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 Chapter 1009: Ascend The Heavens In A Single Step

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After knocking the Golden Immortal state powerful being sprawling, Lin Fan was filled with joy. This was resourcefulness! This was his killer move!

At times, the things that were most useful were still the things that were created by him in the past.

On could just look at the Power of Biggra! So tyrannical! So awesome!

Right now, Lin Fan had quite a number of killer moves. But, out of them, the most devious of all was still this Spirit of Biggra.

At this moment, the Demon Lord reverted back to his original state now that he was unable to sustain the Heaven and Earth Figure.

"Big Bro! This fella...What should we do?" Qiu Zhanyu glared at this fella before him with hooked eyes. This was a Golden Immortal!

In the Endless Mainland, a Golden Immortal could be considered as a powerful being of one whole part of the world. He could kill off anyone with just the flip of his palm.

Even though Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu had explored the Endless Mainland for such a long time, they had really not come across a Golden Immortal state being.

And, at the Golden Immortal state, there was a distinction in their levels as well. Not all Golden Immortal state beings were equally formidable.

Some of the extremely strong Golden Immortal state powerful beings could kill four to five other Golden Immortals even at the same cultivation state. As for this Demon Lord, he must definitely be a talented genius amongst the Golden Immortals.

"What else can we do? Of course, we must kill him! Otherwise, if we were remembered by heart by a Golden Immortal state being, that would be one hell of a tragedy." Lin Fan chuckled out.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu nodded their heads immediately. Big Bro was right! If they were remembered by a Golden Immortal state being, they wouldn't be able to even sleep at night from here on forth!

"This fella looks damned devilish, gosh! He looks even better than women! This is unbearable!" Qiu Zhanyu remarked in envy.

"You can go ahead and reward him with a few kicks in the face." Lin Fan said.

The moment Qiu Zhanyu heard that, he was somewhat frightened. This was a Golden Immortal state powerful being! If he were to head up and give him some kicks and the other party ended up waking up, wouldn't he be dead meat?

"What are you afraid of?" Lin Fan shook his head. He then raised a fist and sent a flurry of punches down onto the face of the Demon Lord. At the same time, he was cussing out in his mouth.

"Not only are you strong, you are so good looking! You deserve to be whacked!"

After he was done whacking, Lin Fan heaved out a sigh of relief. That was so darned releasing!

The impact of the Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star was one that was extraordinary. Just those punches alone were enough to cause the face of the Demon Lord to swell and bruise up.

When Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu caught sight of this, they could not help but gulp down their saliva. Big Bro was so tyrannical!

Lin Fan raised his head and looked up at the void. At this moment, the void was extremely silent, without any form of activity.

Now that this Golden Immortal Demon Lord was laying right below his feet, it was best to first harvest him in properly before killing him. At the same time, Lin Fan was immensely curious about just how many experience points he would gain from this.

For Lin Fan, that was a world of curiosity there.

"Bare Nudeness!"

This was another one of Lin Fan's godly techniques. As he moved his finger, all the clothing on the Demon Lord was stripped off.

A storage ring landed in Lin Fan's hand, which he then opened to check out.


An extremely sharp flash of light streaked by from within the storage ring and attacked Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was startled and made way immediately while his heart skipped a beat. To think that this Demon Lord would be this sinister that there were even tricks in his storage ring!

But, Lin Fan had a headache right now. Who would have thought that this Demon Lord would have laid down a grand formation within the storage ring? The formation was revolving around endlessly while bearing a tremendous killing intent.

"Huehue... Do you think that you're able to block out Yours Truly with just something like this? That's got to be dreaming!" Lin Fan tossed the storage ring into his Heaven and Earth Smelt directly.

He then controlled the Heaven and Earth Smelt to refine this storage ring entirely. Under that power of refinement, the formation disintegrated as the treasures within were sprayed out into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

Lin Fan took a quick glance; there were quite a number of decent items.

This was especially the case for a Spirit Vein present within the storage ring. The Spirit Vein was just like a gigantic dragon that swiveled around furiously within the Heaven and Earth Smelt while emanating a thick and boundless Spirit Qi.


