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 "Hais! Everything has ended now." Lin Fan wiped the fresh blood off his dagger. This was an object stained with the blood of the Truth Immortal King. For any martial artist, this was practically as good as a miraculous medicine or elixir. However, at this moment, all that blood was just spraying out into the world with such extravagant wastefulness.

The Truth Immortal King was very strong, but what f*ck use was strong? At times, what mattered the most in a fight was not whether one was bloody strong or not; it was whether one had a plan or not. Considering Lin Fan's firm and steady plan right now, it was just like a ride in a sturdy jeep, without any single chance of the vehicle flipping over.

However, if he were to use something like this on the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, that would be rather dangerous now.

That bald monk was someone exceptionally crafty, and wasn't some bloody moronic trash that could just fall for any tricks whatsoever. Therefore, if Lin Fan were to face up against the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, he would only have to take down the other party with pure strength now.

"How could you possibly...?"

At that moment, the Truth Immortal King raised his head as both of his eyes shone off with a glimmer that could disappear at any moment now. However, the amazing thing was how he could still retain that single breath of life even at this point.


Yet another stab down.

That dagger which was initially wiped perfectly clean was now stained with a patch of red once more.

The eyes of the Truth Immortal King bolted wide open just like those of a cow's. However, any single light of life within them were gone entirely by now, leaving nothing but a single trace of disbelief in them. Even at the point of his death, he could probably not have understood how everything had come to be. How in the world could there have been nothing wrong with this guy at all? And also, what in the world was that final move with his groin being grabbed by this fella?

Lin Fan raised his hand and punched down onto the face of the Truth Immortal King. "If you're dead, so be it. Don't give me that face."

'Ding... Congratulations on killing Truth Immortal King.'

'Ding... Experience Points +...'

'Ding... Obtained Truth Crystal Brush.'


At this moment, the notifications that came forth from the System brought for Lin Fan a great sense of pleasure. This was exactly the sort of feeling that he wanted to experience! He then gave his dagger a good rub and cleaned away the blood on it once more.

"Even though the Truth Immortal King is an Ancient Immortal King, his strength isn't the strongest of them all. Although, I've got to say that compared to myself, he was still quite a bit stronger. Guess all he could blame was that he wasn't crafty enough, and ended up being f*cked over by my plans." Lin Fan chuckled out. As he pointed out with his finger, that godly technique of Bare Nudeness was used right away, stripping the Truth Immortal King clean of his clothes such that he didn't have a single treasure left on his body.

To think that as a Truth Immortal King, he could not even retain a single shred of dignity post his death. This was something that was just worthy of crying over.

Lin Fan scanned through the stuff within the storage ring of the Truth Immortal King. The moment he saw that there were pills in them, he almost vomited out. While there were quite a significant amount of pills within, they were no longer of any use to him right now - it might be a better idea for him to leave them for others.

As for the other treasures, there was nothing that Lin Fan deemed worthy.

"Ah! To think that you would dare to kill the Truth Immortal King! Do you know that you have just committed a heinous crime against the Heavens?" The Weapon Spirit in the Truth Crystal Brush yelled out, unable to believe everything it was witnessing at this moment. To think that the Ancient Immortal Truth Immortal King would be killed by this fella right here!

From this day forth, all the Truths in the world were going to disappear entirely! Not only that, this Truth Immortal King was a descendant of the Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension!

Lin Fan looked at the Truth Crystal Brush in his hand and chuckled out, "To think that a mere little tiny Weapon Spirit such as yourself would dare to act so insolently. Aren't you afraid of being devoured whole by me?"

Hearing that, the Truth Crystal Brush lost all of its courage instantly. It then barked out, "You'd dare! I am an item used by the Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension to attain the Dao, an utmost unrivaled existence! If you dare to swallow me, Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension will definitely not let you off!"

"Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension will definitely not let me off? So, you mean to say that the Heavenly Lord Dao Comprehension is still alive or something?" Suddenly, Lin Fan noticed the main point in what this Weapon Spirit had just said.

"N-No...! I know nothing...!" The Truth Crystal Brush howled out.

Lin Fan suppressed the Truth Crystal Brush before destroying it with a single bite and swallowing it into his tummy. After it was fused with the Big Ancient Demon, its razor sharp powers enveloped the latter momentarily. From that, the Big Ancient Demon received the Power of Truth. Naturally, compared to the Truth Immortal King himself, there was still quite that bit of difference. However, this was a treasure that truly had some genuine value to it.

