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 The Selfless Demon Ancestor watched Lin Fan with a look of anticipation. Just what in the world was this lad?

"Are you having any feelings right now?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor spoke up and asked. If this still did not work, he would truly feel like puking blood right now.

Lin Fan blinked his eye and looked left and right, "Senior, I'm still not feeling anything! How about let's forget it?"

"No! Your Ancestor must ensure that you get to learn this number one mystic skill of the Buddha race!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor was nearly shouting out right now. There wasn't any use even after wasting so much Essence Blood? How could this be?

Right now, the Selfless Demon Ancestor was just like an avid gambler. He had already lost so much now. If it were to still not work, wouldn't all his effort from earlier on have been wasted?

"But senior! All of these pills aren't working at all! Could your pills have expired?" Lin Fan asked with a skeptical expression. However, he was roaring out with laughter in his heart.

This was a mother*cking braindead f*ck! Indeed, one must never ever be sealed man! This was especially the case after being sealed for dozens of thousands of years! Gosh, one's brain would just go retarded!

The Selfless Demon Ancestor who was being sealed in this endless abyss was truly in disbelief right now. He then fused in yet another ten drops of Essence Blood.

This was the power that he had slowly gathered again after all these years. Initially, he was waiting for the opportunity to break through this seal. But eventually, he found out that this seal was far from ordinary. Unless he was in his pinnacle state, there was practically no chance of him being able to break out.

But, from the state where he was right now, how long would it take before he reached back to his pinnacle state again?

A million years?

Ten million years?

He couldn't wait any longer. He had to take a shortcut and search for a heaven revolting vessel so that he could abandon this Selfless Demon Body of his.

And now that the perfect vessel had appeared before his eyes, how could he give up on it just like that?

A super pill floated out from within the sealed mountain, way more tyrannical than those pills from earlier on.

He was going big this time around for sure!

This fella was playing with his life!

Even Lin Fan was stumped at this moment.

"Senior, you've got to hold back a little! Your junior here knows that senior is someone with a big heart and compassion. But, there's truly no need for you to shower your junior here with such love! Your junior is so touched I am about to cry now! I don't even know what to say anymore!" Lin Fan was truly about to cry right now. This was the first time he had met with someone who was this nice to him!

In his heart, Lin Fan could not help but feel that the beings of the Endless Mainland were all filled with love in their hearts.

"No worries! Hurry up and consume that pill! This should do the trick!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor was somewhat feeble right now. Losing this much Essence Blood had taken quite a toll on his source. If this still couldn't work out, he was truly going to break down.

As the Selfless Demon Ancestor, he was one of the top existences in the Endless Mainland back in the past. It was a pity that he was suppressed by that Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Now that he even had to resort to such methods to try and break free was something that was simply embarrassing.

However, as long as he could get out, everything would be worth it.

"Thank you, senior!" Lin Fan could not wait right now.

This pill was way bigger than those pills from earlier on. The color was even more luscious. A single look was enough to tell that this was good stuff that was far from ordinary.

Popping the pill...

Crunch, chomp, munch!

The taste was still ever so fragrant. Only, there was something missing from it.

'Ding... Experience Points +500,000,000.'

Lin Fan jerked his eyes wide and revealed a look of disbelief.


It was 500,000,000! Seemed like this Selfless Demon Ancestor was really going at it with his life!

When the Selfless Demon Ancestor who was sealed in the mountain caught sight of Lin Fan's expression, his heart skipped with joy as he asked out excitedly.

"Has it worked?"

The Selfless Demon Ancestor was somewhat emotional right now. However, to the astonishment of the Selfless Demon Ancestor, he could not even feel a single bit of connection with that lad! Could this have failed again?

"Senior, it's no use!" Lin Fan let out yet another sorrowful look.

And just at this moment, the experience points gain of 500,000,000 coupled with the experience points from earlier on had fulfilled the requirements of leveling up.

'Ding... Cultivation State leveled up.'

'Cultivation State: Golden Immortal state lower level.'

'Ding... Entering Golden Immortal state. Gathering Laws of the Golden Immortal.'

