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An extremely horrifying power struck out at the Immortal Gate of Han Juntian like a lightning bolt. A thunderous boom then reverberated throughout the entire world. The void started contorting in the face of the ensuing aftershock, as though a gigantic hand was grabbing the void within its palm and just crushing it mercilessly.

"Horrifying! This is way too horrifying! To think that Han Juntian would be so abominably strong!"

"I had never thought that his potential would be this great! The reason why he's striking out at Old Master Qi Tian should be because he's trying to make use of the pressure to break the barriers apart and break through to the Immortal King state!"

"Ever since Han Juntian became the Grandmaster of the Heaven and Earth Sect, his cultivation state has never broken through once. But, due to this disciple, he is now fighting out with Old Master Qi Tian and trying to get through this personal barrier entirely! It's just that I wonder if he will actually succeed. But if he does, there will be yet another Immortal King in the Heaven and Earth Sect. Most probably, there's going to be a change in the status of the Heaven and Earth Sect amongst the nine sects from now on..."

"Whether or not he manages to breakthrough is a question in itself. Do you guys think that Old Master Qi Tian does not know about this and that he'll really just let the Heaven and Earth Sect gain yet another Immortal King just like that?"


When Lin Fan caught sight of everything before him, his heart skipped a beat. This was so darned bloody formidable! To think that the Grandmaster would be this strong, and would even want to break through his barriers by using the might of Old Master Qi Tian!

Incredible! Amazing!

'Grandmaster Han, you wish to make use of Your Old Master here to break through your barrier, eh? You've really planned everything well all for yourself, huh?' Old Master Qi Tian laughed out coldly in his heart. How could he allow the Heaven and Earth Sect to continue getting stronger? At the start, it was truly pretty inappropriate for him to strike out at Han Juntian. But now that this guy was seeking death, then no one could blame him for striking out anymore.

Even if those old fellas of the Heaven and Earth Sect wanted to save Han Juntian, that would depend on whether or not they could make it in time.


Han Juntian howled out as the Gate of the Immortal Dao started rumbling out. There were even slight cracks that were forming above the gate.

At this moment, Han Juntian deployed every single mystic skill that he had ever learned, converging them to form an Immortal Pattern up in the void.

When those powerful beings hidden in the void caught sight of this, they were absolutely flabbergasted.

"The guts of Han Juntian are way too huge, aren't they? To think that he would deploy every single mystic skill that he has ever learned! He's trying to have all of them converted into unparalleled immortal arts!"

"Terrifying! Look at those unparalleled mystic skills! There are at least a hundred of them! If they were to all be converted into unparalleled immortal arts, his strength after leveling to the Immortal King state would definitely be way higher than most other ordinary Immortal Kings!"

"However, Old Master Qi Tian will definitely not allow him to level up!"

When Old Master Qi Tian looked at Han Juntian, his eyes flashed with ruthlessness while he lifted his palm immediately. Although that palm might seem unassuming and did not bring up any ripples, every single finger of his was wrapped with a horrifying power. There was no way that Old Master Qi Tian would allow Han Juntian to break through to the Immortal King state just like that. Now that the latter wanted to make use of his strength to breakthrough, Old Master Qi Tian would just grant him his wish and whack him back to his original state!


Stepping out, Old Master Qi Tian's hand turned into a claw like grip that grabbed out at the Immortal Gate.


The face of Han Juntian was immediately alarmed as the Immortal Gate landed in the grip of Old Master Qi Tian. In the next moment, a boundless amount of power ripped through the Heaven and Earth, grinding against the Immortal Gate.


A crisp sound rang out as multiple crack lines appeared on the Immortal Gate. Han Juntian's face went back to normal without any changes at all. However, his power was steadily climbing as all of those unparalleled mystic skills burst forth with a bedazzling light that gushed right into the Immortal Gate.

At that moment, the amount of power that was bursting out of Han Juntian's body was already heaven revolting. In fact, he could even be considered as the strongest person beneath the Immortal Kings right now. But despite that, he was just a negligible existence in the eyes of Old Master Qi Tian.


A berserk amount of power suppressed down immediately. Being inflicted with this tremendous blow, Han Juntian's skin ripped apart immediately as that Immortal Gate started breaking down even further. It seemed that it could shatter at any moment now.

