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 No matter how fast Yan Qingxue was or how profound her powers were, in the eyes of Lin Fan, they were still weak to the point of being pathetic.

If he had met her outside, he would have been too lazy to even bother with her. After all, she would barely give any experience points at all.

A single slap!

There was nothing special to this and neither were there any mystic skills used to boost it. Lin Fan just merely slapped out on Yan Qingxue's face outright.

A tremendous amount of power caused her body to fly around the sky in countless circles. That unparalleled, ravishing face of hers was even starting to distort under the might of this power. In fact, there were even a few of her teeth that were knocked out under this immense force.


That seductive body of hers which was the source of endless male fantasies landed onto the ground with a thud like a dead dog.

The speed at which everything happened caused everyone to be tongue-tied. They did not even have the time to react to it.

At this moment, the entire place fell silent. Everyone was just completely dumbfounded.

The Remnants of the Kunlun God Sect were appalled as their jaws dropped to the ground. They looked carefully at the sight of that figure on the sparring arena, then at their junior sister lying on the ground.

This was no dream. This was the cold, hard reality.

With that, an uproar broke out!

"Did you guys manage to catch that carefully? Just what in the world happened?"

"You're asking me, then who in the world am I bloody supposed to ask? I didn't manage to catch sight of it carefully either!"

"Check it out! The right hand that Senior Brother Lin had placed behind his back is at the front now! Could Senior Brother Lin have only used a single hand?"

"That can't be right! A single hand?!"

"HAHAHA! I don't really care how he did it, all I know is that we've won! That woman was too darned disgusting to be honest! Initially, she was just looking down on our Heaven and Earth Sect like a piece of trash. But, I'm sure she now knows the consequences of being as cocky, eh?"

"Senior Brother Lin is way too savage! To think that he would even strike out at a woman who is as beautiful as a fairy like that! I think he even knocked out some of her teeth!"

"Huehue! Even if she's beautiful, so what? Do we not have beautiful girls in our Heaven and Earth Sect? As long as Senior Brother Lin is willing, I'm afraid that even the most beautiful junior and senior sisters of our Heaven and Earth Sect will be willing to follow him!"

Beside this disciple was a gorgeous disciple who lowered her head daintily, "If Senior Brother Lin is willing, I will definitely not reject him..."

"See! Even junior sister here has agreed to it!"

"That move was way too savage honestly! If not for the fact that I knew how disgusting that woman was, I might have felt my heart break over it!"

When Su Hongchen, who was below amongst the disciples, caught sight of everything, she could not help but gulp down her saliva. She had suddenly realized that Senior Brother Lin looked so suave even when he was whacking women!

On the seats of the Remnants...

Jian Cangqiong, Ling Wuzun, and the others were ecstatic. They had even nearly leaped out of their seats.

"Good! That was such a good beating!"

"I've finally managed to ease that air of indignance in my heart! Otherwise, it was going to suffocate me to death!"

The nine great Remnants were unusually excited right now. This was simply too cathartic a situation, making them feel immensely relieved.

Lin Fan's brows twitched, totally unbothered by everything. However, the Remnants of the Kunlun God Sect were so enraged that they were exploding right now.

"Junior sister...!" One of the Remnants rushed forth with a menacing expression to check on his junior sister's injuries immediately. But, when he caught sight of how swollen that initially ravishing face of his junior sister had become, a flame of rage burnt from the bottom of his heart entirely.

"Damn it! You're just bloody courting death!" Huang Kuntian was thoroughly incensed right now. He was a Remnant of the Kunlun God Sect, and had always had a crush on Yan Qingxue. Now that he had to see his junior sister being beaten to a pulp like this, the wrath blazing in his heart was about to burst out.

With a pair of malevolent eyes, he glared at Lin Fan in rage. He could not help but want to devour this person up.

On the seat of the Grandmasters...

The Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect was startled as he stood up slightly. It was as though he was in disbelief.

Han Juntian smiled out calmly, "Seems like he has been a little heavy with his strike. But don't worry, there's no danger to her life. Our sect has healing saint pills that can help her recover just fine."

The Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect let out an awkward smile before sitting back down, "That won't be needed."


Standing there calmly, Lin Fan shook his head, "The Remnants of the Kunlun God Sect are way too weak. All of you guys can come down together."