Lin Fan realized that there was a huge change going on through his body! This was a change way more tremendous than back when he had entered the Mystic Immortal state!

This was especially the case for his mind which was sharp and clear right now. A boundless amount of power gushed into his mind before forming a golden sea.

This was...!

The Sea of the Golden Immortals!

Within this Sea of the Golden Immortals were dragons made up of power that swam within it one after another. This was the entire power of a Golden Immortal which formed this gigantic sea. There was a world of difference compared to the Mystic Immortal state.

Those thick Laws of the Golden Immortal coiled around his body. These represented all assets of a Golden Immortal, as well as a sign of being a Golden Immortal, possessing the enormous might.

"Pleasurable! This is truly pleasurable indeed! To think that being a Golden Immortal would be this pleasurable! I feel as though I can crush everything in this world with just a single fist!"

Lin Fan reared his head up into the void as his heart surged with vigor.

If anyone else wanted to raise their cultivation states, it was always something that was more difficult than difficult. But, as someone with the System, every single impossibility turned into non-trivial factors.

Entering this godforsaken place was truly no loss for Lin Fan!

However, it was quite a pity. If just the Essence Blood of this Selfless Demon Ancestor alone could turn him so incredibly strong, wouldn't he soar into the Heavens if he could get to kill this Selfless Demon Ancestor himself?


The Selfless Demon Ancestor discovered where the issue was right now.

"How could you possibly raise your cultivation state at a moment as such?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor questioned with his mouth wide agape.

"Senior, I've got no idea! I just found my strength growing all of a sudden somehow! What do you think the cause of this might be?! But, the pill from earlier on did not work again. Ah! Your junior here is so crestfallen!" Lin Fan cried out. If the intellect of this Selfless Demon Ancestor were slightly lower, he might have truly believed in these words.

But alas, everything was all wishful thinking on Lin Fan's part.

Even though the Selfless Demon Ancestor wasn't all that smart, he wasn't stupid to an extent where one could term him as a moron.


All of a sudden, the entire world fell silent!

The Selfless Demon Ancestor had realized what had gone wrong. How could his Essence Blood be of no use? Even if it were an Immemorial Ancient being, they would not be able to fight against his Essence Blood!

But, to think that this ant-like character before him would be able to resist his Essence Blood! Not only that, he was able to convert his Essence Blood into powers to make use of it and raise his cultivation state!

"YOU B*STARD!" An enraged roar surged up into the Heavens.

This peerless demonic might surged throughout the entire world like a blanket, causing the ground to quake out violently. It was as though the ground was trembling under this demonic might.

Indeed, Lin Fan had been discovered. But even then, he was someone who was still pretty shameless.

"Senior, what's wrong with you? Why are you getting angry all of a sudden?" Lin Fan asked in shock.

"Senior you're a*s! Ant! You have been using Your Ancestor from the very beginning!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor roared out.

Lin Fan sighed out slightly before mumbling out to himself, "Sigh! Since you've already seen through me, there's no point in covering up anymore."

"I'll tell you the truth then. Those small tricks of yours had been seen through by Your Daddy from the start. Even though you've lived a longer life than Yours Truly, every single step that Yours Truly took in life has been through all sorts of plots and tricks. For a little demon like you to want to scam me now, isn't this just playing with your blade in front of Lord Guan? You were just asking for it yourself!" Lin Fan chuckled out calmly before patting his sleeves.

"But still, I've really got to thank you. If not for your Essence Blood, I wouldn't have been able to break through to the Golden Immortal state just yet!"

Lin Fan's expression was composed as a gentle form of overbearing aura leaked out of him.

The Selfless Demon Ancestor who was sealed in the mountain howled out. It was as though there was a mouthful of old blood accumulated in his chest which he was unable to release.

He hadn't expected that he would be scammed by an ant!

And not only that, he was scammed so badly! Not only was he using his Essence Blood to raise the other party's strength, he was even ridiculed at the end of it! This was inhumane! This person was a beast!

Lin Fan smiled out calmly, "Sigh! At times, it isn't really good when your innate potential is just unrivaled. There are always peasants who would want to plot against you. But honestly, do I, Lin Fan, look like an existence that's able to be taken in by someone like you?"