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 Chapter 1003: Snuffed With A Snap

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"Big Brother! The aura of this fella is so strong! Is he breaking through right now?" Jin Zhengu could feel the pressure that was coming forth from the Heaven and Earth that seemed to be akin to a crushing mountain. Because of that, he was completely flabbergasted.

"No! He is not breaking through. He has just broken through." Qiu Zhanyu gasped out in astonishment.

"How could his Law of the True Immortals be this thick? This is way thicker than any other True Immortal state powerful beings that we've ever met with before!" Jin Zhengu could not believe everything right now. Even though they were adventurers, they had captured quite a number of True Immortal state powerful beings using that Heaven and Earth Net of theirs.

However, this was the first time he was coming across a Law of the True Immortals that was this thick!

"This is the Dao of the True Immortals!"

Lin Fan could feel his body undergoing some changes. Ever since he had entered the True Immortal state, his body's aura possessed a change that flipped the entire world around him.

If he were to meet with Elder Huo once more, he would be able to take him down with merely a single move for sure.

That just served to show how strong and horrifying the extent of Lin Fan's powers were right now. Or perhaps, horror was truly the only word suitable to describe something as such.

For anyone else, after they entered the True Immortal state, not only would they have to raise their personal powers, they would have to work hard at comprehending the Law of the True Immortals. But for Lin Fan, none of that was required. The only thing he needed were experience points.

As long as he had experience points, everything would fall into completion.

The storage ring of Yin Zhenfeng was still left behind. However, after opening it, the only thing that awaited was disappointment. There was practically nothing good inside there, just some ordinary pills.

In fact, there wasn't even any of those explosive God Thunder Pills left.

This was one hell of a poor bloke!

At this moment, Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu exchanged glances, and then came beside Lin Fan. Thinking of the aura that was emanated by this fella right before them earlier on, they could still feel their hearts tightening up.

Strong! This was simply way too strong!

It was at least ten times stronger than Yin Zhenfeng!

At this moment, both of them felt that even if they were in possession of the Heaven and Earth Net, they still weren't a match for this person before them!

"Big Bro...!" The both of them yelled out with vigor. They were all prepared to hug Lin Fan's thighs right now.

After roaming out in the world for so long, it wasn't that they hadn't thought of looking for someone's thighs to hug and have some backing for themselves.

But, when they had joined a sect in the past, they realized that everyone in the sect was just coveting their treasure.

It was only that the sect was a small sect thankfully and none of them knew that it was a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon. Otherwise, the two of them wouldn't have been able to stay alive till now.

Thus, both of them decided to sneak out and escape from the sect.

"You guys wish to follow me?" Lin Fan peered over at the both of them while asking.

"Yes!" Without thinking twice, both of them nodded their heads simultaneously.

"Alright. Follow me then." Lin Fan did not have to hesitate at all. Even though the strength of these two fellas wasn't anything spectacular, that treasure of theirs was pretty decent.

Perhaps, they might be able to bring forth an extraordinary outcome to the table because of that.

"Big Bro, my name is Qiu Zhanyu. This is my Little Brother, Jin Zhengu." Qiu Zhanyu spoke up.

The moment Lin Fan heard those names, he thought of how slightly overbearing they were. He then reported his own name as well.

"Lin Fan."


A few days later...

These two brothers were considered to have been acknowledged by Lin Fan. But at the same time, he had confirmed that their intellect wasn't too high.

If not for the fact that they had the Heaven and Earth Net, given their intellect, it would be damn hard for both of them to continue living in this world.

"Save me! Save me!"

At this moment, a voice traveled over.

Lin Fan's heart tightened. They were traveling through the void right now! Even if someone were screaming out at the top of their lungs down on the ground, the voice shouldn't be transmitted over to the void.

"Big Bro, there seems to be a chick that's calling for help down below!" Qiu Zhanyu pointed down below saying.

"Eh? That chick looks to be extremely beautiful, Big Bro!" Jin Zhengu said.

Lin Fan felt his brain whirling as he replied, "You guys go and check it out. But, tell her that there's only the two of you."

Within this desolate wilderness where there was nothing behind or up ahead, how could there be a chick calling for help out of nowhere?

"Understood." Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu nodded their heads. Without any hesitation, they landed down onto the ground below.

At this moment, a woman draped in green clothing was standing on top of a boulder. She looked weak, with a deep wound on her ankle. When she caught sight of people heading over, she let out an excited expression.

"Please help me...!"

When Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu heard this voice, they felt their hearts skip a beat. As though they were mesmerized, they rushed up ahead.

"Lady, what's wrong with you?" Qiu Zhanyu asked.

