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 Chapter 110: Imparting The Four Supreme Techniques

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Outside at this moment, Zhang Ergou had his clothes haggard, bearing a swollen face while crying between sobs and snot. Feng Bujue, who was standing beside him was also filled with rage.

"Senior Brother! Just who were the guys who had hit you! Tell me, and I'll go get revenge for you!" Feng Bujue could not withstand it. After all, Zhang Ergou treated him well usually, sharing with him whatever good food he had.

And now that Senior Brother Ergou was in this state after just a trip down the peak, Feng Bujue could not tolerate this anger.

But Zhang Ergou ignored Feng Bujue. He continued bawling and wailing. From those little beady eyes of his, tears were flowing like a rapid stream.

Lin Fan stepped out of the house. The crying sounds outside were so noisy that he could not stand it. While he did not know what had happened, the moment he stepped out, he found Zhang Ergou hugging his thighs and bawling out buckets of tears.

"Master! Your disciple, me, I'm useless! Just as I descended the mountains, I was walloped!"

"I remembered every bit of your teachings, to never give in nor back down. But he was simply too strong! With my feeble strength, I could not even put up a fight! I have ridiculed your high expectations for us, Master!" Zhang Ergou cried out tragically. Those sirens of his caused Lin Fan to feel some pity for Ergou.

That pathetic face of Zhang Ergou was especially heartwrenching.

"Alright, stop crying and tell me properly. What had happened?" Lin Fan asked.

Zhang Ergou wiped away his tears, and his sounds of crying turned into chokes.

"Mas...master! I went down the peak today to...to look for good...good food, to prepare a...a scrumptious din...dinner for you tonight! B...but just as I left th...the peak...I ran into a bu...bu...ully from back at the servant's area, who was bu....bullying a Junior Sister! Re...membering your...precious teachings of...standing up against evil and not...fearing evildoers...I stood up for her des...despite knowing how weak I was, and in the end...in the end...!"

"Boo hoo! Mas...master...I implore you to impart some supreme arts to...to me, so that I am able to...push forward your...your legacy so as to...help more people and...exterminate evil!" Zhang Ergou continued choking.

"Speak the truth." Lin Fan squinted at Zhang Ergou.

Zhang Ergou was dumbfounded, and upon catching those eyes of doubt from Lin Fan, he rubbed his nose and continued, " Master, back when I was just a servant, I offended the bully within the servant disciples. When I went down the peak to have some fun today, I accidentally bumped into him and was given a good trashing. I felt imbalanced over it and had initially wanted to bring Junior Brother there to help me get revenge, but I thought that Junior Brother was a man of righteousness and justice, and he would definitely not do something like bowing down to the strong and bullying the weak. Hence, I hoped that Master would teach me some ultimate skills of the sect so that I could properly seek revenge"

"Hmm, not bad. At least you're honest" Lin Fan nodded his head. How would he not know Zhang Ergou's patterns? Being whacked was a usual occurrence. Now IF he did not get whacked, then THAT would be strange.

"Mas...master! Are you preparing to impart some skills to us!" Zhang Ergou stole glances at Lin Fan. That look of anticipation was as though he had just been read like an open book by Lin Fan.

Zhang Ergou hoped to receive some pointers, and Feng Bujue was no fool either. So naturally, he too wanted the same. Thus, both of them stared at Lin Fan with anticipation.

Looking at their thirsty gazes, Lin Fan sighed helplessly. Alright, since he had accepted these two under his wings, these two were his disciples. If the sect were to be strong and powerful one day, then it would be troubling if these two were still so weak.

Fine, then he would impart them with the skills which made him so strong. He could only hope that these two would not bring disgrace to these techniques.

"Follow me" Lin Fan turned and entered his house.

Upon hearing their Master's approval, those two followed him in with high spirits.


Not long after that, when Zhang Ergou exited, his expression of wretchedness was long gone. What replaced it was a confidence brimming from his smiles.

Staring at the distance, Zhang Ergou felt that the world had changed before and after he entered the house.

It was a leap in his level, a rise in his character.

He was no longer the Zhang Ergou he once was.

Every single word Master Lin had said, Zhang Ergou kept it close to his heart.

"Now, the four techniques Yours Truly is about to impart down are four ultimate techniques uncovered after numerous arduous trials and tribulations. These techniques contain the meaning of life. They contain the light and dark side of this world. They contain the very essences of truth, compassion, and beauty, which makes up human life. I hope you guys put it to good use"

Towards these gems of wisdom passed down by Master Lin, Zhang Ergou can proudly proclaim that he had some bare understanding. Once he was able to comprehend it fully, he dared to say that he would definitely be a truly powerful individual.

"Senior brother, the four supreme techniques imparted to us by master. Something...seems not right" Feng Bujue questioned warily.

Zhang Ergou, who was still in a state of excitement, stopped and glared at Feng Bujue, "What horse shit do you know? Your Senior Brother, I, have just truly realized the horrific nature of the four skills passed down to us by Master. You had better go back and reflect on yourself, Junior Brother! I'm gonna head back first to start cultivating!"

Without a second word, Zhang Ergou hurried back.

"Monkey Steals Peaches", "Black Tiger Steals Heart", "Ball Kicking" and "Titanium Grade Demon Body"

To Zhang Ergou, each of these skills was more twisted than the other. Especially when he could comprehend slightly about Master Lin's way of life, who else could be a match for him?


Watching Zhang Ergou's crazed laugh as he returned home, Feng Bujue shook his head and sighed. He would return and reflect on himself. Could it be that it was truly as horrific as Senior Brother claimed it was?


Glory Sect returned to its quiet state.

"Hehehe, Danding Peak! Yours Truly is here again!" In the darkness, a stealthy Lin Fan let out a despicable laugh.

Other than being provided for esteemed elders in the sect for pills cultivation, the remainder of the medicinal herbs of Danding Peak were either sold or given as rewards for those who had completed missions for the sect.

Lin Fan acknowledged that he had been a little ruthless in his previous heist. While it was only three types of herbs, the barren plots of land he had left behind were pretty sinful indeed.

Lin Fan had thought it through properly. This time round, he would be more appropriate. As such, he would be able to return repeatedly.

And just as Lin Fan was preparing to cross into the field, a flash streaked by his eyes and he retraced his step immediately.

"F*CK! Danding Peak has turned smart! These guys have set traps!" Lin Fan squatted down and looked carefully. The entrance was lined with numerous silver threads. And on the other end of these silver threads were small little bells attached.

If he had not noticed it in time and had stepped directly on them, the rings would have definitely alerted the Danding Peak disciples in slumber!

"Whew, that was cheap!" Lin Fan shook his head in disgust. These disciples were too cheap damn it, unlike Yours Truly, who does things righteously.

After that, Lin Fan took a gentle leap and landed within the fields.