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 Chapter 1004: Prepare To Die, Demon Lord!

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When that pretty chick was snuffed out, both the brothers were extremely heartbroken. That was such an eye-catching chick! And just like that, she was gone!

Qiu Zhanyu spoke to Lin Fan with a consulting tone, "Big Bro, could we try to cherish these beautiful souls more in the future?"

"That's right, that's right! That chick was so cute!" Jin Zhengu's head was like a rattle-drum right now, bobbing up and down in nods.

"Gosh! You guys really want to stay by the side of a woman until it really brings you your death, eh? Anyways, cut the crap now! Later on, I'm going to go down underground. You guys just stay by the side and bide your time. If there's a chance, strike out immediately." Right now, Lin Fan was feeling really emotional. There was an injured Demon Lord down below!

Just that title alone had him feeling that this was definitely going to be outrageous and incredible!

"Don't worry, Big Bro! We're well trained in this trade!" The both of them nodded their heads immediately. They were going to get to work later on soon! The mere thought of it had them feeling a little nervous.

They did not know what sort of a background this Demon Lord had. Was he going to be really ugly or fearsome or something?

However, with Big Bro around, they did not feel any fear at all towards that.

Although, an underground deep abyssal void hundreds of thousands of feet below... The thought of THAT was pretty scary.

Indeed, only a gigantic baddie would hide down in such a deep underground abyssal void for no reason.

Lin Fan had long mastered the connate Five Elements. In fact, his mastery of them was practically perfected. Under the reverberations of his powers, the resolute ground was just like the surface of water as circles after circles of ripples floated out.

"Time to go!"

Immediately, Lin Fan brought the two of them and tunneled beneath the ground. Before they had even touched Lin Fan, the surrounding rocks started softening up like mush.

"What is this mystic skill? To think that it would be this strong!" Qiu Zhanyu exclaimed out in astonishment. His face was then filled with glee, "Wait! If we could learn a mystic skill as such, we wouldn't have to fear being hunted down by others in the future!"

"This is not a mystic skill. These are the connate Five Elements. If you want to tunnel under the ground, you need to first be able to find the connate Element of Earth." Lin Fan chuckled out. It was fairly easy to find the connate Element of Earth back in the Ancient Saint World.

"Ah! That's so difficult!" Qiu Zhanyu exclaimed out in surprise.

In the Endless Mainland, the connate Five Elements could be considered to be Utmost Treasures. Back when Lin Fan found out about this sect from the sect's introductory guide, he was equally surprised about it. After all, the connate Five Elements wasn't something that was THAT difficult to seek out in the Ancient Saint World and the Xuanhuang World. And yet, it was so difficult to obtain in the Endless Mainland.

The main reason for this was that there were many powerful beings here who would make use of the connate Five Elements to craft their weapons. As such, that resulted in a scarcity of the available connate Five Elements.

If one wanted to learn a set of martial arts mystic skills that involved the connate Five Elements, the price that they had to pay for it was pretty high.

And just at this moment, Lin Fan discovered that the rocks around him were starting to become more solid, and the amount of powers he was expending was getting more than ever.

If this were any ordinary Immemorial Ancient state powerful being, this might result in a choking of their powers, causing them to be stuck underground here.

And even if it were a True Immortal state lower level being, they would have to put in quite a bit of effort.

All of a sudden, everything beneath Lin Fan's feet disappeared as though he was standing in the void.

"We're here. Let us be careful." Lin Fan warned.

"Don't worry, Big Bro! We will definitely follow tightly behind you, Big Bro!" Qiu Zhanyu said.

"Eh? To think that there would be such a huge empty space deep underground! If I were not witnessing this for my very eyes, I would have found it hard to believe!" Jin Zhengu exclaimed out. The space that was here was so vast that he could not even make out the ends with just his sight. There were a series of black mist shrouding around like coiling dragons.

The entire atmosphere of the place was grim and dark, somewhat frightening.

Lin Fan brought the two of them and landed down. Eventually, his feet made contact with the ground. Earth within Earth, it was pretty amazing that there could exist two separate layers of Earth in this place.

As for this space here, it should most likely have been created by men. After all, the surroundings bore traces of it being manmade.

