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 Lin Fan brought Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu to leave the Maple Forest City, heading in the direction of the Heaven and Earth Sect.

After leaving the sect for three years, Lin Fan had to head back and make up for it properly. This was especially the case with his situation right now. He had to request for some information about dangerous places and frightening people to look out for.

His path of hunting had to be initiated real soon.

"They're gone." The elderly man beside Feng Yanyun spoke up as his eyes shone with a sharp glint. He had not expected that he would be able to meet with a powerful being of that level in his lifetime.

Slaying Golden Immortals just like slaying dogs...He handled it simply with ease. That was something absolutely horrifying for him to even think of.

"To think that the Maple Forest City would have an affinity of this sort." Feng Yanyun said.

"That's right! Now that we have this mysterious formation above us, it will be able to protect the Maple Forest City from external assaults. This will be more than enough." The elderly man remarked as he admired the formation that was shrouding the Maple Forest City right now.

This formation was mysterious beyond anything he had ever seen. At the same time, there was a Power of Killing seeping out of it. If anyone were to try attacking the Maple Forest City, they would most likely be slain in an instant.

Formidable! A power of this level was truly formidable indeed!


"Are we heading over to your sect now, Big Bro?" Qiu Zhanyu asked curiously.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head. He did not know what sort of changes the Heaven and Earth Sect had undergone in the past three years. This was something that left him curious as well.

"Hehe! We can be considered as people who have seen major sects before! The name of the Heaven and Earth Sect is renowned. In the past, we had tried to enter the Heaven and Earth Sect as well, ultimately in vain. So, we decided to forget about it ever since." Jin Zhengu reminisced about the past while saying.

Lin Fan looked at the both of them and chuckled out momentarily, "If both of you want to join, you can do it, you know?"

Qiu Zhanyu was excited at the thought of it for a second before deciding to scrap it, "We had better not join it. Following you is as good as joining it, Big Bro!"

"Yes, that makes sense!" Jin Zhengu nodded his head in agreement.

"Haha!" Lin Fan burst out in laughter, "Let's not talk about it then. It's not as though you guys will suffer by following me, will you?"


A few days later, the Heaven and Earth Sect appeared in Lin Fan's sight.

Glancing over, Lin Fan realized that the Heaven and Earth Sect was extremely lively. This was especially the case for the skies above the sparring arena. Powers were rumbling so furiously that even the void was getting distorted over it.

"Could there be another Grand Competition again?" Lin Fan was somewhat intrigued as he headed over for the mountain entrance.


At the mountain entrance, there were two disciples who were chatting while looking over at the distance, revealing a look of thirst on their faces.

"It seems to be really exciting over there! It's a pity we've got to guard the entrance." One of the disciples said.

"No matter how exciting it is, it's none of our business. We've only just joined the sect. If we're not the ones to guard the entrance, who would?" The other disciple replied.

"Someone's here." When the two disciples, who were in the midst of chatting, caught sight of Lin Fan, they headed forth immediately.

Lin Fan took out his token, which was a symbol of the Remnants. Naturally, the two disciples recognized the token before looking over at Lin Fan politely, "Senior brother."

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head and entered the sect.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu, who were following behind him, puffed out their chest and walked in as well, feeling extremely proud.

After Lin Fan's group entered, the two disciples started discussing questioningly.

"That was a senior brother just now. Moreover, he is also a Remnant! However, we've seen all of the Remnants before, but somehow, I don't recall ever seeing him before." One of the disciples remarked curiously.

"That's not a surprise, is it? Out of the ten great Remnants, there was always a seat that was empty. Since when had you seen all of them before?" The other disciple replied.

"Ah! Could that person from earlier be...?" The first disciple exclaimed. Even though they had entered the sect not too long ago, they had heard of the rumors before.

The number one Remnant in the entire sect had suppressed all the other Remnants such that they couldn't lift their heads high! Not only that, he had left the sect for three years and did not return at all. He was extremely mysterious.


"Big Bro, the Heaven and Earth Sect is so lively!" Qiu Zhanyu looked left and right while exclaiming.

"That's obvious. Major sects are always bustling with life." Lin Fan smiled out and then looked over at the distance, "Let us head over there to check it out."


