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 The young man stood in the rain and spread his arms wide eagled, allowing the rain to pour down onto his body.

"Check it out! Those trees seem to be growing stronger and larger!"

"That small plant that had withered has suddenly revived!"

"You guys, hurry and come over here! The crops in the fields have changed! Changed...!"

An alarmed voice rang out from within the village. All of those villagers who were praying to the ritual rushed over immediately. They wanted to see just what in the world had happened. When the caught sight of the crops out in the fields, all of them were dumbstruck.



In fact, they were even bearing fruits already!


This was truly way too magical!

The young man stood there and closed his eyes gently. The rainwater seemed as though it was bringing over all the Spirit Qi of the Heaven and Earth with it and infusing it into his body as it flowed through.

Within his body, a withered Mythical Tree started germinating with a small sprout after making contact with the rainwater. It was as though it was reviving right now.

A few days later...

The villagers were all busy with the crops in their fields right now. They had not expected that those crops would actually mature this quickly! It was all thanks to that mysterious rainwater!

God's miracle! In the eyes of the villagers, this could be nothing more than a miracle of God.

"Seaweed, are you an Immortal?"

"My daddy told me that you're an Immortal. That's because only Immortals could remain alive after receiving such a grave injury!"

What the children loved to do was to play around with Seaweed. Therefore, every single day when dawn broke out and the children woke up, they would rush over to look for Seaweed the first thing in the morning.

However, to their bewilderment, Seaweed would just stand at the same spot everyday with his head raised up into the skies. In fact, they had even discovered that the horrifying gaping wound on Seaweed's chest was starting to turn smaller gradually! It was as though it could disappear at any moment now!


Right then, a loud sound cracked out of the void like thunder.

"Guys, check it out! Immortals!"

The villagers pointed up into the void while shouting.

At that moment, a few figures were streaking through the void.

Three men and three women... Their strengths were rather formidable.

"Senior brother, there's a village down below." One of the women sounded out as her gaze swept by the village casually. Thereafter, thinking about the situation behind them, she came to a stop.

The leader was a senior brother whose expression was extremely grim right now, "Let's go. We're not going to be able to save these mortals. Right now, we've got to inform the sect to prepare and leave right away. All those living beings have already started out with their campaign toward this area. They're going to mow their way over real soon."

"Senior Brother Ye, you head back first. I'll go with junior sister to rescue these mortals away. We won't be long." A woman with a ponytail remarked calmly.

Senior Brother Ye did not consider too much about that, "Alright, hurry up'! Make sure that you do not waste any time."

They had been fighting out a tough battle with those living beings for many days now. The battle was an even fight. Those invading living beings that had arrived were simply way too many in numbers. At the same time, their methods were exceptionally sinister. Thankfully, they were still able to hold out. At the same time, one of the nine major sects, the Heaven and Earth Sect, had already started combining forces with some of the other major sects to form an alliance. Even though their sect wasn't all that large, they were still part of the main offensive force. Those invading living beings had already mowed down all the sects within a radius 10,000 miles from where they came.

It was all thanks to the prompt information by the Heaven and Earth Sect that some of the smaller sects could avoid being annihilated. However, even then, those invading living beings were pushing in at an extremely rapid speed. There was no doubt they would catch up really quickly.

"Junior Sister Hua, let's go!"


The villagers were all shouting out right now, "The Immortals are coming!"

Some of the children lifted their heads as well. They were all entranced by the sight of those Immortals descending down from the skies.

"Seaweed, hurry up and take a look! Those Immortals are coming down! They're even Fairies!"

When those two female disciples landed in the village, all the surrounding villagers nearby knelt down in respect right away to welcome the arrival of the Immortals.

The Village Chief was someone who was experienced in the ways of the world. Therefore, he too was naturally respectful toward these Immortals.

"You guys, hurry up and leave with me. There's going to be danger approaching real soon. If we delay, it's all going to be too late!" Hua Qingxian spoke out.

"Greetings to the Fairy...!" All the villagers were kowtowing down in respect right now.

The disciple of sects would normally not be bothered over mere mortals at all. However, Hua Qingxian was once a mortal in a village. She was then fancied by one of the sects and brought in. Now that she was looking at these mortals, she naturally felt a deep sense of reluctance - she would save as many of them as she could.

