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 Even though Lin Haoming was the Family Head of the Lin Family, he was like a servant right now, being made to pour wine, serve food, and exchange plates.

It was the same for the other Family Heads of the seven great families.

Sitting there, Lin Hanyu could not even bear to take in a single bite of her food. Her heart was extremely pained right now. In her eyes, the other party was just humiliating her family.

This was especially the case for the expression with which Ning Tiekun was looking at her father. It was as though he was looking at an ant. If only she were stronger, something as such wouldn't have happened.

"Master! Young Master has returned!" At this moment, the voice of the old housekeeper rang through.

When Lin Haoming, who was just pouring out wine for everyone present heard this voice, his hand trembled slightly. He then let out an ecstatic smile as he placed down the wine jar in his hand. Ignoring the expression on Ning Tiekun's which almost seemed as though he wanted to eat him up, Lin Haoming went straight toward the entrance of the house.

Lin Hanyu bolted upright as well, as though she could not believe what she had just heard!

"You're courting death! Come over and pour the wine!" Ning Tiekun was enraged. His voice was thunderous, causing the void to crack out with its might.

However, for Lin Haoming, this threat of Ning Tiekun meant jacksh*t.

When Lin Fan was walking through the courtyard, his brows furrowed at the sound of that enraged shout. He then entered the house.

"Son...! You're finally home...!" Lin Haoming was smiling ear to ear right now, happier than anyone could ever be.

"Yes, I'm back." Lin Fan nodded his head before surveying the house.

"Little Brother." Lin Hanyu stood up.

Xiao Yuya turned her head around and looked at the person who had arrived, feeling worried in her heart. At this moment, things did not seem as though they were going to be settled that easily, especially not with the expression that Ning Tiekun was giving off.

When the other Family Heads caught sight of Lin Fan, they were unusually happy as well. They felt as though they could finally regain all the face they had lost.


Initially, Zhou Jun and Wang Yun were sitting there idly and carefreely, intending to watch the show fall out. But, when they caught sight of that familiar face, they felt their hearts freeze up as they bolted up while shivering uncontrollably.

That once comfortable chair seemed as though it was made out of pins right now.

"Who was asking whom to pour what wine?" Lin Fan asked calmly before walking over to the dining table. When he caught sight of everything before him, that initially calm expression of his flashed with a slight tinge of anger.

"Son, this..." Lin Haoming was hesitant, not knowing what he should say.

"Little Brother, these three here are your elder sister's senior sisters." Lin Hanyu introduced.

Xiao Yuya looked over at Lin Fan and smiled. As for the other two, they just tossed him a casual glance, and were totally unbothered afterward.

Lin Hanyu's younger brother? So what? Even Lin Hanyu was just a mere Outer Sect disciple. As for this younger brother of hers, he should be treating them with immense respect!

Huang Yan spoke up, "Young Master Lin, we are waiting on them right now."

"Oh? Waiting on them?" Lin Fan raised his head slightly. His face showed an immense might without displaying any anger in them.

"Hmph! Scram! Can't you see that we're having our meal now?" Ning Tiekun barked out.

Lin Fan had merely tossed a quick glance over at Ning Tiekun before turning his sight onto the other two.

At this moment, there was an intense tension in the air.

All of the commoners who had followed Lin Fan to the Lin Residence held their breath as well. They could feel that something big was about to happen here.

Zhou Jun and Wang Yun's faces were frightfully pale right now. That initially calm heart of theirs started palpitating furiously. They wanted to move, but they could feel an immense pressure locking down their bodies.

But they knew that if they still stood there without budging an inch, the consequences were going to be disastrous.


The both of their throats started moving and feeling choked as they tried with all their might to budge.

"Senior Brother Ning, this is my Little Brother. He is a disciple of Heaven and Earth Sect." Lin Hanyu called out fiercely.

"Huehue." Ning Tiekun laughed out coldly. If this person were truly a disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect, how could Brother Ning and Brother Wang not recognize him when he had entered?

But, since Brother Ning and Brother Wang were saying nothing at all right now, it was evident that this person must be any normal disciple in the Heaven and Earth Sect. Who knew, he might even be a servant disciple!

"Good guts there! To have my Lin Family and the seven other Family Heads wait on you... That is really some bold guts you've got there." Lin Fan said.

Ning Tiekun chuckled out coldly, "Brother Zhou, Brother Ning, what position does this person have in your Heaven and Earth Sect?"

But when Ning Tiekun turned his head around, he was frozen by the scene before him.

