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 A few days later, Lin Fan got to know about an alarming piece of news.

One of the nine sects - the Emperor Dao Sect - had been destroyed, and their disciples were all fleeing away. The Northern region had completely turned into a land of frost. In Lin Fan's mind, this was something that was absolutely incredulous. While the Emperor Dao Sect might have been the weakest of the nine sects, there was no reason why they could have been destroyed at such a speed!

And to his greatest bewilderment, it was the fact that that vast area up in the North had been covered completely with frost!

It didn't take long before Lin Fan was summoned over by the Old Master.

In the depths of the sect...

Upon arriving, Lin Fan asked out hurriedly, "Old Master, just what in the world happened?"

Geng Yangtian's face was grim right now. "I also just got the news that the Emperor Dao Sect had been destroyed entirely. For some absurd reason, the entire Northern region is completely covered with frost. When all of the surrounding smaller sects realized the changes, they managed to withdraw from the area in time. In my opinion, this must be the work of one of the Master Gods from the Moon Shadow Mainland."

"I don't think so, right? If it were a Master God of the Moon Shadow Mainland, how was it that we did not notice and hear anything at all?" Lin Fan could not believe it. How could any of the Master Gods from the Moon Shadow Mainland possess such incredible abilities to actually freeze up the entire Northern region without anyone noticing until it was all too late?

Geng Yangtian shook his head. "I've got no idea, but the situation doesn't look optimistic at all. I'm afraid that the Moon Shadow Mainland must have already started invading in from the North, and is going to turn that entire place into their base. All the other living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland from the other areas have already withdrawn back as well. This means that they truly must have managed to breach into our main grounds. To think that we've only realized it at this point in time. It's too late now."

Lin Fan wanted to go check it out, because in his opinion, this was something that should have been impossible. Just what sort of a Master God could possibly possess such capabilities? This was absolutely incredulous.

"Old Master, I wish to go check it out." Lin Fan said.

The issue with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was already a huge headache for Lin Fan. And now, there was another sicko like this coming from the Moon Shadow Mainland. If this were something caused by a group of people, then so be it. But, if it truly were a single Master God, then that was going to be really horrifying.

Geng Yangtian was a little worried. "This might get really dangerous. I'd suggest for you not to."

Lin Fan waved it off with his hand. "If I don't head over, we will never ever find out what's going on at that side. Don't worry! Even if I can't win against the other party, saving my own neck wouldn't be an issue at all."

Eventually, Geng Yangtian did not say anything more, and Lin Fan rushed over to the North.

Han Juntian spoke up at this moment, "Old Master, let me go as well then. If anything untoward were to happen, at least we can cover for one another."

Geng Yangtian nodded his head. In the records of the sect, there had never been a precedence for something like this. Therefore, they truly had no idea what was going on.

Lin Fan left the sect and rushed over to the North.

A few days later...

As Lin Fan arrived at the area, he was totally astounded by the sight that greeted him.

The entire sky was snow white, without an end in sight. Chilling winds gusted and howled out across the Heaven and Earth.

Landing on the ground, Lin Fan stepped a foot into the frost.


With that, he felt an ice cold typhoon ripping out at him.

"So cold!" Lin Fan's brows furrowed. His Physical Body State was already rather accomplished, and yet, he could fully feel and experience the coldness that was brought forth by that wind.

Lin Fan did not linger on as he continued pushing forward.

A long time later...

He caught sight of a group of people walking in this World of Frost. By the looks of it, they seemed as though they were about to die.

"Who are you guys?" Lin Fan descended down from the void and asked.

The group of people were wearing the same set of uniform - they should be disciples from the same sect. However, all of their bodies were covered with a thick layer of frost as they shivered uncontrollably.

When one's strength was cultivated to such a state, they should have long been able to disregard the changes of the weather. But, to think that these people could be frozen by a layer of frost right now; that was something truly incredible!

When those people first caught sight of someone actually appearing before them, they were shocked. But, after realizing that it was someone from the Endless Mainland, they broke out in shivering voices, "S-Save us...W-we a-are disciples...of the...Emperor Dao S-Sect..."

Looking at how weak the auras of these people here were, Lin Fan knew that if he did not step in to save them, they were most likely just going to die here.

Those frightfully pale faces of theirs started flushing with a tender redness as their auras started rising back once more, helping their voice get clearer as well.

"Thank you!" The masses shouted out in gratitude. They did not know what was happening the entire time. They had the ability to fly; however, when they were up in the void, they started to realize that the icy winds blowing out at them were getting stronger and colder with time, causing their powers to seem frozen up. Hence, they could not do anything at all.

Eventually, they had no other choice but to walk manually. At the start, it was still tolerable, but as time slipped by, their movements started to get sluggish as though they were freezing up as well. With no way out, they were just trawling their feet ahead one step after another.

"I am from the Heaven and Earth Sect. Just what in the world has the Emperor Dao Sect met with? How has this entire Northern region turned as such?" Lin Fan's heart was filled with questions.

"Woman..." The leader of the group of disciples answered with a single word.

"Woman?" Lin Fan was stunned. What had all of this got to do with women?

When that disciple spoke of the woman, his entire face was filled with shock as though he had just seen the scariest thing in the world.

"That woman was way too horrifying! Wherever she passed by, the entire place would be frozen up! The elders, Grandmaster, and even Old Masters of the sect were no match for her! Before they could even see the other party make any moves, they were frozen up into ice sculptures! Noticing how everything didn't seem right, we broke off into a run immediately. However, that woman didn't seem bothered about us in the slightest bit. Otherwise, there was no way we could run out at all if she was bent on killing us!" That disciple answered in shock. He had not expected that there could possibly be such a terrifying existence out in this world.

By the time that woman had arrived at the Emperor Dao Sect, the entire world was turned into a World of Frost. Despite their elders and Grandmaster deploying their strongest mystic skills ever, that woman didn't even budge a single inch! With just a single glance, she caused the Grandmaster and the others to freeze up entirely.

Lin Fan frowned. Could this really be a Master God of the Moon Shadow Mainland? However, which Master God could it be to possess such horrifying strength and might?

Those Old Masters of the Emperor Dao Sect were no ordinary people - they were all Immortal King state beings! This was especially the case for Old Master Emperor Immortal. He was someone who wasn't weaker than Geng Yangtian at all. But, to think that he could have been frozen with just a single look of the other party - this was totally inconceivable!

But at that point, Lin Fan's thought suddenly moved to a startling realization - could that woman be of the Heavenly Lord state?

But, that shouldn't be the case. If there were a powerful being of the Heavenly Lord state on the side of the Moon Shadow Mainland, she should have mowed the entire path over from the beginning. Things would not have even had a chance to get to this state.

Lin Fan planned on going to take a peek sneakily. "You guys head over to the Heaven and Earth Sect first. It's safer there for the time being."

"Are you going to head forth?" One of the disciples asked.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head.

"I'd advise you not to head up, honestly. That horrifying woman is not the only thing there. All the other living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland are there as well. There's completely no hope for you to head over at all. At the same time, your powers will start to freeze up in this chilling frost, causing you to get frozen by it eventually."

Against Lin Fan, the frost had no effect at all. Therefore, he disregarded it completely, waving it off with his hand. "You guys just leave first."

Looking at how insistent he was about going forward, they did not try to persuade him out of it anymore.

After the masses left, Lin Fan looked at the distance as his mind started to whirl. Seemed like the situation WAS rather dangerous right now.