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 Mo Qingxuan did not know just what Lin Fan wanted to do. Those Pill Spirits had already mentioned earlier on that this was a barrier set up by an Immortal King.

An Immortal King was someone who shared his life with the Heavens, an existence that went through eternity with the Heaven and Earth. How strong of an existence was an Immortal King? That was someone who could destroy the firmaments with just a single finger flick, and could traverse thousands of universes with just a single thought.

That was an existence who already wielded control over life and death. A single thought could create all living beings, and at the same time, a single thought could have them all annihilated.

An existence of this level was the strongest compared to anything else other than a Heavenly Lord. The currently existing powerful beings who had cultivated to the Immortal King state were probably some high and esteemed Senior Old Masters of the major sects. These were people who weren't bothered with secular affairs, and had their whole hearts dedicated toward that highest Dao of becoming a Heavenly Lord.

But, for this man before her to claim that he could tear apart this seal? This was something that was absolutely impossible in her eyes. She then looked over at Lin Fan with a strange look in her eyes, as though she wanted to see just what this guy intended to do. Removing the seal of an Immortal King was literally just a fantastical dream, one that could have the world laughing at it.

Lin Fan swept his sleeves and revealed a grin, "Heaven and Earth Smelt!"


The Heaven and Earth Smelt gave off a boundless might that could refine the Heaven and Earth. When Mo Qingxuan caught sight of this Smelt, her face was startled as she felt her heart getting wary toward it.

This Heaven and Earth Smelt was Lin Fan's greatest killer technique which combined both offense and defense into a single entity. Even though its offensive capabilities weren't as strong as those Immortal Weapons', as long as one was captured by it, one would be refined completely without any room for resistance no matter what.




Under Lin Fan's control, the Heaven and Earth Smelt expanded out continuously and only stopped until it could cover the entire pill planet. As he flipped his palm, the Heaven and Earth Smelt caged up the entire pill planet within it.

Even though there was no way of breaking through the seal, under its power of refinement, it didn't matter who set up the seal; it was still going to evaporate into smoke.

At this moment, countless Pill Spirits exclaimed out. To them, this was truly the first time they were coming across something as such.

"What's this thing? Why does it have such a terrifying presence?"

"I've got no idea! Who in the world is that mortal? How does he have such a horrifying treasure?"

"We've been caged in! To think that the seal of the Lord Immortal King would not be able to defend against it!"

"Scary! Way too scary!"

Under the frightful yelps of these Pill Spirits, the pill planet was swallowed up entirely.

"Done!" Lin Fan chuckled out. This was the simplest method there could be. Of course, if it were any ordinary person who had wanted to break through this seal of the Immortal King, it would have definitely been impossible.

However, Lin Fan had the Heaven and Earth Smelt. With it, this seal or whatnot was nothing more than a piece of decoration. Once he refined it completely, everything would be settled.

"This...!" Mo Qingxuan looked at everything in astonishment, "Just what treasure is that? To think that it's able to devour the entire pill planet!"

Mo Qingxuan had grown up in the sect and had quite a broad knowledge of things. But even then, she could not make out just what type of treasure this was for it to have such capabilities.

"There's a lot more things you don't know about. Let's go...Time to pillage more!" Without thinking twice, Lin Fan dragged Mo Qingxuan with him and headed off into the distance. Given the situation right now, it was not time to refine that planet just yet. If the Heaven and Earth Smelt were to refine it completely, who knew what he'd obtain from it.

Within the cosmos, countless Legendary Items suitable for crafting weapons were floating around like meteorites.

In the process of pillaging, Lin Fan was surprised to discover that there were some living spirits on some of the Legendary Items as well! All of those living spirits took on weird shapes as though they had a civilization of their own.

But on second thought, that was only about right. After all, this place here was just like an entire cosmos in itself.

Some of the treasures acted like the sun and emitted a blazing glare while others revolved around them like planets.

Anyway, none of that mattered to Lin Fan. Anything he saw, he would pillage.

After god knows how long, it was only until everything before Lin Fan's eyes was taken away that he felt satisfied in his heart.

Looking at everything before her, Mo Qingxuan's heart was astounded and filled with jealousy and envy at the same time. All of those Legendary Items before her eyes were all taken in by this person, leaving her with not even a single scrap!

It was as though one was standing before an entire mountain of gold and treasures, but could only look without laying hands on them. That was truly a terrible feeling!

At this moment, just as Lin Fan was ready to make a move, a formidable aura permeated through the void.

"HAHA! I've refined it! I've finally refined it! From now on, this Triple Emperor Heaven Cache shall belong to me, Qin Shengjun, alone!" The voice rang out in the entire cosmos.

When Lin Fan heard that voice, his face changed slightly, feeling a little incredible.

When Mo Qingxuan heard this voice, her face changed slightly, "Qin Shengjun has already reached the core region of this treasure cache and refined the entire place! Everything within here will belong to him now!"

Mo Qingxuan did not know about these mysteries, but at that exact moment, a power of repulsion surged through the place. The Triple Emperor Heaven Cache was repelling the presence of any outsiders, and was trying to purge out all the living beings inside.

"Holy f*ck! What's going on!?" Just as Lin Fan was ready to speak up and say something, he suddenly felt a strong power of repulsion pressing down onto his body. He was then tugged by an impossibly strong power that dragged him and Mo Qingxuan out together.

The Kunlun God Sect Grandmaster Candidates who were about to die right here while being surrounded by living beings were suddenly pushed out by this power of repulsion as well.

On a place right in the core of the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache, a lone figure stood tall in an extremely domineering fashion. Opening his eyes, he burst forth with an endless gleam.

"HAHAHA...!" Qin Shengjun roared out in laughter and was elated beyond words. This was a heavenly encounter for him to be able to seek out the treasure cache left by his past incarnation!

"The 'Pill' text character possesses an endless amount of secrets, and can spit out Heaven and Earth Elixirs. Right now, my cultivation state has already reached a bottleneck. Based on the knowledge in my memories, as long as I can retrieve a single 'Heavenly Dao Supreme Pill', I'll be able to break through the barriers of my body and raise my potential at the same time to enter an even more mysterious cultivation state!"

Qin Shengjun had thought of everything perfectly as though the day of him descending down as a Heavenly Lord was just right before him. As long as he were to consume that pill, from this day forth, no one would be able to pit themselves against him!

Sending out his consciousness, he swept it across the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache mentally.

All of a sudden, the entire void went silent. Qin Shengjun's expression was a little befuddled as he let out a slight smile, "So mischievous indeed! I am already the Master of the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache. How long more do you guys want to hide away from your Master?"

"Pill World! Come on out!"

Qin Shengjun shouted out in his heart, trying to look for the Pill World within his Triple Emperor Heaven Cache.

This 'Pill' text character was his past life's doing. After refining an entire Pill World filled with Immortal Pills, he then cultivated it into a text character that could work on its own automatically to spit out an endless supply of pills. This was an important helper required for Qin Shengjun to return to the unrivaled glory and might of his previous life. But, to think that he would be unable to find it now!

"Now that I'm back, you guys are still trying to play Hide and Seek with me! Truly very mischievous indeed! But, it's fine! Time to check out my set of seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons." Even though Qin Shengjun was a heavenly genius of the God Essence Sect, he only had a single Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon with him. And of course, there was no way that Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon could compare with those Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons of the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache.

Those seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were part of a set of Immortal Weapons. If he were to utilize them properly, they would be extremely horrifying, an existence that could suppress everything.

But when Qin Shengjun checked for it, his entire face froze up.

Nothing? How could there be nothing?

Could they all be playing Hide and Seek with him?