Lin Fan did not think twice as he forcefully refined everything within. There were quite a lot more herbs within. But, it was a pity that there were no more Immortal Herbs. Even then, regardless of what was inside, everything was all cultivated into a single item.

Pills Through Thought!

The pill fire burned out furiously as it wrapped out everything that the Demon Lord had within it. It didn't take long before a single pill appeared, floating gently within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

'Ding...Congratulations on creating Immortal Attainment Pill.'

Lin Fan took the Immortal Pill and popped it in.

'Ding...Experience Points +300,000,000.'

'Ding...Congratulations on leveling Cultivation State.'

'Cultivation State: True Immortal state middle level.'

Not bad, not bad! To think that this pill would give him a full gain in cultivation state!

But on second thought, this was only about right. After all, this was a pill cultivated out using all of Demon Lord's Spirit Herbs. The experience points within must be vast indeed.

If it were any ordinary person who had swallowed this pill, they would only be left with a single outcome: exploding out entirely. The tremendous amount of medicinal powers within it were definitely not something that ordinary folks could actually handle.

Lin Fan was the only one in possession of this System, and could convert the pill into experience points entirely.

At this moment, Lin Fan cast his sights toward the Demon Lord, who was lying down on the ground, as his lips curled into a grin.


An extremely dodgy smile beamed out widely on Lin Fan's face. This Demon Lord must have never imagined that he would have an outcome as such one day.

As for Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu, when they heard that laughter, their body shivered out coldly. They felt that their Big Bro was really somewhat scary right now. At the same time, they felt some pity toward this Demon Lord. The Demon Lord was truly in an extremely wretched state right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan took out the Eternal Axe and aimed slightly at the body of the Demon Lord.

"What's wrong, Big Bro?" Qiu Zhanyu asked.

Lin Fan shook his head, "I'm just thinking where I should chop first."

"Big Bro! What is there to think about? Wouldn't it be fine to just cut down with a single axe and chop him to death?" Qiu Zhanyu was puzzled.

"You don't understand. There is much knowledge to be learned about chopping down people. If you chop down with too much violence, fresh blood will spray out everywhere. But, if you don't chop it down furiously enough, the other party might not die either. Therefore, the positioning is extremely important." Lin Fan said while gesticulating once more.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu nodded their head with a 'Eureka!' expression, "To think that there is so much wisdom in chopping others!"

"That's without a doubt." Lin Fan chuckled out.

At this moment, the Demon Lord seemed as though he was about to wake up from his slumber. But, how could Lin Fan give the former that chance? With a single brick slapped down, he fell into a dead sleep once more.

"Huehue! Go die then!" Lin Fan raised his axe and flung it down onto the body of the Demon Lord.

This single axe was filled with extraordinary might. With an extremely sharp power, it cut through this totally unprepared body of the Demon Lord.


The body of the Demon Lord split wide open.

The Laws of the Golden Immortal were shattered immediately. This was a sight that had Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu totally taken aback.

They knew that Laws were one of the most resolute existences in the world. But, to think that it would shatter with just a single cleave of that axe! The horrifying nature of this act was one that they could not dare to imagine at all.

Terrifying! It was just way too terrifying!

And at this moment, the notifications from the System came through, filling Lin Fan's heart with joy.

'Ding...Congratulations on slaying Golden Immortal full cultivation state powerful being.'

'Ding...Experience Points +...'

'Ding...Cultivation State leveled up.'

True Immortal state upper level!

True Immortal state full cultivation state!

Mystic Immortal lower level!

Mystic immortal middle level!


Mystic Immortal upper level!

Mystic Immortal full cultivation state!

"Holy f*ck...!"

At this moment, Lin Fan's mouth was just agape. This was way too mother*cking savage, wasn't it? He was just literally skyrocketing right now!

Skipping through so many levels in one single go! His life was so damned tyrannical!

Perhaps, it might not be long before he could ascend to the heavens in a single step and just f*ck over the entire world!