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 Chapter 112: It Pains Yours Truly So.

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

In this hot, sunny afternoon, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue squatted at a rock nearby and stared with troubled eyes at the sight of their Master and Ye Shaotian chatting happily in the distance.

"Junior Disciple, your Junior Master will send you off till here. If you ever experience any unhappiness in the outer sect, feel free to come over for a short stay with Yours Truly" Lin Fan said happily.

"Sure thing, Junior Master Lin, sure thing! I'll take my leave now!" Ye Shaotian harbored zero hatred or negativity towards Lin Fan. All he had was gratitude and affection.

To Ye Shaotian, Junior Master Lin was such a sincere and genuine elder. He would have to be a beast or animal to harbor any hatred towards such a wonderful man.

"Have a safe trip home, Junior Disciple! If there's a lack of pills, let me know anytime!"

"Yes! Goodbye Junior Master!"


Upon seeing Ye Shaotian's figure disappear into the distance, the once calm face of Lin Fan momentarily revealed a despicable smile.

If one were to ask who was the best actor in this world, it'd definitely be Yours Truly.

Looking at the two still figures staring at him, Lin Fan waved his hand and beckoned, "Come."

The two of them hurried over instantly.

"Master! You are indeed the man I respect the most in my life! Just a small little tactic and you could win over the high and mighty Ye Shaotian's loyalty in an instant!" Zhang Ergou asslicked Lin Fan earnestly. It was as though the entire world was just filled with the sounds of Zhang Ergou's licks.

Feng Bujue turned around, and upon looking the same path Ye Shaotian left from, shook his head helplessly. It seemed like Ye Shaotian would be in the palms of Master henceforth.

To Fan Bujue, what he felt was also a sense of excitement. He awaited the day when Ye Shaotian would finally join Master Lin. At that time, Fan Bujue would hold seniority towards Ye Shaotian. The thought of this filled Feng Bujue with some anticipation.

Lin Fan turned and glared at Zhang Ergou, "What tactics! This is the genuine emotions and sincerity of Yours Truly! Make sure you understand, and remember henceforth: There are no eternal enemies in this world. As long as you have a generous heart, you'd be able to touch everyone!"

"Yes! Your sentence makes absolute sense, Master! I will do well to record it deep in my heart and to use it as a tradition in my family in the future, so that it can be passed down for generations!" Zhang Ergou produced a pen and paper from thin air, and scribbled it down intensely.

"Hais..." Lin Fan sighed, understanding the possibility that he might just sink within these sweet nothings of Zhang Ergou in the future.

If Zhang Ergou had been born with slightly more decent features, he might not have had to mix in with the servant disciples.

Just this thick skin of his, this a*s licking skill... Even Lin Fan had to acknowledge him for it.

"Alright. The two of you, go ahead and prepare for a trip down the peak with Yours Truly. I've got a mission for you guys. Whether our sect flourishes depends on this!" An air of dominance rose over Lin Fan as he stared into the distance, into those skies filled with hopes and dreams. Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue felt the seriousness and followed suit, they stared into the distance with a pair of serious eyes.

A cool breeze blew by, bringing along some leaves floating within it.


Foot of Nameless Peak: Trading Area of the Outer Sect Disciples.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue stood there puzzled, wondering what Master Lin was up to.

"Master, what are we supposed to do?" Zhang Ergou had initially thought that Master Lin was bringing them for a wild experience. But little did he expect the three of them to be standing there, doing nothing at all.

Lin Fan took out a large flag he had prepared earlier and handed it over to Zhang Ergou. With a deep expression in his eyes, he stared at them, "Yours Truly has pill cultivation skills beyond anyone else. Now that our sect is expanding, of course we have to spread our name. So, you two stay here and advertise!"

"Pill cultivation services on Nameless Peak! Reasonable price with good yield! 3 sets of ingredients for a pill! Just 10% for labor charges!" Lin Fan instructed.

"Ahhh...!" Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue stared at Lin Fan and slapped their own thighs as they realized what was happening. Right! Saint Devil Sect was not really known after all. Even within Glory Sect, no one really had any idea of the existence of the sect itself! Since Master Lin had such incredible pill cultivating skills, naturally they'd need to bring more people's attention towards themselves!

"But...but master! We're only charging 10%? Isn't that way too cheap! I heard that Danding Peak collects a minimum of 60% for labor fees! And even the lowest charge for ingredients comes at 10 sets!" Feng Bujue asked.

3 sets of ingredients for a pill. Wasn't that efficiency rate way too high?! And the profits earned were simply too low!

Just at this moment, the two of them realized that the tension in the air had changed. Furthermore, the look on Master Lin's face was one of a pained man.

"Danding Peak is just completely exploiting our disciples! Do you know how much trials and tribulations our outer sect disciples have to go through to obtain these ingredients? And to...to have them exploited by others! Yours Truly could never stoop this low! Alright, enough, I'll await your good news back home!" Lin Fan swished his robes and headed back towards Nameless Peak.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue exchanged looks. "Junior Brother, do you believe what Master Lin said?"

"Do you?" Feng Bujue reversed the question.

"Master Lin is the greatest idol of my life. But every single word he says, I believe it... not at all." Zhang Ergou replied.

"Senior Brother, I believe in our Master. I'll let him know of your reply the moment we get back" Feng Bujue looked at Zhang Ergou and replied.

Zhang Ergou's expression took a turn for the worse, exuding disappointment, "Junior Brother, you've...changed."

"Senior brother, so have you."

"Shut the crap and lets advertise"


Back at Nameless Peak, Lin Fan entered his cultivation state. The few locations in the "Treasure Map of the Seven Saints", Lin Fan already knew where they were. He was now lacking just an opportunity to enter the danger grounds for a proper exploration.

Even the Lin Fan of today dared not step out of the sect casually. Who knew what dangers awaited him out in the world. If he were to meet a heavenly foe and be killed with a single slap, who could he cry and complain to?

So, it'd be best to properly cultivate his level first.

Upon mastering "Tidal Push", it would possess nine folds of force. He would do good to not waste any more time and get straight to it.

Lin Fan gently closed his eyes, and as though he was slapping mosquitoes, he stretched out his hands and began slapping the air.

"Ding...Congratulations on increasing "Tidal Push" experience points"


By just simply slapping out, the experience points of "Tidal Push" began increasing. Goodness, learning any martial art was simply just too easy for Lin Fan, posing not even the slightest bit of challenge.

"Ding... Congratulations on leveling "Tidal Push". It now has 2 folds of force."


"Ding... Congratulations on leveling "Tidal Push". It now has 3 folds of force."


While Lin Fan was going through with his boring cultivation, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were instead having a heated advertising campaign.

Both of them had the utmost confidence towards Master Lin's pill cultivating skills. Nothing else, just Biggra was something that only someone extraordinary could have created.

But the situation ahead did not seem to go the way they had planned for it to.