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 The banner let out a godly glow before fluttering up into the skies and fusing with the Heaven and Earth. The elderly man raised his finger slightly, "Golden Immortal state. By right, he should be up on the roll."

In front of the elderly man, a ranking roll floated out before him. He gave the Immortal Brush in his hands a gentle swipe and wiped way the number one on the list before writing and replacing Lin Fan's name on it.

'Number One: Lin Fan.'

But suddenly, the brows of the elderly man furrowed. Just as he had written the name on the roll, it slowly disappeared as though it had not existed at all in the first place.


Naturally, how could the elderly man know about the existence of Lin Fan's System? With his aura retracted and his fates hidden, even if one was the descendant of a Heavenly Lord, or if it were the Immortal Brush formed from the Laws of a Heavenly Lord, they would not be able to write down Lin Fan's name.


Right now, the upper echelons of the Heaven and Earth Sect were in a state of uproar. Han Juntian had checked it over quite a few times, evidently unable to believe it. He then looked over at the other Vice Grandmasters.

"That lad has f*cked over Tian Fengling's Kunlun God Mountain. Can you guys believe it?" Han Juntian asked with incredulity. No matter whether they believed it or not, he was finding it hard to swallow this piece of news.

As the Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect, Tian Fengling's strength was extraordinary. This was especially the case for that Kunlun God Mountain of his, which was not to be underestimated at all. To think that it would be f*cked over by a disciple of their sect!

When Han Juntian had connected his consciousness to the Heaven and Earth and found out about this piece of news, he was both taken aback and infuriated. He had not expected that that Kunlun God Sect would have truly made their move! However, the outcome was one that had everyone completely shocked.

If not for this Heaven and Earth Roll, they might not have dared to believe it themselves.

The surrounding Vice Grandmasters were stupefied as well. However, they were laughing out in their hearts; this was a piece of good news indeed in their opinion.

Han Juntian pointed out with his finger and caused the void to explode out. A trace of his Essence Spirit permeated through time and space and arrived above the Kunlun God Sect in the blink of an eye.

"Brother Tai, I've already known about this affair, and would like to especially extend my apologies. This is an Immortal Pill here. Please give it to Brother Fengling. Regarding affairs of the younger generation, it'd be best for us from the older generation to not interfere. Otherwise, it wouldn't be too good if we were to bully the weak as stronger ones. After all, Brother Fengling is a Vice Grandmaster at the end of the day." Han Juntian flicked out his finger, causing a glowing Immortal Pill to land in the depths of the Kunlun God Sect.

Grabbing the Immortal Pill in his hands, Tai Qiantian's anger burst up into the Heavens. The Pill Spirit within the Immortal Pill wailed out before being crushed into dust instantly, turning into a rich Spirit Qi that floated out into the depths of the void.

"That accursed Han Juntian!" Tai Qiantian's heart was filled with wrath. This issue had had a huge impact on the Kunlun God Sect. Now that even Han Juntian knew about this, Tai Qiantian would have to reconsider a little about wanting to kill Lin Fan.

It was basically impossible for him to want to take action personally anymore.

Han Juntian must be keeping watch over the activities of the Kunlun God Sect right now. As long as he were to take action, the former would follow closely behind.

Now was not the time for them to fall out completely with the Heaven and Earth Sect just yet. If the Old Masters could successfully become Heavenly Lords, the first one they would take down would definitely be the Heaven and Earth Sect.

Right now, Tian Fengling was in the depths of the Kunlun God Sect, healing up his body with the use of the Kunlun God Sect's healing Immortal Weapons. However, he would most likely not be able to recover without a good hundred years.

This was truly a huge blow for the Kunlun God Sect.

The amount of pills that the healing Immortal Weapons required were an ocean's worth as well. In every single aspect, they had really taken tremendous losses for a Heaven and Earth Sect disciple this time around.


At this moment, Lin Fan had already left the place he was at before.

Right now, he was headed for a dangerous secret ground that was slightly famous in the Endless Mainland. Rumors had it that it was a secret ground formed after the fall of an old monster.

