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 Chapter 378 - Brother-In-Law and Little White Rat

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Reality proved that Song Miaomiao was a person with many connections.

Even if she didn't know the place and people well here, she had the capability to find something to play.

She made a few calls and a car quickly came to their place. The driver was a boy around twenty years old. He looked slightly younger than Shi Lei.

The boy immediately smiled at Song Miaomiao when he got out of the car and yelled, "Sister Shui, why didn't you tell me that you were coming to Runzhou? My Dad told me that you came here last time. I said I wanted to come play with you but he just beat me up."

Song Miaomiao laughed and ruffled the boy's hair roughly. She didn't stop until she made it messy, "Little White Rat, you are so tall now! Hahaha, sister hasn't seen you for so many years."

The boy who was addressed as Little White Rat pouted and complained, "Sister Shui, I'm legal now. Can you not ruffle my hair like when I was a child? I think I became stupid because you did that too much."

Song Miaomiao was still laughing, "Why? You are grown up now so I can't play with you?"

Little White Rat looked extremely confused. When he saw Shi Lei, he immediately ran over, "This is brother-in-law, isn't he? Mhm, not bad. You are pretty handsome, but of course, not as handsome as me. Sister Shui, I knew that you are not like what they said. You are doing it on purpose to make Uncle Song angry!"

Song Miaomiao got more happy after hearing that. She reached for Little White Rat's head and ruffled it while he complained.

Shi Lei smiled bitterly and shook his hand, "I'm just normal friends with your sister. Don't make things up."

Song Miaomiao was unhappy to hear that. She turned around and glared at Shi Lei, "Do you feel wronged to be my boyfriend?"

Shi Lei nodded earnestly, "I feel really wronged."

Song Miaomiao was so angry that she wanted to kick him with her long legs, but gave up remembering Shi Lei's inhuman combat skills. She pointed at Shi Lei, "If you weren't a man, you would be dead right now. A good woman doesn't fight a man!"

"I'd like to see you try. If you can, wouldn't you just kick me just then?" Shi Lei fought back in disdain, making Song Miaomiao yel but unable to do anything.

Little White Rat laughed and reached out his hands, "Hello, brother-in-law, I'm Bai Shu(1), the 'shu' from special(2). How do I address my brother-in-law?"

Shi Lei couldn't shake hands with him. If he did, wouldn't he be accepting that he was Bai Shu's brother-in-law? But Song Miaomiao spoke, "Just call him brother-in-law!"

Shi Lei quickly grabbed Bai Shu's hand, "Don't listen to her. If I wanted a girlfriend, I would be looking for a woman. I'm Shi Lei, four stones."

Bai Shu laughed loudly, "Alright. I get it brother-in-law Shitou. Speaking of which, how did you conquer my Sister Shui? Oh my god, I think that you are the only man who dares to talk to her like this."

Song Miaomiao couldn't do anything to Shi Lei but she knew exactly what to do with Bai Shu. She slapped him on the head and said, "Brat, you think this is funny, don't you? Is your skin itchy? Do you need your sister to loosen your bones?!"

Bai Shu quickly jumped backwards, cupped his hands and begged, "Let me go, Sister Shui. Please give me some face, especially in front of my brother-in-law."

Song Miaomiao was just trying to scare him and Song Miaomiao felt satisfied because Bai Shu addressed Shi Lei as "brother-in-law".

However, Shi Lei wasn't satisfied, "Alright, now you have someone to play with. I'm leaving first."

"Where are you going? I'm telling you. You are not going anywhere before I fall asleep today!" Song Miaomiao spread out her arms and stood in front of Shi Lei. Shi Lei stopped as he couldn't really throw her out since he couldn't achieve it without been possessed by the martial arts master.

"Sister Shui, drive yourself. Brother-in-law is sitting in my car so now I can learn from him," Bai Shu beamed naughtily.

Song Miaomiao rolled her eyes, "What, you want to learn how to deal with me from him?"

"How can I? I just want to be more familiar with brother-in-law. Isn't he from Runzhou too? I should talk to him more, shouldn't I?"

Song Miaomiao didn't really care as she got in her SUV Raptor and Bai Shu guided Shi Lei to his front passenger seat while bowing.

His car wasn't flashy. It was an Audi worth around 200,000 yuan. Of course, it wasn't as comfortable to sit it compared to the spacious Raptor.

"Brother-in-law, where do you work?" Bai Shu started the engine and beamed.

Shi Lei shook his head, "I'm graduating from university this July. I'm not working yet."

"Huh? Then you are younger than Sister Shui?"

"Yes so don't call me brother-in-law in every sentence. I really have nothing with Song Miaomiao."

"Hehe. If you say that, perhaps you really don't have much with her now. But with my Sister Shui, there is nothing she wants that she cannot get ever since she was young. Oh, brother-in-law, I'm not saying you are just a thing(3), you aren't... Uh, no, you are not just a thing... Damn, it also sounds like I'm cursing..."

Shi Lei shook his head, "Alright, stop explaining and just drive."

Bai Shu giggled and asked again without driving far out, "Brother-in-law, I didn't tell you just then. My Dad is..."

"Your Dad is Vice Mayor Bai and he will probably become the first in command in two years. I met him before."

"So you know! Alright, if something's up, don't be polite with me. I don't promise anything else, but in Runzhou... Ha, you can even make Sister Shui so tame. I think that there is no trouble you can't solve here in Runzhou. But, brother-in-law, shall we exchange contacts? You can tell me your experience about how you took her down!"

Shi Lei was speechless, "I really have nothing to do with Song Miaomiao. Forget it, you won't understand it. Oh right, what activities did you arrange for her?"

"Not much, just a party. I found a group of people and they already went to set everything up. Hopefully everything will be set up by the time we get there. Oh, I invited a model team over for a performance. They are all from Russia. They are all over 180cm tall, have long legs, and all their skin below their necks are as white as snow. Brother-in-law, if you are interested, I'll... Oh, no, Sister Shui is here and you can't do it tonight. But that's fine. If you have needs, tell me anytime and I'll organise everything for you without letting Sister Shui know."

Shi Lei was really speechless. This kid talked so much. He had been talking to himself ever since they got in the car.

They drove away from the city. However, Runzhou was small and it wasn't too far as they arrived in twenty minutes.

It was next to the river, but there was no one there. A small building was lit up with lights and they could hear the noise from far away.

Shi Lei's head began to hurt but he settled down since he was here already. He followed Bai Shu out of the car, waited for Song Miaomiao, and walked in together.

When they went in, Bai Shu yelled, "Turn off the music. Let me make a grand introduction first!"

The person who was in charge of the music turned it off and Bai Shu dashed over and grabbed a mic, "This is the legendary Shui Ye in the Yangtze Triangle!"

Song Miaomiao played along and waved at everyone like a great leader.

Then, Bai Shu spoke again, "Next to Shui Ye is my brother-in-law. You can all call him brother-in-law with me!"

All sorts of voices came from all directions that called him brother-in-law which made Shi Lei completely speechless. He wasn't bothered to deal with the kids as he found a corner and sat himself down.