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 The Kunlun God Sect was one of THE nine sects of the Endless Mainland. Be it in terms of strength or name, they were one of the top tiered existences.

The Endless Mainland was a huge place, such that even Immortal King state beings would not be able to reach its boundaries. In fact, they did not even know what lay at the boundaries of the Endless Mainland.

In this world, as long as one had some slight brains, they would know that they should never ever go against the major sects in the Endless Mainland. Otherwise, their consequences would be extremely tragic.

But right now, there was a madman who had arrived 10,000 miles away from the Kunlun God Sect. Floating gently between the Heaven and Earth, this figure was none other than Lin Fan.

Was he afraid of death? For sure! But the true question was: could they EVEN kill him?

The answer? Definitely hell no!

Hands behind his back, Lin Fan looked over into the distance and roared out, "TRASHES OF THE KUNLUN GOD SECT, YOUR DADDY IS HERE! ALL OF YOU CAN COME OUT TO DIE!"

The reverberating sound boomed out across the entire world and bolted right through the skies.

There was a boundless amount of power mixed in with that wrathful roar. It then exploded out within the void and traveled out further untill one could not even make out the ends of its reach.

A radius of hundreds of thousands of miles was filled with this single roar of Lin Fan.

Countless people raised their heads, not knowing what had just happened. However, all they could catch sight of was a patch of whiteness.

As for the Kunlun God Sect, the entire sect was rattled, all the disciples within being startled.

"Who is that? Just who in the world would have such guts to come over to the Kunlun God Sect with such brazenness!"

"I've got no idea. But, the Kunlun God Sect and the Heaven and Earth Sect are at war recently. Could it be someone from the Heaven and Earth Sect?"

"Let us go take a look!"

"Who could possibly dare come and act so insolently in front of the Kunlun God Sect? They must be tired of living!"

Within the sect...

Tai Qiantian was enraged, "Brazen! To think that this lad would dare to come over and act so wantonly in front of our Kunlun God Sect without knowing his place!"

Chi Huoshen bolted up in fury, his fiery red beard looking as though it could burn the entire Heaven and Earth, "Since that lad had dared to make his appearance at the Kunlun God Sect, we'll keep him here so that he can make up for the humiliation he has caused us!"

All the other Vice Grandmasters were burning with rage as well. Even though the death of those Grandmaster Candidates did not really cause that huge of an issue for the Kunlun God Sect itself, there was a great deal of damage done to their reputation. In fact, this issue had even turned into the laughing stock of some other sects!

The Kunlun God Sect was a sect whose might reigned supreme over the regions. Now that something as such has happened to them, how could they possibly endure it?

Lin Fan stood tall between the Heaven and Earth, releasing an unmatched might. Looking at the Kunlun God Sect disciples who were appearing out in swarms before his eyes, he was neither afraid nor worried in the slightest bit. He then silently grabbed out a bunch of Immortal Pills from within his storage and started chewing them.

"Where are the people from the Kunlun God Sect? Your Daddy here has slaughtered four of your Grandmaster Candidates the same way I would slaughter dogs. Is there anyone unhappy over that? If there is, GET THE HELL OUT FOR YOUR DADDY! Your Daddy will teach you guys how to behave like humans!" Lin Fan hollered out.

This tyrannical attitude of his had everyone totally dumbfounded. News of this spread out extremely quickly, and before long, there were a number of sects who had caught wind of this issue.

Out of the nine sects, the other seven sects were observing everything that was going on here with the use of Immortal Weapons.

As for some of the six factions and other powerhouses, they were watching keenly as well, and feeling truly convinced at the same time.

They would not have dared to imagine that the Heaven and Earth Sect would have such a disciple amongst them who could possess such guts to come and challenge the Kunlun God Sect singlehandedly. Who could have given him such courage? Or rather, what sort of capabilities did he possess?

This was THE Kunlun God Sect, one of the nine super huge sects! Most powerful beings, heck, even Immortal King state beings would not dare to come here and act so brazenly! After all, the Senior Old Masters of the Kunlun God Sect were Immortal King state beings themselves.

