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 Chapter 285 - Wei Xingyue's Father Who Knows Everything From Home

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It was late at night. Wei Xingyue returned home, tired.

In Shi Lei's eyes, she was the daughter of a rich family who did nothing all day. She seemed to be free whenever he called her.

But in reality, that was not the truth.

It wasn't that a family such as the Wei family wouldn't raise an idler. Of course, they could afford to, but if someone wanted to be recognized by the head, Wei Xingyue's father, then they could not let themselves be idle.

Out of all of her father's children, Wei Xingyue was one whose style was the most unusual. She could not get used to a busy life of working, so she never arranged too much work for herself, which made Shi Lei have such an impression of her.

In reality, during the time when Shi Lei wasn't with Wei Xingyue, it couldn't be said that she wasn't working. Even if she was just eating or playing golf with him, she was probably managing her work at the same time. However, people at the Wei family's level didn't have to do many things themselves. If she had to take care of everything personally, then it would only demonstrate her lack of leadership skills. One call on her phone or a reply to an email could arrange many different jobs.

Because it was almost the Chinese New Year, Wei Xingyue also became much busier. As the person in charge of a few companies, she had to attend said companies' activities at the end of the year. Although she was sick of it, she could only follow the schedule and attend them.

Today was an end-of-the-year party for one of the companies she was in charge of. The company wasn't in Wudong, but in Liangxi, which was more than two hundred kilometers away. Wei Xingyue had planned to stay the night in Liangxi after the party and had even booked a hotel, but she had to drive back at her father's call.

She returned to her room, brushed herself off, and went downstairs to the door of her father's study.

Wei Xingyue knocked lightly on the door.

"Come in!" Her father's voice sounded from inside. Although it was close to midnight, he sounded quite awake.

Wei Xingyue pushed the door open and asked in a soft voice, "Dad, you wanted me so urgently. Is something wrong?"

Wei Xingyue's father placed the book on the table and a kind smile appeared on his face. He pointed and said, "Was it a tiring drive? Come. Sit down first and try the tea dad made today."

Wei Xingyue sat down opposite to her father. He poured a cup of tea for her.

Wei Xingyue looked at the light golden tea in the small cup and picked it up with three fingers. She lightly inhaled the scent and took a small sip, but didn't swallow immediately. She let the tea extend to all the corners of her mouth before drinking it.

"Good tea, good tea, good tea!"

Saying that three times consecutively made her father smile and shake his head. "Alright, don't copy our ancestors. You didn't pause between each 'good tea,' which obviously makes you look insincere."

Wei Xingyue laughed. "You know that I never studied tea that much. I prefer coffee and wine over tea."

Wei Xingyue's father nodded slightly. "You...You just didn't want to learn. Tea can change your personality, unlike coffee whose tempo is too fast."

"I just don't want to follow the rules. Love is love, hate is hate. A person's life is short, so why don't we live in a more carefree way? My personality is like this. Why must I change it?"

"Ah, I've lived the majority of my life and now I can finally sit down and drink tea in peace. I don't need money, so I'm not trying to enter the modern life. Twenty years. I used a solid twenty years to get rid of the image of an upstart. But when I talk to you about it, it turns out that there's no need to. Well, well. Yingyue, have you spent quite a lot of time with Shi Lei recently?"

Wei Xingyue's heart shook. In fact, she had already guessed that her father made her rush back because of him. Otherwise, how would he not know that they would always be busy at the end of the year, no matter how free they were during the middle.

"Not too much. We are just hanging out as friends."

Her father nodded slightly. "Don't forget your original objective."

Five words and Wei Xingyue's heart was like a clock. Every one of her father's words hit her hard, like warnings.

In fact, Wei Xingyue understood that she had indeed forgotten her original objective in this endeavor. In the beginning, she had definitely approached Shi Lei with another objective in mind. But after she gradually got to know him, she found out that he was a rare friend who could make her completely relax. Plus, Shi Lei really didn't have anything else special about him. Wei Xingyue treated him as a close friend whom she could occasionally tease.

Her father's words made her suddenly realize that she could treat him as a friend, but her father had always had another intention.

"He indeed doesn't have anything too special. If there is something, then perhaps he has extremely good luck. I encountered him because I took the initiative, but he somehow became friends with the Yu family's monster, which is a miracle. I heard that Yu Banzhi had said that he and Shi Lei were destined to meet. That guy's always so weird and incomprehensible. I even suspect that perhaps that old friend of yours spoke to the Yu family first."

Her father waved his hand. "It's impossible for my old friend to know the Yu family."

Wei Xingyue couldn't make sense of it. If that person was really her father's old friend, then he should at least be someone at their social level. From her father's caution toward Shi Lei, perhaps that person's social class was even higher. Even if people from the Yu family didn't know him personally, it would be impossible for them to not even hear of him. After all, there weren't too many people in the country at her father's level or higher.

She wouldn't know that the old friend her father mentioned was from an organization called the Eye of the Dark Night. It was impossible for this organization to have anything to do with the government or the military, since they would only come in contact with businessmen like her father.

"And the Song family. I don't know if Song Miaomiao has any intention of getting in touch with Shi Lei, but he has unexpectedly made her give up her previous lifestyle. I feel that to be abnormal."

"It's also impossible for the Song family to know that old friend. But this isn't important. What you said is rather reasonable. His luck is almost too good. Forget about becoming friends with Yu Banzhi, since that kid's always been strange. Song Miaomiao is quite interesting. She's a crazy woman whom everyone finds troublesome whenever they encounter her in the delta, and yet he's managed to tame her. You need to pay more attention to this."

Wei Xingyue nodded. "Okay, dad. I understand."

"Shi Lei asked you to help him buy a car a few days ago?"

Wei Xingyue knew that although her father rarely went outside, he always had a way to find out what he wanted to know.

"Mhm. He bought a Quattroporte. He had asked for that specifically, so I found Yu Hangjian. It was strange. When I just met Shi Lei, I was sure that he definitely didn't have much money, but he never seemed to worry about not having enough money to spend. Of course, he didn't really spend that much. But I made a joke and he really could afford to give me a dress worth more than 100,000 yuan as a present. I roughly assumed that anything within a million is nothing to him, but there is nothing to question about his family. His parents are just ordinary workers and are very earnest and kind. Something happened to his family a short while ago and Wei Qing helped him settle it. Overall, there isn't anything wrong, but some parts feel strange."

Her father nodded. "There's an event tomorrow. Try to invite him."