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 Lin Fan did not linger too long back in the sect. As for Jin Zhengu and Qiu Zhanyu, the two of them had wandered outside to roam and explore on their own blindly as well.

Now that the Hundred Flower Sect was over at the side of the Heaven and Earth Sect, there was naturally no concern toward their safety. As for those strange fellas, if they dared to appear again, the only solution would just be to kill them. Therefore, no one really bothered too much about that.


Ten days later, Lin Fan found himself standing before a secret ground in the Endless Mainland.

It was only until the initiation of the Endless Mainland that Lin Fan had discovered that they had been living within a secret ground for the entire time. It had been quite a number of years since he had arrived at the Endless Mainland by now. Lin Fan wondered whether his current strength was enough to save them out of that place.


As he entered the secret ground, all of those monsters within it raised their heads over. However, they returned to rest right after; they could sense a familiar aura from Lin Fan's body.

A stone gate blocked Lin Fan's path ahead.

Behind this stone gate was none other than the Ancient Saint World. He wondered how things were like back in the Ancient Saint World right now.

In the next instant, he slapped out with his palm...


The stone gate did not budge in the slightest bit. That single palm strike contained all of Lin Fan's powers, yet it still could not do anything to this stone gate at all. That had him frowning slightly, feeling somewhat incredulous toward everything.

"Could it be that my strength is still far from strong enough?" Lin Fan was extremely bothered in his heart. At the same time, there was a crushing sense of defeat.

The flame of Pills Through Thought!

This was a flame created by the System and could incinerate everything in this world. Thinking of that, Lin Fan placed his palm on the surface of the stone gate.

Sizzle, sizzle!

After burning for a long time, there was still no use - it didn't even leave a single mark on the stone gate.

"How could this be...?"

Lin Fan sighed out. To think that everything would be useless.

That flame was a product of the System! How could it have no use at all? This was absolutely mind boggling.

"Can you guys hear me?" Lin Fan patted out on the stone gate, hoping that the people within could hear him. But after a long time, there wasn't a single response at all.


Shaking his head, Lin Fan sighed out in helplessness. Seemed like his strength was still not enough to break this stone gate apart.

Right now, his cultivation state had already reached the Immortal Lord state. He was just that step away from that Immortal King state.

Lin Fan stood in front of the stone gate for a long, long time. He was lost in a daze, having no idea how things were in the Ancient Saint World right now.

But, at the very least, he could guarantee that there would absolutely be no conflicts over at the side of the Ancient Saint World right now. After the Demonic Gods and Utmost Powerful Beings found out that they were all living within a secret ground, all of them had lost any heart to fight for the ephemeral and futile power and status back in that world.

Lin Fan was a little disappointed as he left the secret ground. He truly had not expected that he would not be able to open up the secret ground at all even with his current strength. This was really unsatisfactory.

Yet, Lin Fan's greater headache right now was that his cultivation state required him to chop down people for him to level up further. However, who in the world would dare to let him chop them down right now?

Did he really have to just go and provoke the other sects for no reason right now?

This was quite the critical problem right now that required him to think things through properly.


But right at that moment, there was some activity going on up in the void.

Raising his head up, Lin Fan's emotions were stirred. To think that it would be an Immortal Weapon that was flying across!

Just as Lin Fan was prepared to head up, it suddenly struck him that there must be countless of people who knew about him in the Endless Mainland by now. If he were to head out just like that, he would definitely scare the sh*t out of the other party! By then, if they started to kneel down and beg for mercy, how could he be willing to make a move on them anymore?

However, none of those were issues. Lin Fan had a Legendary Weapon for changing one's appearances. After changing his facial features, he dove right into the void.


This was a Middle Grade Flying Immortal Weapon, with a group of people seated on top of it. Their faces were dark and grim; in fact, some of them were even crying out.

"Heh heh..."