"My leg is injured!" The woman replied delicately before revealing a frightened look on her face.

"Let me take a look." Qiu Zhanyu lowered his head and checked out the wound on the woman's ankle.

The woman took a look at Jin Zhengu, who was standing at the side. As though she was about to faint at any moment, she let off a pitiable look and called over to him, "Won't you come and help me up?"

Even though Jin Zhengu was this old already, he was still a virgin. How could he possibly withstand the seduction of such a pretty chick? Instantly, that little scrawny body of his rushed forth as he stood at the side shyly, allowing the woman to rest her arm on his shoulders.

"It hurts..." The woman moaned out.

"Lady, this leg of yours isn't injured too badly. I've got some pills over here. You should recover after consuming them." Qiu Zhanyu raised his head saying.

But when he raised his head, he realized that the pupils of that chick had suddenly turned pink in color. And within those pink eyes of hers was a bewitching feeling emitting forth intensely.

"Big Brother, are you going to doze off here?!" When Jin Zhengu looked at that giddy looking Qiu Zhanyu, he exclaimed out.

At this moment, the woman chuckled out coldly. The nails of those fingers of hers that were grabbing onto Jin Zhengu's shoulders turned extremely long and thin, with a mysterious aura being emanated out of them. It was as though she had refined her fingernails like treasures as they turned sharper than anything else while letting off a bone chilling aura.

But, just as the woman was about to strike out, she froze up all of a sudden. She had realized that there was a figure standing behind her!

The aura that was given off by that figure caused her blood to freeze up.

"Don't pretend now. Also, don't move at all. Otherwise, you're going to find yourself turning into nothing but ashes in the next second." Lin Fan spoke up softly.

It was clear now: this woman was here to scam and kill others.

With that pretty face of hers, those who had some lust in their hearts might truly not be able to defend against her.

Qiu Zhanyu who was mesmerized by her just now broke out of his stupor all of a sudden as he yelped out, "Big Bro! There's something wrong with her!"

And just at this moment, the woman's body jerked swiftly. She wanted to escape from this place.

She had not expected to meet with a wall here.

"I told you not to move. Did you not understand what I said?"

Lin Fan snorted out coldly. Extending out his five fingers, he grabbed the woman in his hands as that boundless powers of his rumbled out furiously. It was as though if the chick dared to move even the slightest bit, she would definitely find herself dead in the next moment.

"You can't kill me! I am the Holy Lady of the Fey Sect! If you kill me, you will be hunted down by the entire Fey Sect!"

The Fey woman who was behind held in Lin Fan's hands started threatening him.

"Hmph! Speak... What are you doing here?" Lin Fan asked.

"I'm not doing anything." The Fey woman's eyes shone with concealment.

Lin Fan had not expected that this Fey woman would still try to cover up the truth even in this state. He could not help but increase his grip strength. It was as though the other party could be crushed into dust at any moment right now.

"Loosen up! Loosen up! I'll speak!" The Fey woman could feel an extremely strong killing intent. If she were to continue hiding the truth, this fella might truly just kill her right now.

"Forget it! There's no need for that." Lin Fan answered coldly. From his hands, the Power of Purification surged out and wrapped the entire Fey woman within it.

"DAMN IT! WHAT IS THAT MYSTIC SKILL? HOW DARE YOU TRY TO PURIFY ME? NOOOO...!!!" When the Fey woman felt that Power of Purification, she started struggling out furiously.

But, a mere Immemorial Ancient state being and she thought that she could fight against the Purification? That was just a dream!

It didn't take long before the expression on the face of the Fey woman took a change. It was as though she was already converted under Lin Fan.

"Speak... What are you doing here?" Lin Fan asked out once more.

"I'm here to collect Essence Blood for the Sir Demon Lord to aid him in recovering his powers! Sir Demon Lord was being hunted down by others, and has sustained grave injuries. Therefore, he's hiding here to recuperate his wounds right now." At this moment, the Fey woman told everything she knew as it was.

When Lin Fan heard this, his heart leaped with joy. Bloody hell! It was yet another fella who was left alone! And by the sounds of it, his injuries must definitely be pretty severe!

If he were to find that guy and snuff him out just like that, it would be hard for his experience points to not skyrocket because of that!

"Where is the Demon Lord?" Lin Fan asked.

"He is hiding out a hundred thousand feet deep beneath the ground in the abyssal voids down below!" After being purified by Lin Fan, there was nothing the Fey woman wouldn't say as she spouted out every single thing she knew.


Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were both stunned. To think that their Big Bro would snuff out such a pretty chick just like that! That was such a waste!