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 Heavenly River Mountains!

This was the most important line of defense in the entire Endless Mainland, and was guarded over by Old Master Yu Ling leading the charge with the other disciples. At the back of the Heavenly River Mountains were cities which were heavily populated by mortals. If the Heavenly River Mountains were to be breached, the lives of those mortals were as good as gone as well.

Even though mortals were not really people who would be regarded seriously by cultivators, the fact still lay that mortals were practically the roots of every single sect. If all the mortals were gone, every single sect out there would eventually edge toward extinction. After all, no sect could live and last forever without the infusion of fresh blood.

At that moment, Lin Fan floated gently between the Heaven and Earth.

"So, these are the Heavenly River Mountains." Looking at that majestic wall before him, Lin Fan let out a startled expression. For them to be able to build such a grand wall in the short period of time that they had after the Moon Shadow Mainland had invaded was something truly impressive indeed.

The reason why he was here this time around was exactly to kill those Master Gods. There were only a limited number of Master Gods available from the Moon Shadow Mainland. Bumping into one of them would be considered rather lucky for Lin Fan right now.

On the wall stood many disciples. While all of them were facing the direction of the invasion from the Moon Shadow Mainland, they just stood there absolutely motionlessly.

"Old Master Yu Ling?" Landing on the wall, Lin Fan found out that Old Master Yu Ling was standing there at this moment as well. However, because things didn't seem quite right, Lin Fan stepped forth and patted him on his shoulders.

But, to his astonishment, Old Master Yu Ling collapsed onto the ground face front as though he had lost every single bit of consciousness!

"Old Master Yu Ling...!"

Lin Fan's face changed as he put on his guard right away. However, the entire place was eerily silent; there wasn't even a single breathing sound was to be heard, and all one could hear was the cricketing sounds of insects.

A cold wind breezed by.

Instantly, those disciples that were standing on the walls were knocked over by the wind and collapsed face front! Bubbles of sticky liquid oozed out from all over their bodies. It gave off an extremely pungent and choking smell that was repulsive to the maximum.

"Just what in the world is going on here?" Lin Fan squatted down and touched the body of Old Master Yu Ling. However, with just a slight push, his entire body deflated in! Shredding the clothes off the back of Old Master Yu Ling, Lin Fan discovered black bugs the size of his fingernails that were crawling all over his skin. At his nape was a hole that looked as though an object had punctured its way into the body and sucked out all of the meat and flesh within, leaving nothing but a skin cover.

Lin Fan scanned the entire area left and right, trying to see if there were any survivors remaining. Right at that moment, a single voice traveled over.

"S-Senior Brother...! Please... save... me..."

Far in the distance, a single disciple wobbled over.

Lin Fan rushed right over and helped him up. "Just what in the world is going on here?"

The scene right here was simply way too horrifying. Old Master Yu Ling was an Immortal King! While he wasn't the strongest out of all of them, there was no reason why he should just die like that without making a single peep or letting them know of anything! Not only that, there were no signs of a battle breaking out around them at all. Just how in the world did they die then?

"Senior... brother...! Please save... me...!" The voice of that disciple was hoarse as a green liquid oozed out from the sides of his mouth. There were tiny black spots squirming in his eyes as he entire face started grimacing while the back of his head was being contorted.



The sounds of bones cracking arose.

Slapping his palm onto the body of this disciple, Lin Fan sent lifeforce gushing right into him. However, in the blink of an eye, his eyes shone with a weird glint. Lin Fan had discovered that the body of this disciple was completely empty within. Every single organ was gone, and hell, even his blood was nearly drained completely. The reason why he was able to endure till now was probably that there was some foreign organism that was still devouring his body.

"Sen...ior...bro...ther...! Save...me...!"

The face of that disciple looked more horrific by the moment as that body of his twisted and distorted repulsively.


Suddenly, a single black spike burst out of his chest.

With that, the final bit of light in the eyes of this disciple disappeared entirely. However, his lips were still twitching out as though he was still trying to beg out with that final cry for help.

"Just who in the world...?" Right now, Lin Fan's face was totally dark and bewildered at the same time. Everything was way too sinister in here.

He then walked up furiously and spread out his palm before grabbing out at that black spike. Pulling it out violently, he roared, "COME ON OUT...!"

Suddenly, thin little bristles of hair sprouted out of that black spike, wanting to pierce Lin Fan's palm right away. However, given his strength, there was no way those spikes could possibly succeed.


Tearing it out of that body in a swift motion, Lin Fan discovered in surprise that this was just a black spike. However, there were many tiny, sharp claws lining it; at the same time, there was a pair of green eyes on the tip of the spike.

"Is it the Insect race?"

Lin Fan wasn't too confident about that guess. This was extremely different from the Insect race beings that he had come across before in the past.


He broke it with a single squeeze, causing an unknown liquid to spill out onto the ground.

There were dozens of thousands of disciples that were keeping guard over the Heavenly River Mountains. Furthermore, Old Master Yu Ling was holding the fort. Just what sort of a Master God from the Moon Shadow Mainland could it be that could possess such capabilities to have Old Master Yu Ling killed without anyone noticing it at all?

And by the looks of it, that black spike really did seem as though it belonged to something from the Insect race.

Lin Fan took out his jade token and transmitted a trace of his consciousness back.

"Heavenly River Mountains has been breached. Old Master Yu Ling and the other disciples died through unknown means. Old Masters, you guys need to pay attention to this."



Lin Fan dove into the void and scanned his surroundings carefully. To think that there was no aura at all! Just where in the world did those fellas go off to? For them to breach the Heavenly River Mountains, there was definitely no way they were going to head back just like that. Furthermore, there were countless human cities in a radius of a million miles around this area. Where in the world could they have gone to?

Looking at the sight beneath him, Lin Fan felt his heart clench up slightly. Seemed like the invasion of the Moon Shadow Mainland was not as simple as he had thought of it to be - the bloodshed caused was going to be endless.


Lin Fan's body trembled, sending forth a mighty aura as an unparalleled Sword Will streaked out of his body. He then pointed out with his finger casually, sending thousands of Sword Wills slicing out through the Heavens, locking the entire region of the Heavenly River Mountains.

Even though those Sword Wills would not be able to stop Master Gods, as long as anyone were to pass through, he would be able to sense it.

Essence Spirit Doppelganger!

Instantly, the entire sky was filled with a dense army of Lin Fans. All of those were his Essence Spirit Doppelgangers.

"GO HUNT THEM OUT...!" Lin Fan bellowed out as his Essence Spirit Doppelgangers got to work immediately, scattering in all directions.

Standing there, Lin Fan waited patiently. This Master God was most likely not simple to deal with; he would have to be careful himself as well. However, it might be hard for him to save all of those cities.


Suddenly, one of his Essence Spirit Doppelgangers sent out a signal from the Southeast direction! At the same time, that Essence Spirit Doppelganger had disappeared all of a sudden. Evidently, it must have been done in by the other side.

Lin Fan did not think twice as he bolted toward the Southeast direction. As long as he were to find the other side, he would definitely have them killed for real.

He leaped through one city after another up in the sky.

And indeed, it was just as Lin Fan had thought - none of them could be salvaged. All of those mortals were just standing there absolutely motionlessly. However, their life force was gone completely by now - evidently, they must have met the other side.

"Found them...!"

At that moment, Lin Fan caught sight of a pitch black object that was pulsating out rapidly. Every single place it passed, the entire area was left barren, without a single bit of life left.