Right now, Ning Tiekun was not the only one who was frozen. Everyone was dumbfounded by what was happening.

Zhou Jun and Wang Yun were biting down on their teeth while trembling violently. As though they had used up every single last bit of strength left in their bodies, they collapsed onto their knees in a thud.

"I-Inner Sect disciple Z-Zhou Jun."

"I-Inner Sect disciple W-Wang Yun."

"G-Greetings to Grandmaster C-Candidate senior brother!"




The both of them knelt on the ground and kowtowed in apology profusely. The strength which they were using was immense, causing the sound of it to reverberate through the nine heavens just like thunder.

Both of them did not dare to use any bit of powers at all. They were just slamming their heads down like mere mortals, causing a series of dull thuds to ring forth from their kowtows.

Fresh blood oozed out, staining the entire ground red.

When they caught sight of Lin Fan's figure, both of them were absolutely flabbergasted. This was Senior Brother Lin, the one who had suppressed all the Remnants of the Kunlun God Sect, and had even taken down their Golden Immortal elder with a single palm strike! If they had known that these were Senior Brother Lin's family members, they would not have dared to come in even if they had ten sets of guts!

Within the sect, even if Senior Brother Lin met with the Grandmaster, he did not have to kneel down and greet at all! Both of them knew that if they could not obtain their Senior Brother Lin's forgiveness right now, their lives would not leave this place intact.

Lin Fan's hands were behind his back as his face was icy cold while looking at everything before him. As long as he did not say anything, Zhou Jun and Wang Yun did not dare to stop at all.

At this moment, other than the sounds of the heads banging, the entire world was absolutely silent.

The commoners outside were all dumbstruck.

The seven Family Heads were all frozen.

Lin Haoming and Lin Hanyu looked at Lin Fan blankly.

Ning Tiekun stood up with an aghast expression, as though he had just bumped into a ghost.

For everyone present, there was only a single voice ringing in their heads.

"Grandmaster Candidate..."

For any single sect, these two words were extremely impactful.

This wasn't even considering that this was THE Heaven and Earth Sect they were talking about!

There were only twelve Grandmaster Candidates in the Heaven and Earth Sect, each one of them being tantamount to the Heaven itself. This was especially the case within the sect where their status was definite. Other than the Grandmaster himself and a few other esteemed elders, no one else would dare to be insolent before them!

And now, what did those two people just say?

This man was the Grandmaster Candidate of the Heaven and Earth Sect...!

Lin Fan did not say anything more as he walked over to the main seat, "Father, please take the main seat. The other Family Heads, please have a seat as well. Housekeeper, could you please change the utensils and serve some new dishes?"

"Yes, Young Master!" The old housekeeper was beyond elated in his heart as he sprinted like he was flying to prepare for everything.

Ning Tiekun gulped down his saliva as his heart sank right down to the bottom. He then rushed beside Zhou Jun and Wang Yun, and just like them, kowtowed furiously.

The three senior sisters of Lin Hanyu stood on one side without daring to budge a single inch. They were totally petrified by the sight before them.

It didn't take long before the old housekeeper returned with new utensils and removed the old ones.

Lin Fan poured wine for Lin Haoming personally and toasted a cup with him.

Holding the wine cup in his hand, Lin Haoming's hands were trembling right now. He then swallowed it emotionally, "Good, good...! Good!"

Right now, things were truly good! Glorious! This was simply way too glorious for their family!

Initially, he had thought that the most glorious moment of his life would have been when his son entered the Heaven and Earth Sect. To think that they would be experiencing an even more glorious moment right now!

Lin Fan took up his wine cup and rose, "Seven Family Heads, thank you for taking care of the Lin Family for the past three years."

The seven Family Heads bolted upright straight without daring to dilly dally. With polite courtesy, they downed the entire cup respectfully.

Comfortable! This was way too comfortable a feeling!

The seven Family Heads had never once felt this comfortable ever. What did all the wronged feelings they had earlier on amount to? It was all vented at this very moment.

Lin Hanyu and her three senior sisters stood there without saying anything.

Right now, Xiao Yuya's heart was entirely taken aback. She had not expected that Junior Sister Lin Hanyu's younger brother would hold such a position within the Heaven and Earth Sect!

"Enjoy your meal!" Lin Fan said with a smile. He then paused and looked at Lin Hanyu, who was standing at the entrance, "Big Sister, come and sit won't you?"

Lin Hanyu nodded her head absentmindedly, having her brain freezing at this moment. Even sitting there, she did not know what to do at all.