Boom, crash, bam!

All the Remnants of the Kunlun God Sect bolted upright. That gleeful expression they had earlier on was completely gone by now, replaced by pure rage.

"You b*stard! I'll have you dead!" Huang Kuntian roared out as he stepped forth. The ground started cracking apart as he rushed toward Lin Fan.

His palm covered the entire sky as his powers rumbled. Right now, his eyes were shining with an endless rage, "How dare you harm my junior sister! I'll have your life!"

Lin Fan raised his head and his lips curled into a grin. Without using both his hands, his right leg raised gently. When he pushed out his leg, it was as though they were tearing through the Heaven and Earth.



Huang Kuntian cried out tragically as he was stomped down and buried deep into a pit by Lin Fan.

"Weak...Far too weak. Is there not even a single person in the Kunlun God Sect who can fight?" Lin Fan asked in a soft tone.

He was echoing the exact same words of Yan Qingxue from earlier on.



All the disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect were completely dazed right now before they erupted into cheers.

"Senior Brother Lin! Tyrannical!"

"Good! What was simply way too good a beating! Is there no one from the Kunlun God Sect who can fight?"

"That fella! I remember him! He was so conceited earlier on! To think that he would be stamped down into the ground by a single foot of Senior Brother Lin!"

"HAHAHA! I'm about to laugh to death! Is there no one in the Kunlun God Sect who can fight? HAHAH!"

"I caught everything carefully this time around! That single kick of Senior Brother Lin was simply way too tyrannical!"

"I caught it clearly as well!"

Jian Cangqiong, Ling Wuzun, and the others were completely dazed by now. This was especially the case for Ling Wuzun, who could not dare to believe his very eyes right now.

Just how strong had this guy become?

Ling Wuzun was a petty man. He would forever remember the humiliation that Lin Fan had once dealt him. He was determined to surpass Lin Fan and become a powerful being.

But, the current situation had even him feeling that wanting to chase up to the latter was extremely, extremely difficult.

He might not have that chance even in his entire lifetime.

At this moment, Lin Fan's disposition was domineering beyond words. He then looked with disdain at the other Remnants below the sparring arena, "What now? Is there no one who dares to come up onto the sparring arena? You guys can come at me together."

The remaining Remnants of the Kunlun God Sect felt their faces tense up. They were no fools. Naturally, they could tell just how strong the other party was. At the start, they took down the Remnants of the Heaven and Earth Sect as though they were taking down toys; it was extremely easy. But, things had changed now.

Right now, this Remnant of the Heaven and Earth Sect who had appeared later on was the one who was taking them down like toys.

A character as such caused them to remember someone-Qin Shengjun of the God Essence Sect.

Thirteen years ago, that person was an existence who had surpassed every other genius. Right now, he was a top existence within the God Essence Sect, and reigned supreme over the entire world. Even if it were all the genius disciples of the Kunlun God Sect combined, they would pale in comparison with Qin Shengjun.

At this moment, an elder from the Kunlun God Sect stood up with a serious expression, "Let the duels end here then. We must not spoil the relationship between the two sects."

The elder had placed extra emphasis on the word 'relationship'.

In actual fact, the Heaven and Earth Sect and the Kunlun God Sect did not have any sort of relationship. They were just cooperating in terms of strategies when it came to fights between the other sects. This was a type of fragile relationship that could break apart at any moment.

Lin Fan raised his head with an arrogant expression.

"Do you think that it will end just because you said so? Who do you think you are?"

Qing Yangzi facepalmed his forehead. Bloody hell! This lad was thinking about creating trouble once more!

"Huehue... Grandmaster Han, this precious Remnant of your sect is really arrogant, eh?" The elder turned his head around immediately and said with a weird tone.

Han Juntian grinned slightly. However, his eyes shone with astonishment before long.

"Since you say that I'm arrogant, Your Daddy will show you what true arrogance is! The Grandmaster himself has yet to call an end to this, and yet you think you're in the position to speak?" All of a sudden, Lin Fan's figure disappeared from the sparring arena. The next time he appeared, he was already in the void above the head of that elder who had spoken.

The elder was taken aback, "You'd dare?"

Lin Fan smiled calmly as he slapped down with his palm. He was going to take down this elder thoroughly and completely so that the latter would what the true meaning of arrogance was.