As for these old monsters and whatnot, Lin Fan was totally averse to them, and had a great amount of contempt toward them. The main reason was because he had been disgusted by now thanks to the Seven Saint Old Dog.

As for pills, Immortal Weapons, and whatnot, Lin Fan was not too interested in them either. It was enough for him to just have people to kill.

A secret ground of this sort would naturally have many powerful beings coming for it. As long as Lin Fan were to maintain a low profile, there would basically be nothing to worry about.

Diving into the void, Lin Fan traveled tens of thousands of miles in the blink of an eye.

This time around, he could have considered having laid down a grudge with the Kunlun God Sect. If he were to meet any Kunlun God Sect disciples in the future, he would naturally have to strike first.

Since the bridge was already burnt, there was no need to have further considerations anymore.


After a long time, a city ahead of Lin Fan caught his attention.

Based on the knowledge he had obtained from the sect, this was a city filled with martial artists entirely. After they had obtained items from the secret ground, they would conduct their trades here.

After entering the city, Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat. This was truly a spectacular place.

True Immortal state, Mystic Immortal state, and Golden Immortal state beings were plenty.

Walking along the streets, martial artists surrounding him would be yelling out and hawking their goods.

At this moment, there was a commotion somewhere ahead.

"Long Jinfei! You went back on your words! We agreed on entering the secret ground together where I would help you guys defend against those Puppets while you guys grab the treasures! To think that you would be giving me this trash right now!" A man scolded out harshly as his eyes shone with an endless amount of rage. However, it was as though he was wary of the other party's strength and did not dare to take action at all.

This piqued Lin Fan's curiosity as he took a quick look. But in the next instant, his eyes shone brightly.

In front of a group of people stood a man whose waist had a token hanging on it, representing his identity as a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect!

The few people behind the Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect, Long Jinfei, spoke up, "Who are you? We don't even know you! You're only a mere Golden Immortal upper level being! What rights do you have to enter the secret ground with us? Do you know that he's a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect?" A man said.

Long Jinfei stood there haughtily, evidently unbothered by this man before him in the least bit.

The hearts of some of the surrounding martial artists tensed up. They were naturally fearful of this man's status as a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect.

The Kunlun God Sect was a major sect, not something they could go against at all.

"Hmph! I can only blame myself for being blind at that time to have believed in you guys. To think that this would be all a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect amounts to." That man scoffed out in a huff and prepared to leave. He would just take it that he was scammed this time around. Furthermore, the strength of the other party was way higher than his. Even if he wanted to clash head-on, he would not be a match for the other party.

"Halt there."

At this moment, Long Jinfei spoke up, casting his sight toward this man, "You said that this was all a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect amounts to? Since that's the case, we'll see just how much this amounts to then!"

Suddenly, Long Jinfei triggered his killing intent.

The man exclaimed out in shock, "Long Jinfei, don't go overboard now! Don't think that you can behave as such just because you are a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect! From this day forth, who would still dare to cooperate with you to enter any secret ground?"

Long Jinfei laughed out coldly, "That is something you don't have to worry about."

But just at that moment, a bright flash of light burst forth.

Long Jinfei's face changed as he turned his eyes around. But by the time he had even reacted to it, there was a hand placed on his shoulder already.

"Brother, are you a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun God Sect?" Suddenly, Lin Fan had appeared before Long Jinfei in the blink of an eye, asking him while smiling.

'So fast!' Long Jinfei's heart was skipping as he let out a bright smile, "Yes! And you are?"

Lin Fan's smile turned even brighter as he revealed two rows of pearly whites.


With lightning speed, a dagger had appeared in Lin Fan's hands since god-knows-when, which he then stabbed right into Long Jinfei's tummy.




Long Jinfei's eyes were wide open as though he could not believe what was happening.


After Lin Fan was done with his stabbing, Lin Fan patted on the latter's shoulder. Instantly, Bare Nudeness was deployed as he reaped in every single thing from Long Jinfei's head to toe. A naked corpse was then presented before the eyes of the masses.

Without even turning his head to look back, Lin Fan continued walking in the direction ahead.

At this moment, the entire place was silent. It was as though everyone were frozen in stupefaction.