At that moment, a voice rang over, giving the people on the Immortal Weapon quite a shock. But when they looked over and caught sight of that face, they heaved a sigh of relief before asking out warily, "May I ask who you are...?"

"ASK YOUR MOTHER! Do you think that the great name of Your Daddy is something that you guys can ask just like that?" Lin Fan was extremely arrogant right now while sniggering out in his heart. With him acting so cocky, the other party would definitely be thoroughly enraged and declare to cleave him down with a single chop or something! By then, the mood would definitely be good!

But to Lin Fan's astonishment, the person who had asked him for his name suddenly bawled out into tears...!

And if this were the only person crying, then he might as well let it be. After all, there were still other people around. But, it didn't take long before the crying chain reaction began and everyone surrounding him broke out into tears.

When Lin Fan heard those cries, he could take it no longer. The one thing he was most afraid of hearing was men's cries! "Could you guys have some backbone or something? Your Daddy hasn't even done anything to you guys! All I did was be a little fierce, but why are you guys crying as such?"

Even after those words, the cries did not come to an end.

"If you guys dare to cry again, Your Daddy is going to chop you guys to death!" Lin Fan roared.

"Kill us then! We're too ashamed to want to continue living in this world anymore!"

"The sect has raised me up and yet I couldn't do anything at all! What's the purpose of me living in this world any longer?"

"Boohoo...! Kill us please!"

"Yes, just kill us and everything will be over once and for all! Master...!"


"Junior brother...!"

At that moment, the entire void seemed to be filled with nothing but cries. All of them were bawling out at the top of their lungs as though they had just received some immense blow; it was absolutely gut smashing.

Lin Fan blinked his eyes blankly. The plan that he had thought up was completely useless by now! He then patted one of them on the shoulders and consoled.

"Hais! As a man, you've got stand strong and tall! There's no trench that you can never ever cross! Come tell me, what are you guys crying about? If there's a vengeance, pay it back! If there's a grudge, seek revenge! If you're alive, there's no need to worry about there being no hope ever again, right?"

All of those disciples shook their heads.








Lin Fan was feeling exasperated right now. There was no helping it - this was reality in the Endless Mainland. The concept was of either destroying others or being destroyed. There was no space for weaklings to ever survive. They were nothing but ants in the hands of the truly powerful beings. When they wanted to squish someone to death, they could just do so without having to hesitate in the slightest bit.

"Who destroyed your sect? As long as you know them, it's all good. If you cultivate hard and well in the future, you guys will still be able to chop them up." Lin Fan tried consoling once more.

"We don't know who they are..."

Lin Fan was speechless, "You guys are quite something, aren't you? To think that you wouldn't even know who the people who had destroyed your sects were! That's quite miserable, isn't it?"

"They were so cruel, so vile! Even though our senior brothers were clearly dead, those people draped in black robes had even revived our senior brothers and commanded them to attack us! There's no way we could bear to fight them like that!"

"There were so many skeletons, and those skeletons possessed a tremendous amount of strength! No matter how we tried killing, we just couldn't kill them to death!"




Lin Fan was startled as he grabbed someone immediately, "Hurry and tell me! Did the people who went over to carry your sect carry extremely huge swords with them? Were some of them were holding on to black rods or something?"

"Yes, that's right!"

The moment Lin Fan heard that, he was stunned, "Holy f*ck! Why the f*ck didn't you guys say that earlier on? Bloody hell! That wasted Your Daddy's precious time crapping with you guys over here for so long!"

At that moment, Lin Fan changed back his appearance right away. Bloody hell! To think that those bunch of fellas were back again! How in the world could he have not known about this?

All of those disciples were completely scared off by Lin Fan. But when they caught sight of his face, they were just completely frozen.


"It's him! It's really him...!"

"Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect! That's my idol...!"

"I'm finally catching sight of my idol in real life...!"

But by then, Lin Fan had already flown away far into the distance. At the same time, his heart was filled with joy.

There were finally people for him to chop now!