Lin Fan pursed his lips. After he devoured the Truth Crystal Brush, he understood everything as well. "Bloody hell! Seems like you really do know nothing. And yet, you had dared to put on an act before me? You deserved to die."

After killing the Truth Immortal King, Lin Fan's strength received a huge booster. While he was still in the Immortal King state, there was quite a significant jump in his powers compared to before.

There were three other places. Seemed like he would have to go pay them a visit as well.

Suddenly, Lin Fan raised his head as his brows furrowed. He felt as though someone was peeping at him, but that feeling disappeared from his consciousness in a flash right after.

Southern Demon Ocean Region...

Rushing the entire way, Lin Fan finally arrived at his destination. This Southern Demon Ocean Region was a place in the Endless Mainland that nobody would dare to come explore. This was because this entire place was filled with demons that appeared in vast groups. Even Immortal Lords would not dare to tread in this place. In a moment of carelessness, one could find their Essence, Spirit, and Vitality disappearing away after all.

This was especially the case for the ocean region around this place. While it might look to be calm on the surface, there were countless dangers that lurked within. If one were to slip up, they would not even know how they would end up dying.

Taking a single glance over, Lin Fan could tell that there were countless dangerous creatures buried beneath it. All of them were waiting in ambush for their prey to descend.

Right now, Lin Fan was an Immortal King; given his strength, it was no issue for him to reign over an entire part of the world completely. There was no place where he was restricted from heading to. Letting off his aura ever so slightly was enough for all the demons lurking around the oceans to rein themselves in and not dare to act insolently.

Crossing through the layers of void one after another, he finally caught sight of a pitch black mountain. There was a fire being spat out of the tip of the mountain as the entire place was shrouded in a thick Demonic Qi. Within that same Demonic Qi were countless vengeful spirits that were crying out and howling. But, when they caught sight of Lin Fan, it was as though they had just seen a ghost as all of them bolted back into hiding.

"Is the Southern Demon Immortal King here?" Lin Fan shouted out at the top of his lungs, asking.

Right now, Lin Fan was starting to realize something about all these Ancient Immortal Kings and whatnot. All of them were asking to be beaten up! If he were to be all polite and respectful toward them, they could come off with such cockiness that it would seem as though they were high up in the Heavens! Now, the thing about humans was that they must not be spoilt. The more one spoiled them, the bigger their egos would get.

In the depths of the black mountain, the Southern Demon Immortal King sat down cross-legged calmly. When he caught sight of the situation outside, he could not help but wipe off the beads of sweat that were dripping down his forehead.

Earlier on, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had made his way here. Between the two of them, it could be said that there was a negotiation, but it sure didn't seem that way either. However, there WAS a single conclusion that came out of it: as long as the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland did not interfere with the Southern Demon Ocean Region, he would not interfere either.

But of course, he wasn't willing to clash with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord to begin with. At the same time, the latter had promised him some benefits that had him considering this to be a pretty decent deal to cut.

After that, he wanted to go seek out the Truth Immortal King to discuss this issue. But, who would have known that when he had arrived there, the only thing he saw was this fella driving his dagger straight into the Truth Immortal King, stabbing the latter to death! Those methods were unusually ruthless; he did not even leave that Truth Immortal King a single shred of dignity upon his death!

Even though the Southern Demon Immortal King did not know just what exactly was going on outside at the moment, in his mind, this fella was practically way scarier than the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. But, now that the other party had come knocking, there was no way he could just sit back and ignore it either. He then lifted his finger casually.

Lin Fan had been standing outside for some time now. Just as he was all ready to bark out in rage, the ocean region split apart as a cave appeared. Thereafter, a figure came out of the cave.

The Southern Demon Immortal King had a head full of long, black hair that fluttered with the wind. That handsome face of his brought along a smile.

"I apologize for not coming forth to greet you personally upon your grand arrival..." With a beaming face, the Southern Demon Immortal King came forth and greeted in a chirpy tone.

Lin Fan's heart was filled with joy at this moment. To think that this Southern Demon Immortal King would be so polite! "Southern Demon Immortal King, I've long heard of your great name, and it's a huge honor to finally meet you at last... I am Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect. Now, to cut the long story short, the Endless Mainland is facing an extremely dire crisis right now. I would wish to implore the Southern Demon Immortal King to lend his hand in assistance. What do you think about this suggestion, Southern Demon Immortal King?"

The Southern Demon Immortal King went silent for a moment. This was quite the difficult situation that he was being placed in right now...