"This is an extremely frightening and ghastly place! If not for the fact that we're here with Big Bro, there's no other way we would possibly come here by ourselves!" Qiu Zhanyu patted his chest while gasping out.

"With Big Bro around, what do we have to be afraid of? Don't you agree, Big Bro?" Jin Zhengu sniggered out. He was pretty interested in stuff like adventures.

And now that they had a huge backing with them, that was something that filled their hearts with a full sense of security.

A long time later...

"There are no living creatures anywhere in this entire place. If I were the only one here, I would have been scared out of my wits!" Qiu Zhanyu said.

"Don't speak now." Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he indicated for them to be silent.

The two of them shut up immediately and checked out their surroundings warily before whispering out softly, "Big Bro, what's wrong?"

"There's some activity up ahead. Let us sneak over there slowly and check if that's the place where the Demon Lord is recuperating. If it is, we must definitely not alarm the other party."

Before Lin Fan could make out what exactly was up with this Demon Lord, he would definitely not be overly careless. Otherwise, who knew what might end up happening.

If the strength of that Demon Lord was truly extremely, extremely strong, he would be able to take them down even with his remaining strength. And if that were the case, the only way out would be to make a run for it.

At this moment, there was a barely discernible ball of red light up ahead. At the same time, there was a torrential Demonic Qi around it. This Demonic Qi was far from ordinary; compared to Yin Zhenfeng, it was practically the difference between an adult and a child.

Between the two of them, there couldn't even be a comparison to be made.


This three-man party of Lin Fan was extremely dodgy. They were practically the epitome of dodginess itself.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu had realized that their Big Bro was not as tyrannical as he was earlier on either. Seemed like he was equally sneaky towards the unknown.

The both of them had trodden across the Endless Mainland, and it could be said that they would bow down as long as it meant that it could save their little lives.

And, this demeanor of their Big Bro right now had them feeling like they had just found a kindred spirit.

Since their Big Bro was acting so cowardly right now, they would do the same as well!


Along the entire way here, they did not make even a single peep of sound, just searching around sneakily. Eventually, they hid behind a boulder.

"Big Bro, there seems to be someone within that red light there." Qiu Zhanyu remarked.

"That's not a red light. That looks more like blood mist." Jin Zhengu continued.

"I can see that. Don't beep beep anymore." Lin Fan said.

In the void up ahead was a beam of red light that descended down from the sky, and another one that burst up from the ground of this deep abyss. At the intersection of the two beams of red light was a man dressed in black robes, seated in between as though he was dead.

One after another, broken Laws of the True Immortals wrapped around the black robes worn by that man. At the same time, the blood mist rumbled out endlessly before disappearing into the world just like stardust.

Undoubtedly, that blood mist must have been made up of Essence Blood.

For this much Essence Blood to accumulate, how many people must have been killed?

However, the thing that bothered Lin Fan the most was checking out what the cultivation state of that Demon Lord was.

But when Lin Fan looked over properly, his entire face froze up.

Mystic Immortal?

As though he had just seen something wrong, Lin Fan intentionally took another closer and serious look.

Indeed, it was still truly a Mystic Immortal.

"Tell me, what's the cultivation state that's above True Immortal state?" Lin Fan asked.

"Big Bro, isn't that the Mystic Immortal state?" Jin Zhengu replied puzzledly. 'Big Bro! You're the Remnant of a sect! How can you not know of the cultivation states out there?'

"Well, let me ask you guys a hypothetical question. Assuming that a gravely injured Mystic Immortal were to appear before us, what do you think we should do about that?" Lin Fan asked again.

The moment Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu heard the question, they replied without the slightest bit of hesitation, "F*ck him up of course! A Mystic Immortal who is gravely injured? The strength that he could exert out in that state would just be of True Immortal at best!"

"Furthermore, you are someone whose strength is that of a True Immortal, Big Bro! But wait, that's not right. Is there even an injured Mystic Immortal around anywhere?"

"Eh, Big Bro. You... can't be talking about that Demon Lord, right?"

Lin Fan nodded his head. He then chuckled out coldly, "Come on! Let us walk out there with pride and honor!"

"Alrighty then!" Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu broke out in a chuckle as well, filled with peak confidence right now.

"Demon Lord, you can bloody stay there and wait for your death to come!" Lin Fan yelled out loudly straight away.