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 Qingfeng Li sent a voice transmission to the Fire Dragon's Soul, "Senior, I will try to buy the dragon bone from the auction then."

The Fire Dragon's Soul said, "Little guy, go and get the dragon bone. Don't let others get it. You already have a drop of dragon blood in your body. With this dragon bone, your body will evolvecto become more like a dragon's physique, which is invincible and can suppress all the realms in the future."

Qingfeng Li nodded and tried to control the excitement in his heart. He raised the spirit paddle and said, "I will pay five hundred and ten thousand emperor level vitality stones for it!"

Hearing what Qingfeng Li had said, all the self-cultivators at the auction looked at him in disbelief.

"Did you see that? There really is a moron who would pay five hundred and ten thousand emperor level vitality stones for an ordinary bone. What's wrong with his brain."

"There's no doubt that he must have lost his mind. Normal people would not spend that much on buying a bone. I cannot feel any vital essence from that white bone."

"I told you. There are idiots out there. But that idiot is from suite number two. Could it be the emperor's second son?"

The gossip was very loud in the auction lobby. Qingfeng Li and the Second Prince could hear them clearly.

The Second Prince was speechless. He looked at Qingfeng Li and asked, "Are you really going to spend that many emperor level vitality stones for this ordinary bone?"

Qingfeng Li nodded and said with a hint of smile, "Correct. I am fond of white bones."

Standing at the center of the auction lobby, Ya Yun kept blinking her pretty eyes and looking at Qingfeng Li with confusion as though she had never seen him before.

Ya Yun was a master in the supreme realm. She also sensed the special part of the white bone. Even the leaders behind her didn't know what exactly the white bone was and why Qingfeng Li wanted to buy it.

Ya Yun waited for a few seconds but didn't see anyone else give a price. She said loudly, "Qingfeng Li is willing to pay five hundred and ten thousand. Is there anyone giving a higher price? If not, the white bone belongs to him."

The whole auction lobby became very noisy. Everyone was talking about how Qingfeng Li was such an idiot and nobody was willing to bid a higher price on it.

Qingfeng Li looked very calm, but his heart was filled with joy and excitement.

He thought, What a bunch of dumbasses, this is a bone of the legendary dragon god! It is only sealed for now.

Ya Yun raised the purple gavel and tapped on the table twice but no one gave a bid.

Ya Yun raised the gavel in her hand, ready to tap for the third time, when an arrogant voice arose, "Five hundred and twenty emperor level vitality stones"

Hearing this voice, Ya Yun's face dropped because she did not expect anybody else to bid at this moment and was wondering what was wrong with him.

Not only was Ya Yun surprised, but the self-cultivators around were confused. They did not understand which dumbass was even stupider than Qingfeng Li.

But when Ya Yun and other self-cultivators saw the person who had bid, they held their words back, for the person was not just anyone but His Majesty, the crown prince of the country of Lingyun.

Qingfeng Li frowned. He did not anticipate that the Crown Prince would compete with him, it was completely unexpected.

His Majesty was standing in suite number one looking at Qingfeng Li coldly through the window, "Although I do not know what the white bone is, I will not let you get it anyway."

Qingfeng Li read his lips and roughly knew what he had said. He was upset that the Crown Prince was trying to compete with him.

"Six hundred thousand emperor level vitality stones." Qingfeng Li yelled and raised the price to six hundred thousand to pressure the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince's face dropped. He did not think that Qingfeng Li would pay that many vitality stones. But the more Qingfeng Li bid, the more he was going to bid. He would not let Qingfeng Li get what he wanted without difficulty.

The Crown Prince stood up and raised his voice, "Seven hundred thousand emperor level vitality stones!"

Qingfeng Li was irritated and said loudly, "Eight hundred thousand."

"Nine hundred thousand," the Crown Prince shouted.

"One million emperor level vitality stones," Qingfeng Li shouted out the Crown Prince without hesitation.

The whole auction lobby was silent after Qingfeng Li had bid. Everyone was astonished.

They never expected a normal bone could sell for a million emperor level vitality stones. A moment ago, the Spirit Monarch Broken Diagram was purchased with that price, but it was something to help one become the future ruler of the planet and to help them cultivate to the Spirit Monarch realm.

The Crown Prince was surprised by Qingfeng Li's bid. A million emperor level vitality stones was a large fortune even for the Crown Prince. It would definitely cost most of his possessions.

The Crown Prince felt a little twitch on his face. He did not know if he should add more. If he bid higher, but Qingfeng Li did not, he would be a fool.

At this moment, a tender voice rose, "One million and one hundred thousand emperor level vitality stones."

Hearing this voice, both Qingfeng Li and His Majesty was stunned. They did not think anyone would get into it at this moment. They looked to where the voice had come from and found the lord of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion, Yafei Chen.

Yafei Chen was a beauty in her middle age. Although she was in her 40s, she kept her shape and was elegant and attractive to many men. Yafei Chen also had a five or six year old girl by her side.

Even though this little girl in a white dress was young, she was sparkling and translucent with snowy white skin. Her face was like a doll made of porcelain, radiating white and pure charming gloss.

Her eyes, in particular, were like the stars in the sky, dark and deep as if they could see through and understand anything in the world.

Yafei Chen was talking to the little girl, "Daughter, are you sure this white bone is not an average bone?"

The girl in white nodded and said with light voice, "Mother, I used my Heavenly Eye Spell to observe this white bone. It has a mysterious seal. The seal is formidable and even stronger than the ones in the Spirit Monarch realm."

Hearing what the little girl said, Yafei Chen nodded. She new that above the Spirit Monarch realm was the Saint Level. If it was more powerful than the Spirit Monarch Realm, it had to be the saint level seal.

A white bone was sealed by a saint's special skills. No wonder people could not sense its special energy. But Yafei Chen understood that it was absolutely not a piece of normal bone.

Because, if it was sealed by a saint, it had to be something magnificent.

The SpiritualTreasure Pavilion was a place frequently collecting all kinds of spiritual treasures. They used the spiritual treasures they collected to refine spiritual treasures with higher levels. They had made imperial level spiritual treasures and even the masters in the Spirit Monarch realm had purchased from them.

Yafei Chen knew that her daughter had practiced the Heavenly Eye Spell, hence her daughter could see through all the mysterious materials. That's how their spiritual Treasure Pavilion managed to rise and become prominent in the Crimson Fire Continent.