Toward a situation as such, the elderly in the village were naturally extremely calm. If the Immortals said that there was a danger, there was definitely danger.

But, the young people in the village were flustered right away. They had been living in this village for their entire lives now. How could they leave it just like this? This was everything that they had in their lives right here! If they were to leave just like that, what should they do in the future?!

"Junior sister, hurry up. The sect has already started to retreat out of the battle. The invading powerful beings are simply way too great in numbers. I'm afraid we might not be able to hold them off any longer!" Another woman was looking up in the void at those streaking lights flashing by one after another. Her face was extremely grim right now.

Things might truly get extremely dangerous later on.

Hua Qingxian nodded her head. She then took out a Lower Grade Utmost Treasure and said, "All of you, hurry and get on it! Otherwise, everything is going to get destroyed later on!"

The elderly in the village directed everyone to board that Lower Grade Utmost Treasure.

Seaweed was looking at that bloodstained patch of Heaven and Earth far in the distance. Those lifeless eyes of his suddenly shone with a sign of life as he started marching out into the distant lands.


When Hua Qingxian saw that all the villagers had boarded, she asked hurriedly, "Everyone has boarded, right?"

The villagers looked around at one another, "Yes! Everyone is here! We're all here!"

At that moment, a small girl suddenly shouted, "Seaweed is not here yet!"

"Seaweed is over there!" A small boy pointed over at the distance while saying.

The villagers then started shouting, "Seaweed! Hurry and come over!"


The borders of the skies were getting redder by the moment now. It was as though the danger was approaching them faster than ever at this moment.

"Junior sister, we don't have time anymore! Hurry up and leave!"

Hua Qingxian nodded her head firmly. Given a time like this, they couldn't possibly leave everyone here for the sake of a single person.

"No! We're taking Seaweed with us!" The small girl leaped out of the treasure and sprinted out toward Seaweed.

"Wait for me! We'll go together!" Another small boy jumped down.


"Senior sister, what should we do?" Hua Qingxian asked in a fluster.

That figure was already far out into the distance; on the other hand, those blazing red Heavens were looming closer.

"I'll go fetch them! You leave first!" The other woman replied.


The woman immediately chased after those people.


The ground quaked as the thunderous sounds were approaching closer.

Right at that moment within those endless void, a man draped in long robes wielded a magic wand up high while his body shone with a brilliant dazzle.

Above his head was a hexagonal star that was ever so bedazzling. Within it, a patch of fire burned out as though there was a sea of flames incinerating it.

The man yelled out, "Forbidden Curse - Meteor Storm!"

The hexagonal star started revolving, emitting a tremendous amount of power. At the same time, that it turned into a black hole as though there was some terrifying energy channeling within it.

For the people of the Moon Shadow Mainland, Wizards were formidable beings that could mow over everything with their spells.

One after another, gigantic meteors that were covered in flames burst forth from those hexagonal stars, covering the entire Heaven and Earth while crushing down on the world below.

"Leave!" The woman arrived by the group of people and tugged at them to leave.

But at this moment, the woman discovered in horror that there was a mysterious power emanating out of the body of this man before her! Instantly, that power enveloped her together with those children and brought them to the Lower Grade Utmost Treasure to board it immediately.

Hua Qingxuan looked at that man with her jaws wide agape.

"SEAWEED...!" The children were shouting out.

"I've finally remembered. My. Name. Is. Lin. Fan! Boundless Future Buddha Lord! To think that that final self destruction would have nearly blown Yours Truly's consciousness apart! If not for the Mythical Parasol Tree's protection, I might have been f*cked over by you!"


At that moment, he had finally recovered. Placing a single foot forward, he stamped down onto the ground, causing a tremendous amount of power to burst forth from him.

The ground quaked out and cracked.

Mountains and rivers collapsed apart.

When Hua Qingxian and the others looked at that figure up ahead, their faces were filled with nothing but astonishment.

Just who in the world was he?

Lin Fan raised his head and looked at those descending meteors. He then pushed back against the Heavens with a single palm strike. Suddenly, a gigantic palm appeared out between the Heaven and Earth.

As he closed his palm with a gentle squeeze, that mighty Wizard and his shining hexagonal star were shattered right away.


This was a complete instakill!