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 Chapter 111: The Deeply Touched Ye Shaotian

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Amidst the rosy morning glow, the skies were white like the flipped belly of a fish. Rays of the golden sun slowly brightened up the world as the skies turned orange.

The earliest bird caught the worm. Most disciples would wake up early to breathe in the soothing morning breeze of nature to prepare for their day's practices.


In a peaceful morning as such, a sudden roar shattered the stillness in the air.

Ever since Danding Peak was robbed more than a month ago, the disciples who were in charge of keeping a watch thought of a multitude of ideas to keep it safe. At the same time, dozens of disciples would lay in wait every night in hopes of catching the herb stealing ba*tard.

But more than a month had passed, and yet, the bandit did not appear. Thinking that he was probably too scared to return, they sent off the disciples from their nightly watch.

Little did they expect that just as they sent off the disciples keeping watch, the bandit struck once again.

Abominable. Detestable. Exasperating!

If they ever discovered who this guy was, they'd make sure to rip him apart.

After cleaning up the mess, the disciples of Danding Peak discovered that this time round, a little of every variety of herb was stolen. Compared to that barren plot they discovered back then, there were remnants of his conscience this time round. But this was still unforgivable.


At this moment on Nameless Peak...

Zhang Ergou was standing guard at the foot of the peak sneakily, peering into the distance. From a distance, a figure appeared. Focusing his vision and identifying the identity of the man, Zhang Ergou ran back up the peak.

"Master! He's here! Ye Shaotian is here!" Zhang Ergou shouted.

Lin Fan, who was lying down idly thinking about his pill cultivation processes, shot up in an instant. He then hurried beside the furnace, lit up a fire and pretended as though he was in deep concentration.


On the outside, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were cultivating nonchalantly. Upon Ye Shaotian's arrival, Zhang Ergou leaped forward and greeted, "Ah! You're here, Senior Brother Ye!"

"Hmm," Ye Shaotian nodded coldly.

During this period of time, Ye Shaotian was enjoying life without a care. Not only did his cultivation base increase tremendously, even that once less than satisfactory night activity was now vigorous like a dragon.

Each time he consumed Biggra, it was a sleepless night. Not only did he and Junior Sister Ruo achieve the epitome of life, so did the surrounding outer sect disciples.

Because every time Ye Shaotian conducted a night activity, those outer sect disciples would be too distracted to sleep. Those loudly pitched "Mmm's" and "Ahh's" rang through the entire outer sect.

In the eyes of these outer sect disciples, Ye Shaotian was just plainly a beast in human's skin.

Not only was the duration extremely long, but god*mn it, it was bloody vigorous.

At first, some of the unknowing outer sect disciples would bring their partners over to the vicinity. But there was once when Ye Shaotian began his night activity while some of them were enjoying their own with their partners. Everyone was dumbstruck. Especially when they saw the contemptuous looks of their partners upon hearing the sounds resonating out from Ye Shaotian's house, they felt utterly disgraced.

In the end, everyone swore to never bring their partners around there anymore.


"Is Junior Master Lin around," Ye Shaotian asked. He saw Feng Bujue nod his head coldly.

Feng Bujue just took a quick glance, and returned to whatever he was doing.

Just the fact that these two were not caught in a fight was beyond luck. And it was all to Lin Fan's credit.

While Ye Shaotian was still cocky, he was nowhere near as arrogant as he was.

"Senior Brother Ye! Master Lin is right within the house! Let me lead you there!" Zhang Ergou had arranged this beforehand with Lin Fan, and he knew exactly what he needed to do.

"Hmm," Ye Shaotian nodded again.

Arriving at Lin Fan's wooden house, Zhang Ergou counted the time. Just as he was about to speak, a voice rang from within.

"Oh no! We're almost out of Seven Star Grass! Seems like I could only bear the danger and head out to the danger grounds for more of it!"

"Junior Disciple Ye is still waiting for the pills! I can't let him down!"

Zhang Ergou, who was about to speak, shut his mouth immediately, and sneakily stole a glance at Ye Shaotian.

Ye Shaotian stood stupefied, a look of shock spreading across his face.