The sect's Main Hall, on the sparring arena...

"You've let me win." A man said while cupping his fists together. However, his eyes shone with a look of contempt.

On the viewing platform...

"Grandmaster Han! Gosh, it's embarrassing, but my sect's Remnant has managed to win somehow with luck once more." The Grandmaster of the Kunlun God Sect revealed a smug smile.

The Kunlun God Sect had always exchanged activities with the Heaven and Earth Sect. This time around, it was time for the Heaven and Earth Sect to play the host. However, their motive as the guest was all just a front. The main purpose for their trip was to check out the strength of the Heaven and Earth Sect's next generation.

"Doesn't matter." Han Juntian smiled out calmly as though it did not bother him at all. However, he was just cussing out in his heart.

What the f*ck was up with these Remnants? All of them seemed so weak as though they hadn't eaten at all!

At the same time, how could the strength of the Kunlun God Sect's Remnants be this strong! They were so strong that it was a little sick!

"Next up, the duel is between the Kunlun God Sect's Remnant, Yan Qingxue, and the Heaven and Earth Sect's Remnant, Ling Wuzun."

The Heaven and Earth Sect's Remnants had been losing more than they had won. Out of six matches, they had only won two. This was pretty embarrassing indeed.

Ling Wuzun looked left and right while revealing an exasperated expression.

"Junior Brother Ling, steady up! You've got to win this!" Remnant Jian Cangqiong said with a frightfully pale face.

He had already lost on the arena earlier on. In the past few years, he had already reached the True Immortal state full cultivation level, and was just that step away from the Mystic Immortal state.

But, to think that this disciple of the Kunlun God Sect would be even sicker! He was taken down in merely ten moves! That was indeed an extremely wretched state to be in.

"I'll try my best." What else could Ling Wuzun say? Other than trying his best, there was no other way out!

The disciples of the Kunlun God Sect seemed as though they had popped down some pills, and were unusually ferocious. They weren't folks that ordinary people could deal with.

Furthermore, given the situation right now, he did not have that much confidence either.

When he looked at how smug the disciples of the Kunlun God Sect were looking, Ling Wuzun just could not get his spirits up. Bloody hell! He could lose his own face as badly as he wanted, but he could absolutely not cause the sect to lose face!

At this moment, Ling Wuzun thought of that accursed number one Remnant. That was the fella he hated the most, Lin Fan.

Bloody hell! If that fella were here at the sect, things wouldn't have gotten this pathetic as well! Motherf*cking hell!

While Ling Wuzun could never forget the humiliation that Lin Fan had handed him, he WAS rather hoping that the latter would appear given the current situation. He would rather have that fella take the limelight than have these disciples of the Kunlun God Sect show their might before the Heaven and Earth Sect.

On the seats of the elders at this moment, Qing Yangzi's face was flashing with green and white colors, evidently awkward.

To think that they would have lost this badly. This was simply way too embarrassing!

He then secretly turned to look over at the Grandmaster's expression, and discovered that the latter's face was totally composed. However, even then, he could not hide that bit of anger burning in his eyes.

'F*cking hell! Where has that lad died off to? Not a single peep of news for the past three years! Could he have met with some old monster outside and defected away to rely on others right away?'

Honestly, Qing Yangzi could not shrug that idea off his mind entirely.

On the sparring arena...

Ling Wuzun looked at this woman before him, who was so beautiful that she seemingly could not get any more beautiful right now. He cupped his fists gently and introduced himself, "Remnant Ling Wuzun."

Yan Qingxue smiled softly before giving him a disdainful look, "That name is pretty domineering. Wuzun, huh? But, we'll see if you've got the strength to back it up. You had better take out all of your strength. Otherwise, it's going to be really embarrassing if you lose too badly."

Ling Wuzun frowned, evidently displeased. However, he did not dare to underestimate her in his heart. He had heard of the rumors of this Yan Qingxue before. Even though her cultivation state was similar to his, her powers were extremely profound, with a deep source. Not only that, the mystic skills she deployed were extremely tyrannical. If he did not take her seriously, he might really be the one on the losing end.