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 Lin Fan looked at the Southern Demon Immortal King and noticed that his eyes were looking somewhat strange, "Southern Demon Immortal King, do you have any difficulties that you have trouble sharing? If you truly do have them, please share it with me. I think you will find me to be an extremely understanding man."

Looking at the expression on Lin Fan's face right now, the Southern Demon Immortal King felt that there was an extremely high chance that he would end up in the same state as the Truth Immortal King if he did not give a satisfactory answer today. As an Immortal King, he was naturally not afraid of anyone else. But, when he thought about how this person could even stab the Truth Immortal King to death just like that and yet sustain zero injuries altogether, that was evident that he was far from normal.

Even though the attitude of the other party seemed as though he was making a request right now, that was a mix of arrogance within his expression as well. It really did seem as though if he didn't accede to the other's request, this guy was going to go onto a massacring spree.

After contemplating for a moment, the Southern Demon Immortal King declared righteously, "Since the Endless Mainland is going through a dire crisis right now, how could I possibly sit by and watch idly as an Immortal King? For this matter, be at ease...I will definitely come out of my hermit isolation to lend my hand of assistance."

Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. "Ah, Southern Demon Immortal King! You're truly a man understanding the world! That's right! Now that the Endless Mainland is on the brink of being infiltrated, how can Immortal Kings just place themselves out of the situation? Come, let's go! We'll leave this place right away!"

"Hold on!" Immediately, the Southern Demon Immortal King paused before his face softened down. "Recently, I have been in the midst of cultivating an Immortal Art. Once that Immortal Art of mine is completed, even those Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland will definitely not be a match for me. Now that those Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland have yet to appear, this grants me a few days of respite to work at it. How about waiting for the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland to appear before I come forth and join in the fray? What do you think about that?"

Lin Fan looked at the Southern Demon Immortal King warily. "I sniff the aura of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord around. Are you... thinking of not going? Or perhaps you're trying to lie to me!"

"No, absolutely not! Regarding this affair, I, the Southern Demon Immortal King, can definitely not sit by idly and do nothing!" The Southern Demon Immortal King said loudly. However, he was feeling a little enraged in his heart right now, just that there was no way to vent that feeling of frustration. If this were anyone else, he would have long crushed the other party. But, this man before him was extremely dangerous, and not one to trifle with. He had to play it safe; based on what he had witnessed, the risk of ruffling the feathers of this man before him was way too high. It was still best for him to avoid conflicts.

"Then, what do you mean by that?" Lin Fan asked again.

"Based on what I know, there are a couple of Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland that possess an incredible amount of strength, and are definitely not beings that I can go against at this moment. If I could only cultivate my Immortal Art successfully in this period of time, I will have a greater amount of confidence toward this affair. Therefore, at such a critical juncture, I cannot waste even a single drop of time. But rest assured, even though I'm not going forth right now, I will have my Black Heavens Demon King lead a huge army to answer your call for fighters on the frontline." The Southern Demon Immortal King said, then lifted his finger. Right away, a torrential wave burst forth from that peaceful ocean surface, with an extremely horrifying aura seeping out of it.

Lin Fan narrowed his gaze over and discovered that there was a huge vortex that had appeared on the surface of the ocean. It was so deep that one could not make out the depths of it as it exuded forth an extremely chilling aura.



The stampeding sounds of a grand army of men and horses reverberated out as a black flag appeared as well. The moment that flag appeared, the entire world dimmed down. A single warrior that wielded that huge flag with one arm of his appeared on the ocean surface, riding a big, black horse.

A single look over and one could see as at least 10,000 of them.

This was a huge army with a formidable might, as though they had been through millions and millions of battles by now, generating a bloody stench from their aura alone.

"This is my Black Heavens Demon King Army. Any single Immortal Lord that falls within it would definitely be met with a demise with utmost certainty. Even if it were an Immortal King being, they would have to spend quite a bit of effort to actually deal with them. With these guys joining the fray, I believe that they will definitely be a great help for you." The Southern Demon Immortal King said.

