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 Ancestor Immortal realm was right after the Golden Immortal realm.

Once one reached that cultivation state, they would practically share their lives with the Heaven itself. Even if they wanted to, it wouldn't be easy for them to die.

For Ning Yuanjian and the others to have a strength of this extent after fusing with the bronze sword was something that was pretty astounding. If not for the fact that there were two elders who were killed by Lin Fan instantaneously, this strength might have even been slightly more formidable.

Lin Fan could feel the amount of power emanating forth from that bronze sword, which was way too rich! This was no normal density here!

Given the situation right now, Lin Fan did not dare to claim that he would be able to take down the other party. However, that didn't matter; he would only know the outcome after striking out.

At this moment, Lin Hanyu and the others let out a horrified expression.

The aura of the Ancestor Immortal realm shrouded the entire world and crushed down. They could feel as though they were floating in a vast ocean right now where a single wave could swallow them up whole.

"That bronze sword is an Immortal Weapon! For them to fuse with that Immortal Weapon at this moment, I wonder what sort of might that would produce!"

"The Metal Sword Sect's most powerful mystic skill is to fuse with their Immortal Weapons and burst forth with the most powerful force possible!"

"This time around, I'm afraid that things are probably going to get dangerous!"


"B*stard sh*t! How dare you kill my child! I'll have you die today!" The berserk voice of Ning Yuanjian emanated out of the bronze sword, shaking the entire world due to its boundless rage.

Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back with a calm expression, unbothered by it, "Not too bad! This mystic skill of yours is pretty interesting indeed, for you to fuse with an Immortal Weapon and raise your own strength with its help temporarily. Given your Ancestor Immortal state lower level strength right now, if you guys were out anywhere in the Endless Mainland, you could probably be considered as one of the top powerful beings."


All of a sudden, that bronze sword stood upright and sliced out gently. The void in its path was just like a thin piece of paper that was shredded as it pushed right down.

Lin Fan raised his hand and his powers rumbled out furiously, pushing back against that Sword Will.



With that, a berserk amount of power exploded out.

Lin Fan stumbled back for a few steps as his face tensed up. This was truly formidable indeed! With his current power, this force might truly be something he could not win against.

"HAHAHA...!" A series of frenzied laughter cried out, "What else have you got? This time around, I'm going to have you killed for sure! Since you killed my son, you shall just have to pay with your life then!"

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders. So troublesome! He wondered what he could do in the given situation.

At this moment, Lin Fan's mind started whirling as he pondered about what he could use to kill the other party. After fusing with the bronze sword, the amount of power sent forth was truly far from ordinary. He truly had to think up of a good method and give it a shot.

"I'm going to slice down your flesh one piece after another! Not only that, I'm going to extend your death slowly and drag it out by 10,000 years so that you will have a fate worse than death!" Ning Yuanjian roared out as the bronze sword started shrinking down until it was of the same size as any normal longsword.

Not only did the strength not diminish after shrinking, it seemed as though it had even grown!

Shrinking implied concentration; seemed like this theory was right indeed.


All of a sudden, that bronze sword disappeared from the face of the world. This speed surpassed everything, such that one was unable to make clear of everything with their eyes.

However, Lin Fan could make out every single move nice and clear.

This was truly a lightning-fast speed indeed. Most likely, even a Golden Immortal full cultivation state being would be killed by it in an instant.


The void trembled slightly as Lin Fan lowered his head. The sword had suddenly appeared above his head and bolted right past. If he had only been slightly slower, his brains would most likely have been spilled by it.

So sharp! So fierce! What a speed!

"Dodging it? You will not be able to dodge forever!" Ning Yuanjian laughed out in a deranged manner. The sword suddenly took on a myriad of crafty changes. Lin Fan was slightly taken aback as he did not expect it to have such capabilities!



And just like that, the bronze sword had penetrated through Lin Fan's body.

"HAHAHA...! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Ning Yuanjian laughed out maniacally.

Lin Fan lowered his head. At the very moment when the bronze sword had penetrated his body, a Sword Will seeped into his body, mincing his Laws of Golden Immortals in him to dust.

"How about now? Your death has arrived!" Ning Yuanjian roared out in laughter. But when he caught sight of that smug smirk on Lin Fan's face, his expression changed.

Lin Fan grabbed onto that sword before grinning out, "You're dead."

"Huh?" Ning Yuanjian was stunned, not understanding what the other party meant by that.

"Heaven and Earth Smelt!"

At this moment, Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin. He had not expected this chance to come this quickly! This was the opportunity he had been waiting for, a chance when this guy would finally pierce him!


The Heaven and Earth Smelt appeared out in the world instantly.

"From this day forth, the Metal Sword Sect shall turn into a trash sect." Lin Fan declared as he leaped right into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

All of a sudden, Ning Yuanjian was completely flabbergasted.

"What is this place?"

The insides of the smelt had him totally stumped, unable to figure out where he was right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan hollered out and held his breath while pulling the sword out of his body.

Even though breaking through to Ancestor Immortal realm from Golden Immortal realm had resulted in a rise in strength, the other party's Sword Will was still too far off when compared to Lin Fan's. If they wanted to decimate his physical body with just that level of Sword Will, they would absolutely just be dreaming!

"Do you think that you can just seal me in here? That is just seeking your own humiliation! Slay!" Ning Yuanjian bellowed out as the bronze sword started generating all sorts of explosions within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.



Gigantic booms arose from the clash of the bronze sword and the Heaven and Earth Smelt's walls.

Lin Fan was surprised at this sight, as though he had not imagined Ning Yuanjian to be this tyrannical! If this guy were to bug him constantly, he might probably have had to endure quite a bit of annoyance. But now that this fella was just striking out at the Heaven and Earth Smelt instead, wasn't he just giving Lin Fan an opportunity to escape?


Lin Fan entered his Stealth mode and headed toward the entrance of the Heaven and Earth Smelt; opening the lid, he snuck out swiftly.

Out in the void, Lin Fan stood on top of the Heaven and Earth Smelt and heaved out a sigh of relief. To think that things would have gone this smoothly!


Ning Yuanjian was still rampaging within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"To think that a mere little smelt would wish to keep me inside here? Slay!"

"Eh? Just what in the world is up with this sh*t? To think that I can't slice through it at all!"

"B*stard sh*t! Where are you?"

"Damn it! Come on out!"


A series of enraged howls burst forth from within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

Lin Fan stood on top of the Heaven and Earth Smelt and blinked his, then looked at the wound on his chest. The Mythical Parasol Tree burst out with some lifeforce, helping him heal quickly.

"To think that it would be this easy! Ancestor Immortal powerful being? I guess this is it then!"

"Refine!" Lin Fan commanded calmly.

This was probably his smoothest attempt in utilizing the Heaven and Earth Smelt thus far.

Within the Smelt, this Ning Yuanjian had chosen to go chop the Heaven and Earth Smelt itself instead of bothering him! That was something that could only be achieved by a brain-dead retard.



As the refinement began, a series of miserable shrieks rang out from within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.





Gradually, the voices turned softer.

Lin Fan, on the other hand, was filled with anticipation. He wondered what sort of an outcome this would bring for him.