He knew of Seven Star Grass. It was a type of herb only found in the danger grounds of the sect. The danger grounds were a place of sheer cliffs and precipice, home to the Rock Snakes. Rock Snakes were violent like wild beasts. Even though their cultivation bases were in the middle of postcelestial, they lived in big groups.

Even if a fully cultivated postcelestial were to drop down within the nest of snakes, that would be his burial ground for sure.

What Ye Shaotian did not expect was that the Junior Master Lin he was always wary of would risk such a danger just to cultivate these pills for him.

And just then, Lin Fan's voice came through yet again.

"This furnace! It only cultivated three pills! How would this be? I've promised five to Junior Disciple Ye! How can I not live up to my words?"

"The Seven Star Grass consists of extremely potent Yang properties. Since I no longer have any Seven Star Grass, then let me use my own Essence Blood to compensate for it! While it may weaken me for a few days, I can't disappoint Junior Disciple Ye!"

The voice within the house came intermittently, and Ye Shaotian's eyes were filled with utter disbelief.

He had never expected to hear these words, and he could not comprehend it. For the sake of cultivating Biggra for him, Junior Master Lin would self-sacrifice to the state of using his blood essence. This...this....!

To a martial artist, blood essence was the most important thing apart from the Cultivation Foundation. The loss of Blood Essence would not only cause one's body to weaken immensely, but it would also lead to instability of the Cultivation Foundation and possibly dire consequences.

"Because of my accidental kick, I caused Junior Disciple Ye to lose his dignity in the outer sect. As a Junior Master, I have sinned greatly..."

"Ding! Ding!"

Just at this moment, sounds of tools banging came from within the shed. Terrified, Ye Shaotian burst into the room without hesitation.

"JUNIOR MASTER LIN! NO!" Ye Shaotian screamed at the sight of Lin Fan wielding the tools in his hands, ready to make an incision.

He had not expected that there would be someone who cared for him so dearly in the sect. Ye Shaotian had always maintained an arrogant and domineering attitude. Thus he was never liked by anyone. Even those people he knew were only faking their emotions towards him, plotting and scheming against him.

To cultivate his mystical skill, Ye Shaotian allowed his cultivation base to drop in the past three years to look at the true nature of those around him. Naturally, now that he regained his cultivation base, of course he had to go back to bullying those who had mocked him initially.

"Ju...junior disciple Ye! Why...! Why are you here!" Lin Fan showed a face of shock, as though he had not seen this coming.

"Junior Master! How can I, Ye Shaotian, bear to see you make such a sacrifice! To consume your own Blood Essence just for the sake of cultivating pills for me!" Ye Shaotian was deeply touched by Lin Fan.

Emotions were raw and real. Even the most arrogant man would have his moments of emotional attachments.

"It's fine! It's just Blood Essence. As long as I can regain the confidence of my dear Junior Disciple, it will all be worthwhile in the heart of Yours Truly" Lin Fan waved his hand like it was nothing.

"Junior Master! I sincerely apologize! I thought that you had some plot against me! But to think that you had such deep care for me! I am deeply remorseful for my thoughts!" Ye Shaotian cried out emotionally.

Ye Shaotian had heard all of Lin Fan's thoughts. That heart of his which had not felt emotions for a long time was shaken by Lin Fan.

"No, Junior Disciple Ye. You don't have to feel reproachful. So long as I can cure my Junior Disciple's unspeakable flaw, I feel heartened as a Junior Master. Alright, just wait there for a little moment and let your Junior Master cultivate out these last two pills for you" While Lin Fan felt that his acting was great, he wanted to push it up a notch.

"No! Junior Master Lin! Three pills are more than enough!" Ye Shaotian shouted alarmingly.

There was no one who would treat him with sincerity. Ruo Mengyu was the only one. And today, he had found the second person.

Ye Shaotian was always a fragile man who had often thought that life was lonesome and dreary. But now that there was a man who was willing to look at him wholeheartedly, how could he let this man endure such torments!

Zhang Ergou looked at the two men within the house and retreated silently.

He needed to calm down. Master was...way too shameless! At the same time, Zhang Ergou could only feel pity for Ye Shaotian.

Senior Brother, you're naïve, way too naive. After the events of today, he'll probably never be able to escape Master's palms.

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