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 Chapter 374 - The Price Of Dividend

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Of course, Shi Lei didn't accept merely receiving an answer like this, especially since it concerned Wei Ye who had to worry about everything and not just Wei Xingyue alone. The supposed "Wei Xingyue is fine" was not believable at all.

"Did something happen to your Wei family?" Shi Lei probed further.

Wei Ye let out a long breath, "Does being a high level member have all sorts of privileges? Such as you know, something that is known to no one in the outside world first."

"I'm asking Wei Ye because I don't know. I only know that something definitely happened to your family but I don't know any details."

"Since you said that this is our Wei family's business, do you think an old man like me must tell you something?"


Wei Ye was still the same Wei Ye. He wasn't unshakeable by a storm, but even if the sky fell one day, he would still be the same Wei Ye.

Shi Lei knew that he sounded too panicked and it made Wei Ye feel unpleasant. About the Eye of the Dark Night, Wei Ye could take a step back as he knew that it possessed the power of destroying his family. There was no need for him to probe anything from Shi Lei to satisfy his own curiosity especially when Shi Lei told him clearly that his level wasn't as high as Shi Lei.

However, it did not mean that Wei Ye would step back for Shi Lei on other matters. He was Wei Changqing, the man who walked out from a bloody storm and never believed in kind people.

Not to mention that Shi Lei was only the man his daughter liked. Even the woman he loved and his own children could not sway his decision.

Wei Ye was telling Shi Lei that he was minding too much in his business in this way.

Shi Lei carefully phrased his next words, "I don't care how your family is and I'm not interested. But I care about Wei Xingyue. So, Wei Ye. I only have one request; when you can't even keep yourself safe and when Wei Xingyue is about to face danger, you must tell me. I can't say what I can do, but I will stay by her side."

"Hahaha, it's enough for Xingyue to have you as a friend in this life. Alright, Mr. Shi. I've finished listening to you and I understand what you mean. I promise that if my Wei family ever reaches the state of needing protection from an outsider, I will give Xingyue to you!"

Shi Lei's heart sank a little. At least he knew that Wei Xingyue was fine and that the Wei family wasn't definitely defeated yet from this call.

However, Yu Banzhi's participation meant the participation of the Yu family. The Yu family in Wudong and even the entire Jiangdong was a family which could compete against the Wei. Obviously, the Wei family definitely wasn't the only one behind this matter. Shi Lei was somewhat familiar with Yu Banzhi and he knew that Yu Banzhi wasn't the type of person who would give his everything knowing that both sides would be harmed.

"I won't bother Wei Ye then. I also hope that Wei Ye can remember his words today. Goodbye."

Wei Ye let out a breathe, "Goodbye."

Shi Lei hung up and pondered in the chilly wind.

He was very certain with words, but that was under the circumstances that Wei Ye wasn't very clear with his situation. Of course Shi Lei could tell Wei Ye that his level was higher in the Eye of the Dark Night, but that was because the Scepter said that the Black Card was the highest level client in the organisation. Using binary logic, the highest level was singular, and there was not more of them. Hence, the Black Card's level must be higher than everyone else's.

However, Shi Lei didn't know whether the Black Card could use his connections to help when he requested for help. In other words, he didn't know if the Black Card would help Shi Lei or not.

Shi Lei said that he wasn't interested in the Wei family, but that he only worried for Wei Xingyue. He said this because if he had to beg Yu Banzhi, he would consider it if Shi Lei only wanted to save Wei Xingyue alone.

Also, Shi Lei had the Bai family behind his back.

Shi Lei didn't know whether Old Bai would help him or not, but Shi Lei knew that Chen Yanv, his godmother, would definitely stand on his side.

Combining everything, he had a chance to keep Wei Xingyue even if the chance was slim. Luckily, he still had one chance to use the Millionaire Card. The card seemed useless, but had immense power hidden within it. It could at least represent the power of a top wealthy person for a day.

And when a top tiered wealthy person was angry, it would definitely be a bloody scene.

Wei Xingyue, you crazy women! Did you know that something was going to happen to the Wei family when you dragged me to Mountain Qinglong for sunset? No wonder you acted so abnormally. You are a crazy woman. But beyond that, you are a f*cking stupid idiot! You know that I more or less have some power and you are curious about my background. Why didn't you tell me anything?!


Shi Lei felt like his heart was been torn apart. He had never felt this kind of hopelessness in his life before.

In Spiderman, the author used the Spiderman's uncle's voice to say a philosophical sentence -- With great power comes great responsibility.

Half a year ago, Shi Lei was a loser who stood aloof from the world. Under that condition, he almost had no responsibility. His only possibility was to find a decent job after graduating from university.

But if he was the Shi Lei from that time, he wouldn't have felt the hopelessness of falling into an abyss right now. He wouldn't have to deal with this pressure.

But it was different now. Perhaps in his bones, he was still a lower person. However, growth given by the Black Card for the past half a year was nothing like he have had. With the Black Card as his ace card, Shi Lei walked into the top of the pyramid in Wudong. As a result, he began to take responsibility correspondingly and learned how to accept the storms that being in the top circle gave him.

The things he experienced before was more enjoying than the dividend for being in the circle.

But today, he finally had to pay for the dividend.

Of course, Shi Lei could choose to be a bystander, but how could he? How could he watch a woman who fell in love with him unknowingly walk into the abyss?

In a short period of time, Shi Lei thought a lot. He thought that perhaps Song Miaomiao would know something. Although it was a storm about to appear in Jiangdong Province, it was an earthquake for Wudong. Song Miaomiao was outside the province but perhaps she knew something first with her family's power.

Of course, there was Chen Yanv.

Chen Yanv couldn't speak, but her heart was bright. She had been helping Shi Lei silently and even let someone like Yu Banzhi speak first and help Shi Lei.

But unless he needed her help, Shi Lei didn't want to bother his godmother who had seen all the changes of the world and observed everything from the side.

Song Miaomiao...

Shi Lei was rather hesitant. Although these two crazy women seemed to reach some sort of agreement in Wudong, Shi Lei noticed that the Wei and Song family weren't so harmonious whether it was from Wei Xingyue or other people. As the second or even third generation, it was already impressive that they could be peaceful around each other on the surface.

Standing outside the hotel, Shi Lei couldn't put his phone back nor could he dial the number.