"Shut up! The Kunlun God Sect is a sacred ground, not someplace where you can just act so brazenly!" At this moment, one of the disciples of the Kunlun God Sect appeared right before Lin Fan.

"Report your name. Your Daddy doesn't kill nameless foolish dogs." Lin Fan replied coldly.

"Insolent! I am a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect, Liu Wuxiang. How dare you come over to the Kunlun God Sect and..." Before Liu Wuxiang was even done with his words, he caught sight of an Immortal Weapon flying over from far in the distance.

"Hmph! Young and ignorant one. To think that you would dare to come act so audaciously with a mere Lower Grade Immortal Weapon. Suppress...!" Liu Wuxiang roared out as he smashed toward that Lower Grade Immortal Weapon. Lin Fan looked at everything indifferently before muttering out lightly.



Suddenly, that Lower Grade Immortal Weapon went into self destruction! In fact, the Weapon Spirit within it did not even hesitate as he blew himself up, annihilating everything in its path.

While a Lower Grade Immortal Weapon might not amount to anything much by itself, the amount of force produced by its self destruction was nothing simple.

Golden Immortals aside, even Ancestor Immortals would not be able to withstand the impact!


A tragic cry rang out. Liu Wuxiang did not even have the chance to speak up before he was caught up in the shockwaves of the Lower Grade Immortal Weapon's self destruction.

The mighty force of the self destruction rippled out and shook the entire world, causing everyone to be stumped.

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Golden Immortal full cultivation state powerful being.'

'Ding...Experience Points +...'

Negligible... Totally negligible!

Lin Fan couldn't even be bothered to strike out himself. The experience points to be gained were so little that he could just ignore it entirely. By just blowing up a single Lower Grade Immortal Weapon, he could kill the other party.

Furthermore, that Lower Grade Immortal Weapon was crafted by him personally. The impact brought forth by it was even stronger than normal Lower Grade Immortal Weapons.

At this moment, all the disciples of the Kunlun God Sect from top to toe were flabbergasted, as though they were frozen.

Senior Brother Liu was dead?

One of the Grandmaster Candidates, Senior Brother Liu, was dead just like that!

Impossible! How could that be possible!

And in the next instant, everyone went into a frenzy. It was as though they had just seen a ghost.

To think that this person would dare to kill a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect right in their territory! Just how much guts did this man possess? Or rather, how crazy was he?

"Who else bloody wishes to die can come right up!" Lin Fan roared out. At the same time, there was something really bothering him. Why the hell were the Vice Grandmasters and the Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect not showing up just yet? Were they all asleep?

"B*stard! You're looking to die!" How could the disciples of the Kunlun God Sect allow Lin Fan to act so brazenly here? Naturally, they roared out as well.

These rows of disciples were a couple hundred of them at least. All of them had solid cultivation bases, and if placed out there in the world, they would definitely reign supreme over a small part of it. Now that someone had dared to come and act so insolently right in front of their sect, there was no way they could endure that!

"Lay down the formation...!"


The disciples of the Kunlun God Sect made their move as they as lined up to form a post-natal formation.

"You bunch of trashes... All of you can go to hell!" Lin Fan yelled out as he took out ten Lower Grade Immortal Weapons and threw them out toward these disciples.

When those disciples caught sight of this, all of them yelled out. "Watch out! Those are Immortal Weapons!"

"How could this be? How could that fella be in possession of this many Immortal Weapons?"

"He's trying to self destruct those Immortal Weapons again!"

All of the Kunlun God Sect disciples turned frightfully pale when they caught sight of this, almost losing their minds at this point.

"HAHAHAHA...!" Right now, Lin Fan's battle intent was unparalleled. He already had a method of life preservation, and knew that the Grandmaster and the others would definitely not sit back and do nothing.

Since the Heaven and Earth Sect and the Kunlun God Sect was already at war right now, then he should just invoke something big along with it!

For other people, Immortal Weapons might be precious and rare, but for Lin Fan, all of these were just pieces of trash.

Today, he was going to lay waste to the Kunlun God Sect without even using his own hands.