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 Mo Qingxuan was immensely regretful right now. She had not expected that there would be so many treasures within this treasure ground! If all of these were obtained by a single person, how heaven revolting would that be!

But, it was all too late for regrets now as they had already entered this place. Watching how Lin Fan was just reaping in everything, Mo Qingxuan was equally covetous of it all. However, being oppressed by this person before her right now left her with not much choice.

A few leaps were all it took for Lin Fan to reach the maximum speed. When he caught sight of everything before him, even his breathing nearly froze up.

Seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were floating there gently, emanating out a brilliant Immortal might!

Spear, Axe, Saber, Sword, Clock, Whip, and Stick...

All of these Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were arranged beside one another as though they were part of a set.

When Mo Qingxuan caught sight of this, she felt as though she was asphyxiated. Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons! These were all Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons!

Within the Endless Mainland, even a single Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon was enough to be a treasure that could back up an entire sect, let alone seven of these Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons right here! And by the looks of it, the seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons seemed to be a part of a set!

That was even more incredible!

Heaven revolting! This was just heaven revolting!

"All of you bloody get over here!" Lin Fan waved out with his hands and grabbed out toward the seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons. But, all of a sudden, the seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons started going berserk.




Even though those Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were items without a master, the Weapon Spirits within would naturally not allow themselves to be controlled by anyone. Therefore, they were fighting back vehemently.

The amount of power that burst forth from them was naturally mighty. It could practically cause anything in its path to wither.


A bright burst of light shone out as Lin Fan's palm strike was shattered.

"Powerful! Really powerful indeed! To think that the combination of seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons could actually bring out power of this level!" Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy, feeling as though he was truly way too lucky to be able to meet these seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons.

To make matters even more joyful, they were grouped up together into an entirely different state of horror.

"Mortal! We are not for you to control!" The intellect of the Weapon Spirits of the seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were nowhere lower than Lin Fan's. Of course, they knew that the other party was trying to suppress them.

But, given their free selves right now, how could they allow themselves to be subdued by someone?

"Whether or not you are controlled is not something you get to decide alone!" Lin Fan hollered as he threw out a punch, forming a tornado that ripped the void while a Doomsday Calamity God Spirit howled out.

Given Lin Fan's current strength, even if it were a powerful being at the Ancestor Immortal full cultivation state, he would be able to give him a fight. Therefore, even though these were Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons, Lin Fan wasn't all that concerned.

"Courting death!" The seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons went into a frenzy as the Weapon Spirits flashed out with an Immortal light shrouding them. Every single move they made was more earthshattering as Immortal Qi tore the spacetime around them.

"Heaven and Earth Destroying Spear!"

The God Breaking Spear turned around furiously and pierced out at Lin Fan. The Laws of the Immortal Dao were bursting wildly and wrapping around Lin Fan.

Closing his palms, Lin Fan pushed out to destroy everything in his path and mow them down, "All of you, get over here!"

As he spread his hand wide open, his five fingers took on the shape of a claw that grabbed the God Breaking Spear into his hands.

"DAMN IT! LET ME GO!" The Weapon Spirit of the God Breaking Spear howled out as the spear intent swiveled out and sliced at Lin Fan's palms.

But, how could Lin Fan let this guy fulfill his wish? He naturally suppressed it without giving it the chance to run.

"Source Sealing Technique!"

Lin Fan's hands moved out as a seal slapped down and steadied the God Breaking Spear.


A loud sound reverberated throughout the entire world.

The Heaven and Earth Clock rang out, which was a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon that could attack one's spirits. The sound of the clock surged into Lin Fan's body, wrecking apart the Laws within.

However, how could Lin Fan possibly give it this chance? Channeling all the powers in his body, he attempted a forceful suppression as he threw everything out with a fist that landed on the Heaven and Earth Clock.



"We have to fuse together! We are not his match individually!" The Weapon Spirits howled out. Right after that, it felt as though the seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons had developed some connection with one another.

With the God Breaking Spear already being suppressed by Lin Fan, the remaining six Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons suddenly fused together and turned into an Immortal Weapon that Lin Fan had never seen before.

"Sweeping through the Eight Desolates, Almighty and Utmost, Single Strike of the Heavenly Elements!"

The six Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons sent out their strongest attack, causing Lin Fan's face to freeze up slightly. He took out the Eternal Axe straightaway and retaliated with a cleave. The axe flash burst out, slicing through the firmaments.

All the planets floating around nearby exploded out violently.

Lin Fan took a massive stride forth and appeared above them, "Brazen! I gave you guys the chance to bow down and serve, yet you guys dare to strike at me? I'll devour you guys!"

Lin Fan didn't care for these Immortal Weapons at all.

For him, all of these were external items. What he depended on was that incomparably formidable body of his, as well as that strength which could suppress everything out there.

The Source of Power rumbled out within Lin Fan's body as countless unparalleled mystic skills were deployed, smashing toward these six Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons.


A gigantic explosion boomed out as Lin Fan grabbed the six Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons in his hands. Throwing them into his mouth all at once, he chomped down furiously and chewed them all up.


"DAMN IT! YOU BEAST! TO THINK THAT YOU WOULD DARE TO TRY EATING US UP!" The Weapon Spirits screamed out, evidently not having expected that they would come across someone so sick.

They were Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons, and a set to boot! But, after being sealed here for such a long time, they could not exert even ten percent of their strength. If they could get out and reactivate their Laws of the Immortal Dao, they would be able to unleash their full strength. How could this mortal be their match then!

"Big Ancient Demon, don't say that your Old Bro didn't take care of you! I'll give all of them to you!" Lin Fan bellowed out as he ripped the seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons apart with his teeth and refined them into Power of Source.

The Big Ancient Demon had not had a chance to perform for a long time now, only cultivating silently within the Demon City. Even though he was an Immortal Weapon, he naturally could not compare with these Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons.

But, under the nourishment of these seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons, his grade climbed up rapidly.

Middle Grade Immortal Weapon!

Upper Grade Immortal Weapon!

Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon!

The Demon City underwent yet another round of changes. Ever since it turned into a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon, it had even cleaved out a Demon Realm and formed a world of its own.

Compared to the past, the Big Ancient Demon was at least a hundred times stronger now.

This was a change in his basic foundation. If there were no changes to him even after consuming so many Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons, it would really be one hell of a mother*cking dogsh*t!

"How could this be! To think that he would just devour those seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons! Doesn't he know that if he were to utilize them properly, he would be able to unleash an even greater amount of power?" Mo Qingxuan was just absolutely befuddled. She did not know what to say anymore.

Everything that she had witnessed today was probably something she wouldn't be able to forget for her entire life.

Horrifying! Way too horrifying!

"Choosing to not take the respect I give? Courting death!" Lin Fan floated there calmly.

He naturally knew that these Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were far from ordinary. But, what f*ck use was that? With all those Legendary Items that he had obtained earlier on, wanting to craft out Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons was definitely not something difficult anymore.