At the same time, he felt extremely pained in his heart. This Black Heavens Demon King Army was something that he had built up over countless of years and effort. Once it was fully completed, it would be able to deal with even Immortal King state beings. And, to think that now that it was already eighty percent completed, he would have no other choice than to use this to pacify the other party.

Lin Fan looked at the gigantic army and could not help but nod his head in approval. There was a pretty decent aura of might that was being exuded out of it. However, this could only hold down normal Immortal Kings. If it were to meet with powerful Immortal Kings such as the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, it would be destroyed by the flip of his palm for sure. But, this should do to deal with most common powerful beings. There were way too many of those living beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland. Bringing an armored army as such into the fray would definitely reduce the amount of pressure mounting on them.

"Good... Now, Southern Demon Immortal King, I hope that you will go by your promises and come forth to render a hand of assistance once those Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland arrive." Lin Fan continued.

"That's of course. I, the Southern Demon Immortal King, will definitely try my best." The Southern Demon Immortal King agreed.

When Lin Fan swept his robes, that gigantic Black Heavens Demon King Army turned into a thick, dense black mist before eventually converging down into a single war flag. There was a strong killing intent and that same black mist that circled around that war flag.

"Farewell then..."

Given the current situation, this was more than enough, since the Southern Demon Immortal King had already agreed to lend a hand to the matter. As for what would happen later on, that was something that Lin Fan could not possibly predict. If the Southern Demon Immortal King were to renege on his words when the time came, all he had to do was to stab this guy to death, and that was all.

The Southern Demon Immortal King nodded his head. After Lin Fan left, that calm expression on his face turned menacingly sharp. A Demon that had reigned over the entire world since time immemorial wasn't something that others could possibly insult!

"Amitabha! Southern Demon Immortal King, for you to be humiliated by a junior, I do feel somewhat bad about that." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord appeared between the Heaven and Earth.

"Doesn't matter. Just what are you planning exactly, Boundless Future Buddha Lord? Even though that junior is an Immortal King state being, if you were to take action, I suppose you should be able to have him beaten down rather easily, shouldn't you?" The Southern Demon Immortal King asked.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord merely smiled without replying as he muttered out his Buddhist chants. However, his eyes were shining with a strange expression. If not for that supernatural toy that that lad was in possession of, how could he possibly be afraid of someone like that?

However, the time was not ripe just yet. Right now, he was in no hurry. The fact that they had not managed to kill this lad during that big battle together with the War Master God must evidently mean that he was someone with an extremely good fortune shining on him, and wasn't going to be killed that easily. Since that was the case, he might as well just wait for the Master Gods to descend and borrow their might together. Who knew, something unexpected may happen by that time.

Looking at how the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was not saying anything more about it, the Southern Demon Immortal King swept his robes and returned to that black mountain of his. That Black Heaven Demon King army was just a merely substandard product. The real finished product was something that he was controlling himself, a gigantic army that could suppress and fight even Immortal Kings. How could he possibly be willing to give it up to a junior as such?

As for the Truth Immortal King, a fool of that level deserved to die entirely. If not for the fact that his ancestor was the Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension, no one would have given a single bit of sh*t about him. Only, whether or not the Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension had truly fallen was a fact that no one could tell for sure. That was the reason why everyone was still being careful toward that guy.

As for the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, that was no simple man either. He must definitely be coveting over the Dao of the Heavenly Lord; there was a need to be on guard against this person as well.

As for those Master Gods, the Southern Demon Immortal King had already agreed on things with a couple of them since a long time ago. Therefore, it was only natural that he would not interfere in the affairs of the Endless Mainland at all.

What those Master Gods required was faith, and what the people of the Endless Mainland required was the Dao of the Heavenly Lord. There was no connection between both sides, but they could make use of one another. As for the lives of those ants in either Mainland? What had that got to do with them?


There was no one at the Hell Seas Blood Mountains.

No one at the Destitute Spirits Abyss either.

By the time Lin Fan arrived at those two places, he found them to be completely empty. Heck, there wasn't even a single shadow to be seen.

Seemed like they must be trying to avoid him.