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 After Lin Fan left, Ling Jun heaved out a sigh of relief.

She had not expected that Qingxuan would come across an enemy of this level. She was truly horrified earlier on, feeling a sense of fear that arose right from the bottom of her heart. But thankfully, everything had already been settled. Even though she had lost the Eternal Night Demon Plate, it was all worth it.

Looking at her own daughter, Ling Jun sighed out as her eyes were filled with a pained look. Why had she turned into this state?


Right now, in a part of the world...

The face of the Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect, Chi Huoshen, was looking terrible. They had three Vice Grandmasters here, but to think that even that wouldn't be enough to hold down Qin Shengjun.

"What Qin Shengjun obtained was the treasure ground of the Immortal King Triple Emperor. If we were to allow him to continue developing as such, the outcome would be unimaginable." Chi Huoshen said.

"We are already unable to control him right now anymore. To think that Qin Shengjun's cultivation state would have actually grown to this extent. Even the combined attacks of the three of us could only injure him, and he even managed to escape. That lad is someone who is extremely ruthless and devious. He will definitely not let it go just like this. We have to return to the sect now and report this to the Grandmaster immediately." Another Vice Grandmaster remarked.


And just as the three of them arrived back where they were, they caught sight of the three bodies floating in the void, causing their faces to change.

"How could this be...?" Chi Huoshen was stunned. To think that the corpses of the three Grandmaster Candidate disciples would be floating there! There was no sign of life in them at all, seeming to be deader than they could ever be!

"Who was it? Who in the world was daring enough to strike at the Grandmaster Candidates of the Kunlun God Sect?"

"Damn it! God damn it!"

Their hearts skipped a beat as though they were unable to take this blow. These disciples were the support of the Kunlun God Sect! How much resources did they have to expend just to groom out a single of these disciples? But, to think that they would be killed by someone right here!

"Reverse the tides!"

This was a reversal mystic skill that could display everything that one had seen prior to their deaths. When the three Vice Grandmasters caught sight of that face, they were astounded, "To think that it's him!"

In that image was Lin Fan's face... Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect, that damned fella!

One stab, two stabs...

As the three Vice Grandmasters viewed that image, their hearts flared with rage. To think that that lad would be this despicable! And at the same time, those were some extremely daring guts he had got there to kill the disciples of the Kunlun God Sect!

"Where shall the dignity of the Kunlun God Sect lie if we don't kill this lad!" Chi Huoshen said.

"Let's go back! We'll let the Grandmaster decide everything! This is clear that the Heaven and Earth Sect is declaring war on our Kunlun God Sect!"

"He has already killed four of our Grandmaster Candidates in a row! Is he bent on killing all of our sect's Grandmaster Candidates and severing the legacy of our Kunlun God Sect?"


At this moment, Lin Fan did not know that he had just caused such a huge issue.

If he had only killed one of them, there might not have been that much of an issue. But now that he had killed three of them in one go, he was pushing the Kunlun God Sect into a corner.

However, none of that really mattered to him, because he had something more important to attend to right now. All of the items that he had obtained back in the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache were enough for him to practically ascend to the Heavens.

The endless supply of pills was enough for him to have a mad pill popping session now!

Breaking through the dimension, Lin Fan dove into the endless void. Then, he took out his Heaven and Earth Smelt straightaway. When he checked out the Pill World within, his heart skipped a beat instantly.


Given the current situation, he could only refine it. Even though that 'Pill' text character was an unparalleled mysterious treasure, it was also a seal at the same time. If he could not break open the seal, he would not be able to obtain the items within.

That was the very idea that the Immortal King Triple Emperor had before he passed away. Unless one were to refine the entire Triple Emperor Heaven Cache, they would never be able to unlock the items within.


Right now, that 'Pill' text character meant nothing. What Lin Fan wanted was everything before his eyes.

'Ding... Refinement success.'

The 'Pill' text character was instantly refined by Lin Fan into a Source of Pills. Lin Fan stretched his hands and grabbed out within the Heaven and Earth Smelt to pull out a large bundle of light and stuff it into his mouth.

'Ding... Congratulations on consuming Source of 'Pill' text character.'

'Ding... Experience Points + ...'

'Ding... Cultivation State leveled up.'

'Cultivation State: Ancestor Immortal middle level.'

Lin Fan naturally was reluctant to refine that 'Pill' text character. But, he simply had no other choice. If he did not break down that seal, he would not be able to grab even a single one of the pills within.

And given his current strength, it was definitely impossible to break down a seal laid down by an Immortal King.

"HAHAHA...! We've broken free!"

"The seal of the Lord Immortal King is gone! We can now roam freely around the world and cultivate our own bodies to become Pill Gods of the Heaven and Earth!"

"Where is this place? How come we're unable to get out?"

"Let us out! We are the royalties and Immortal Gods of pills! You are not worthy of consuming us!"

The moment the seal was gone, all of these pills started acting insolently without mercy! This was something pretty surprising!

"This is simply way too insolent!"

All of a sudden, a palm pushed out from within the Heaven and Earth Smelt that suppressed all of those pills.

"You had better be obedient!" With a single grab, Lin Fan pulled out dozens of pills and popped them into his mouth.

Crunch, chomp, munch!

The taste was pretty decent as his entire mouth was filled with Laws of the Immortal Dao.



As the medicinal power was infused into his body, the Laws of the Immortal Dao were converted into experience points.

'Ding... Congratulations on consuming Lower Grade Immortal Pill.'

'Ding... Congratulations on consuming Middle Grade Immortal Pill.'

'Ding... Congratulations on consuming Upper Grade Immortal Pill.'


All of these Immortal Pills were produced by that 'Pill' text character. God knows how long that Immortal King Triple Emperor had died for, but the amount of pills produced by now was limitless like a vast ocean.

As for the current Lin Fan, those pills were just like sweets for him to eat as he willed.

Lin Fan spiraled within this dimension and did not care about anything else other than just devouring those pills.

Every single grab brought for him dozens of Immortal Pills. All of those Pill Spirits tried struggling in Lin Fan's hands, but they were all swallowed into his tummy and converted into experience points in the blink of an eye.

With the help of the system, there would naturally never be an issue of him exploding due to an overload of pills. They were converted into experience points directly to be used for raising his cultivation state.

Days after days...!

It was as though Lin Fan had entered a trance as both his hands were thrust into the Heaven and Earth Smelt, grabbing out bunch after bunch of pills. It did not matter to him what uses those pills had, swallowing them all the same.

Even if they were poisonous pills, they had no effect on Lin Fan at all.

The experience points surged like crazy while his cultivation state skyrocketed as well.

Right now, his cultivation state was already climbing toward an Ancestor Immortal upper level state.

The amount of experience points that Lin Fan required right now could be considered as an ocean's worth, and a single pill would definitely do nothing for him. But now that there was such an astronomical amount of pills right here awaiting him, he did not know what sort of a state he would reach after consuming all of them.

Just as Lin Fan was having the time of his life, the Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect had personally arrived at the Heaven and Earth Sect, demanding an explanation.

For four of their Grandmaster Candidates to be killed by Lin Fan, the Kunlun God Sect would definitely turn into a joke if they did not stand up for it.