into an ice sculpture.

Pills Through Thought!

Lin Fan's palm suddenly burst forth with a ball of flames. The heat from that fire caused the layer of frost to melt away instantly. At the same time, the powers in his body started channeling out once more.

The face of the Frost Master God was perplexed, as though she could not believe that this Indigenous Being was able to melt her frost!

Lin Fan bolted far away from the Frost Master God instantly. The strength of that woman was truly sick indeed, and there was no way for him to comprehend those powers she had over frost. There was no wonder why the entire world was being affected by the frost that she was producing!

He definitely had to think up of a way to escape this place no matter what.

The strength of this woman was far stronger than the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Even though she was not at the Heavenly Lord state just yet, in Lin Fan's opinion, this woman was probably a mere step away from attaining that coveted state.

And just as Lin Fan was busy contemplating about these things, the void trembled furiously. In the blink of an eye, two icicles shot out such that there was no time for anyone to react at all.


Those two icicles pierced right through Lin Fan's shoulders as those two gaping holes started oozing out fresh blood. On the surface of the skin, a layer of frost started to eat out at his body.

"So strong...!" Lin Fan knew that he was definitely no match for this woman here. Lighting up Pills Through Thought, the flame burnt up as he slapped out at both gaping holes on his shoulders, purging away that frost that was setting in. The life force within his body started to burst forth right away, healing up the wounds repeatedly.

"Since you've lied, you can just go to hell then." The Frost Master God scoffed out coldly, and right after that, the frost from the void started to go wild and berserk. To think that the entire world would start freezing over immediately as the froze extended outward, blocking away Lin Fan's path of escape.

Looking around the entire place, Lin Fan's heart clenched. 'It's over!'

The void around the entire world started freezing over with a 'krrrrrk' sound and converged down, forcing everything down onto this corner where he was standing.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed out. He definitely had to think up of a plan.

"I'LL TELL YOU THE TRUTH...!" At this critical juncture, he howled out loudly. With that, the surrounding frost stopped freezing over immediately. "Speak."

Lin Fan looked at the Frost Master God. "I can tell you the truth, but you must let me out of this place."

With a cold and frosty tone, the Frost Master God replied, "Alright."

Lin Fan shook his head. "No! You've got to swear on it."

With that, the brows of the Frost Master God knitted up, evidently displeased over this suggestion.

"If you can't even agree to that request, you can kill me right away then. But, you will never ever know who killed your sister."

The Frost Master God looked at Lin Fan carefully. "Alright, I, the Frost Master God shall swear to the Master of Chaos...As long as you tell the truth, I'm not going to kill you today, and will allow you to leave. If I renege on that promise, my Godhead will be destroyed."


Instantly, the entire world boomed with a deafening sound - her oath had been made.

It was only at that moment that Lin Fan knew that this was the Frost Master God. To think that her might would be this formidable.

"Speak now." The Frost Master God spoke up.

Lin Fan looked at the Frost Master God calmly before saying out carefully.

"Actually, I was the one who killed her..."