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 Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian naturally bore a killing intent toward Lin Fan. Every single strike he launched brought his fullest strength with it. With punches of this level, even average Immortal Lords might not be able to hold out.

But all of a sudden, that serious expression on the face of Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian took a stark change. His face contorted into a grimace as those initially small, beady eyes of his were bolted wide open.

His body quivered!

His legs wobbled!

Taking a quick peek, Lin Fan retracted his foot slowly. Looking over at the face of Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian, his lips curled into a grin once more.

"You..." Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian opened his mouth. However, he had only spoken a single word when he felt as if his throat was being choked, such that he did not know what else he could say anymore.

"Hush! Don't speak now and slowly savor this feeling! Otherwise, it's only going to hurt more." Lin Fan consoled him. To this day, there was no one who could remain standing after receiving this godly kick of his.

The strong suit of this kick was that it was swift, accurate, and vicious. Straightaway, it could cause one to lose all descendants, something that was absolutely horrifying.

The surrounding disciples were completely stumped.

"What did he just do to the Vice Grandmaster?"

"I've got no idea! Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian, what's wrong with you?"

"No! Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian...You definitely have to slay him!"

"Boohoo! This fella is really way too terrifying! I'm so scared right now!"


The face of Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian flashed with shades of white and red as both his feet wobbled out furiously. His expression was distorting rapidly as he struggled to look at Lin Fan with difficulty.

Eventually, he spat out two words.


Instantly, a tragic shriek rang out as Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian collapsed onto the ground on his knees, with both hands clutching his groin area. Perhaps, clutching his groin was the only way to lessen the pain that was throbbing violently at this moment.

Painful! This was truly way too painful!

Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian could not believe this sensation he was experiencing right now. He was a powerful being of the Immortal Lord state! How could his physical body be this fragile?

However, the pain was something that was absolutely real. Even as he churned out his powers continuously, he had no way of fighting against that pain at all.

As he lowered his head, beads of sweat dripped down onto the ground in pitter patters.

He clenched down on his teeth tightly to stop himself from crying out once more. He was a Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect! How could he be expressing such a pitiable state right now?

Lin Fan looked over at him and could tell that he was having one hell of a time enduring everything inside. So, he reminded kindly, "Don't hold it in anymore. Screaming it all out would have you feeling much better. Otherwise, it's really going to hurt more."

The head of Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian bolted right up and glared at Lin Fan in hatred. Finally, he could bear it in no longer as he howled.


A tragic howl shook the entire Heaven and Earth. This could only be described as abnormally horrifying.

The emotions contained within that tragic howl were so intense that one could cry just by listening to it. Just how much pain was his physical body holding in right now?

Clutching at his groin, Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian collapsed onto the ground and rolled left and right. For an Immortal Lord, a Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect at that, to be in such a state without dignity, it was truly sad. His entire lifetime of mighty achievements had been desecrated at this moment.

Lin Fan raised his head and looked over at the surrounding disciples. When the latter caught sight of Lin Fan's gaze, they all yelped out and stumbled back. Right now, Lin Fan was nothing but an absolutely terrifying existence in their hearts.

They had not expected that even the Vice Grandmaster would not be a match for him! Furthermore, for the Vice Grandmaster to even drop with just a single move, what kind of a concept was that?

That tragic howl had even White Saint alarmed. Right now, his heart was flustered beyond anything else. After all, the sect had been invaded by that lad. Furthermore, the howl from earlier on should have been from Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian. White Saint did not know what exactly had happened for a miserable howl as such to arise.

"DAMN IT...!" White Saint truly wanted to head back to the sect right now and have that lad killed entirely. However, he was being held up by Geng Yangtian, and couldn't afford to get distracted in even the slightest bit.

In a battle between supremely powerful beings, victory could often be decided through a mere slip up by either side. This was especially the case for two supremely powerful Immortal King state beings. They naturally could not afford even a moment of distraction.

No matter how hurried he was right now, White Saint had no choice.


At this moment, Lin Fan looked over at Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian before him and revealed a smile.

"Hurry up and tell me... Where is the Treasure Chamber?" Right now, the only thought on Lin Fan's mind was to swipe the entire resources of the Kunlun God Sect empty. As one of the nine sects, how rich was the Kunlun God Sect? This was something that Lin Fan could not even begin to imagine. As long as he were to wipe them clean, the Kunlun God Sect would definitely become the poorest out of the nine sects.

At that time... Oh ho, good f*cking luck to them!

Without being able to give the disciples any resources to cultivate with, they would definitely not feel comfortable in their hearts. In order for a brighter future, they would go and seek out other paths without a doubt.


But to Lin Fan's exasperation, he seemed to have kicked out a little too heavily with that strike earlier on. This fella hadn't recovered even by now. What a mother*cking dogsh*t this was!

The location of a sect's Treasure Chamber might truly not be made known to most ordinary disciples. Perhaps, only those of the upper echelons could know about that.

"Stop screaming and tell me! Hurry up!" Lin Fan grabbed the hands of Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian. But for the latter, his hands being forced away from his crotch had only served to intensify the pain that was throbbing rapidly.

Struggling and fighting with his life, he tried to clutch his groin back with all his might.

Seeing a situation as such, Lin Fan truly did not know what to say any longer. Eventually, he could only sigh out and look at that Vice Grandmaster Xing Tian with a deep look of exasperation.

What sh*t could he still ask right now? Given the state of this guy, he could barely even live properly at the moment. How could he have any way of answering his question?

Had he known that this would be the case, Lin Fan would have gone easier with his strike. But, when he caught sight of the surrounding disciples, he could not help but have a thought.

Even though he was no mass murdering maniac, his mentality was still a little craftier than normal.

Without saying anything more, Lin Fan lifted up this Vice Grandmaster and had him tossed into the Heaven and Earth Smelt. When he caught sight of those disciples, he even gave out a series of sinister giggles.

"What's he trying to do?"

"What a sinister laughter! Just what is he thinking of doing to us?"

"So horrifying! I want to hurry and get out of this place right now!"

"He's coming over...! Hurry and run! QUICK!!!"

Right then, Lin Fan made his move. His voice was just like a tempting devil as he appeared in front of those disciples. Moving his hand slightly, he rounded them up and tossed them all into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.



Lin Fan roared out in laughter. He did not leave a single one of them off as he tossed all of those disciples into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

After a long time, Lin Fan heaved in a breath of air deeply: it was finally done. This was too darned pleasurable a feeling!

At that moment, the insides of the Kunlun God Sect were empty, without a single person left. All of the disciples had been swept away cleanly by Lin Fan; be it elders or Vice Grandmasters, they were all captured by Lin Fan.

With that, Lin Fan cast his sight far into the distance. The fights that were breaking out on the battlefield right now were extremely intense.

Neither side was standing above the other with an advantage at all, causing Lin Fan to watch with some slight amazement and stupefaction as well.

Peeking at the disciples of the Kunlun God Sect inside his Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan's lips curled into a wide grin. He then walked over to the battlefield flamboyantly.

Right now, he was headed straight over for a negotiation with the Kunlun God Sect.