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 A single glance over and Lin Fan could tell that this pitch black object was crawling away extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it was several miles away as though it had teleported.

"Doomsday Calamity!"

Lin Fan roared out as a Doomsday Calamity aura burst out behind him like a waterfall, blanketing the entire Heaven and Earth. He then hurled out a single punch that brought forth an unrivaled might.


He had not expected that the powers of these guys would be this sinister, such that they could have dozens of thousands of disciples killed without anyone noticing at all. That was way too terrifying!

When the Doomsday aura burst forth, a tremendous might descended down from the skies, slamming toward that pitch black object.

All of a sudden, a shrill, sharp sound reverberated through the entire void as that black object suddenly came to a stop. Under the bewildered watch of Lin Fan, he witnessed how that pitch black object suddenly began to converge down and shrink before disappearing from the world entirely. This was a scene that had him feeling extremely befuddled, not knowing what was going on at all. He could not help but start to get cautious.

For that gigantic black mass to just suddenly disappear without a trace, that was something seeming pretty impossible in his mind.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan discovered a black dot staining his body.


He would never ever forget what that was - he had seen these black dots on the bodies of those disciples and Old Master Yu Ling.

All of a sudden, the number of black dots starting increasing until they enveloped Lin Fan entirely. When he took a closer look at those black dots, he started to realize that they were actually some extremely disturbing looking black insects!

'Ding... Experience Points +1'

The notification of the System rang out: this was an increase of his Physical Body State's experience points.

Those skittering black insects were trying to attack him at this very moment.

"Courting death!"

All of a sudden, Lin Fan's entire body was covered out with a fiery, blazing flame that incinerated those black insects to death right away. Under the ferocious blaze, all of those black insects gave off extremely miserable screeches; those sounds were crisp, yet somewhat sunken and hollow at the same time.

One after another, bunches of them peeled off him and dropped down before burning into ashes completely and scattering out into the face of the world.

"Come out! Just who in the world are you?" Lin Fan focused his gaze at the void and hollered out fiercely.

Right now, he had finally understood the reason why all of those disciples had died without being able to put up a fight at all. It was only after those insects landed on his body that Lin Fan had realized their existences. If that was the case even for him, there was naturally no way that those disciples could have avoided it at all.

His Physical Body State was extremely formidable, such that he was able to defend against the attacks of those black insects. But, if it were those disciples, they might be able to do nothing except get bitten.

"To think that there would be an Indigenous Being that can actually withstand the attacks of my lovely children."

At that moment, the entire void quivered out as a lone figure came into Lin Fan's vision.

Narrowing his gaze, Lin Fan could tell that despite having a humanoid shape, that figure was not human.

There were six insect feelers extending out of its back, with an entire body of armor. However, the color of that armor was changing continuously, and seemed as though it was pulsating. Only when he inspected it keenly did Lin Fan realize it was an armor completely made up of those insects!

"Just who in the world are you?" Lin Fan asked.

"Haha... Indigenous Being! Remember this now, Your Master God is the Insect Race Master God." The Insect Race Master God floated gently up in the void and spoke with a booming voice. At the same time, there was an extremely chilling aura that was sinister beyond anything else.

"Insect Race Master God, is it?" Lin Fan asked softly before observing the other. The strength of this Insect Race Master God was not as formidable as that of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Yet, his attacks must be extremely crafty as well. Lin Fan felt that he should be careful against this guy.

But, whether or not this Insect Race Master God was someone with crafty methods, the outcome of this meet up was already determined - he would have to die no matter what.

"All of you Indigenous Beings are just way too weak. Earlier on, all of those Indigenous Beings were devoured whole by my children. One of them is coming to my mind ever clearer now... Ah, that Immortal King state powerful being! Far too weak... Even at his death, he did not even know how he died. That is truly pathetic." The Insect Race Master God laughed out. But each time he laughed, that menacing insect mouth would cause one to feel repulsed with its opening.



Lin Fan stomped down, furiously slamming out at the Insect Race Master God. As he used his Immortal Art to suppress down, a bright burst of light shone out, bringing forth an unparalleled force that struck out with a boundless intent at this moment.

"Indigenous Being, stop with your futile efforts. You will never be able to win against me in battle." The Insect Race Master God snorted out coldly as he opened his mouth out widely, sending forth a huge Insect Sea gushing out. Wherever that Insect Sea passed by, even the void was corroded.

On the other side, Lin Fan took out his Eternal Axe, sending a radiant axe flash searing through the place. Splitting the entire Heaven with a single cleave of his axe, he slammed it down at the Insect Sea. After being cleaved apart by Lin Fan, the Blood Qi of the Insect Sea did not dissipate out in the void. Instead, it continued sizzling before flowing out just like water and wrapping up Lin Fan from all directions.

"Insect Sea!"

The Insect Race Master God howled out with a shrill voice as those six insect feelers were wriggling angrily. The Blood Qi of those insects that were spilled out earlier on wrapped Lin Fan up entirely. The Power of Corrosion within it was exceptionally horrifying.

Lin Fan laughed out coldly as he bolted out, piercing through that entire Insect Sea and rushing right for the Insect Race Master God.

"How could this be!" The Insect Race Master God was alarmed, evidently filled with disbelief. How could the other party just disregard the Blood Qi of his Insect race entirely?

"GO TO HELL!" The entire void exploded out as a formidable might burst forth from Lin Fan's body. Slamming out at the Heavens with a single palm, he locked the Insect Race Master God down entirely, not giving it the slightest chance of escape.

"Insect Armor!"

A dense number of insects started floating out of the armor that he was wearing before converging into the shape of a shield, blocking off Lin Fan's escape path.

"Insect Race Master God, I've overestimated you. Is this all that you've got?" Lin Fan scoffed out frostily as the Source of Power within his body gushed out, boiling with a bubbling sound while his powers rose rapidly. An aura that seemed capable of devastating everything erupted out of Lin Fan and slammed forth at that Insect Armor.


A boundless power burst forth, causing a series of shockwaves to ripple out with the Insect Armor as the center.

The face of the Insect Race Master God took a stark change, evidently in disbelief. He had just felt a power that was impossible to defend against bolting out at him.


The Insect Armor started to crack out just like a spider web.



The number of cracks was increasing as though it could shatter at any moment.

"INSECT RACE MASTER GOD, GO TO HELL!" Lin Fan roared out as his powers gushed forth from within, shattering the Insect Armor completely. A beam of light penetrated it and struck out on the bare body of the Insect Race Master God.

All of those insects that were shrouding the body of the Insect Race Master God were shrieking out shrilly as an opening was torn apart in it. To think that even the God Core of the Insect Race Master God could be seen through it!


The Insect Race Master God flew backward as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He then raised his head and glared right at Lin Fan with a look filled with absolute incredulity.

"Indigenous Being, you...!" The Insect Race Master God could not imagine everything that had happened right now. He could not dare to believe that this Indigenous Being could actually strike through his Insect Armor and injure him!

In his mind, this was something that seemed absolutely impossible!

But, when the reality was laid bare before him like this, he had no other choice but to believe in it. At that moment, the Insect Race Master God was even having thoughts of escaping.

He had been too careless.

It was a mistake to belittle the strength of this Indigenous Being.