"Han Juntian! You want to make use of my hands to help you break through your cultivation state? However, it's a pity that I'll have you pay a heavy price instead!" Old Master Qi Tian barked out coldly just as the powers in his hands burst out fully. The might of an Immortal King was not something that ordinary people could endure after all.

No matter how prepared Han Juntian was, he was still forced into retreating back step by step under the devastating attacks of Old Master Qi Tian. It was as though he could lose his stand at any moment now.

Lin Fan was prepared to step in right now, feeling as though the Grandmaster could barely hang on anymore.

"Grandmaster, if you can't hang on, say something! Don't try acting up forcefully!" Lin Fan shouted out. He was truly afraid that the Grandmaster may just be pushing himself for the sake of his image. After all, having said those words, he would have to ensure going through with them even if he had to kneel down.

At the Heaven and Earth Sect...

When all of the disciples watched the image up in the void, they felt their hearts tightening. They did not know what would happen to their Grandmaster, and neither did they know if he could truly hang on till the end.

After all, this person before them was an Immortal King; and not just any Immortal King, a veteran at that. With his profound powers, every single strike he made was extraordinary and absolutely devastating.

Within the sect, when some of the elders caught sight of this, their moods started slowly changing as well.

"I wonder if the Grandmaster will be able to tide through this! He has been preparing for the Immortal King state for a long time now."

"However, given the current situation, it's evident that Old Master Qi Tian's killing intent has been triggered. Even though he might not really kill our Grandmaster, he will definitely crush his cultivation root in order to sever his path of becoming an Immortal King forever!"

"The Old Masters must definitely be waiting patiently. Once the Grandmaster fails to hang on anymore, the Old Masters will definitely step out!"

The reason why the Senior Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect had yet to make a move must be that they were all waiting. Given the current situation, Han Juntian still seemed capable of holding out. Once he was unable to do so anymore, those Old Masters would definitely step in to bail him out. After all, he was the Grandmaster of the Heaven and Earth Sect. He mustn't ever be killed by an Old Master of the Kunlun God Sect.

On the scene...

Tai Qiantian's face was astonished. He had not expected for Han Juntian's strength to actually reach such a state that he was able to hold out until now in the hands of Old Master Qi Tian! If it were him in the same situation, Tai Qiantian could not help but admit that he might not have been able to do the same.

It was only through infinite pressure that one could be reborn and break through their barriers to reach an even higher pinnacle.

"Old Master Qi Tian! Is this all that your powers can amount to?" At this moment, Han Juntian's entire face was flushed red as the blood within his body pumped and rumbled furiously. The pressure that he was enduring right now was impossibly huge, but it was far from enough! The seals within his body were already starting to loosen by now, yet, he was still that bit of a distance away from the Immortal King state!

"Courting death!" Old Master Qi Tian roared out as he increased the strength in his palm before caging Han Juntian within entirely.


A shattering sound rang out across the entire world as Han Juntian turned into a blood man at this moment. His skin was absolutely terrifying to look at as it ripped apart like a turtle's shell.

"HAHAHA!" At this moment, Han Juntian burst out laughing in a berserk manner, "Old Master Qi Tian! Your Grandmaster leveling up into the Immortal King state shall all be depending on you now!"

And right then, Han Juntian's body burst forth with a fiery red blaze.

"Rebirth through flames! Unparalleled mystic skill!" When Old Master Qi Tian caught sight of that, his entire face changed. He had not expected that Han Juntian would actually be in possession of such a mystic skill!

"REBIRTH THROUGH FLAMES! THE EPITOME OF ALL STATES... GATE OF THE IMMORTAL KING, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" Han Juntian's bellow surged right into the void, causing the clouds above to dissipate. In a flash, a gigantic beam of Immortal Light penetrated down and slammed right onto the Immortal Gate.


The Immortal Gate slammed wide open as an Immortal Light emanated out, wrapping Han Juntian up within it entirely.

At this moment, Old Master Qi Tian finally understood.

"You have been using me the entire time to push that mystic skill to its peak!"

Han Juntian smiled. After spending all his time roaming around the endless time and space, he had finally discovered this mystic skill which could help him attain the great Dao of Immortal King. And right now, under the crushing pressure from Old Master Qi Tian, that mystic skill had finally reached its peak cultivation.